Andrew Scheer: Let The Rebel report from the convention

Rebel Staff

Andrew Scheer has banned The Rebel from sending any reporters to the Conservative Party of Canada convention in Halifax.


He’s invited the CBC, of course. Trudeau's state broadcaster has waged a relentless war against the Conservative Party, they mock Andrew Scheer every single day, they engage in unethical journalism, they call conservatives “racist”, and they concoct fake news against anyone right wing. Same with Maclean’s, the Huffington Post, Vice, the Toronto Star — every single left-wing media organization, Scheer is allowing to report at the convention. 

But not The Rebel. We're banned from the convention. 

It’s not just that. Look at who Andrew Scheer has invited to set up booths at the convention. Facebook — Mark Zuckerberg's far-left social media platform that actively censors Conservatives. And a group called The Canadian Muslim Vote. They're activists who helped drum up names on the petition that created M-103, Trudeau’s free-speech censorship motion. 

Obviously, we’re going to Halifax anyway. Sheila and I will both be there along with two other Rebel staff. 


I think Andrew Scheer is scared that left-wing Canadian pundits like Wendy Mesley and Paul Wells are going to be mean to him if he lets us come to Halifax. Andrew: they’re going to be mean to you anyway. Show leadership — don’t succumb to peer pressure from those leftist scolds at CBC and Maclean’s! Don’t be afraid to push back against the Media Party — it worked for Donald Trump, it’s working for Doug Ford, and frankly, it’s one of the things that Maxime Bernier has done so well these past weeks.

And I think that’s what’s really going on here. Because two months ago, Scheer actually granted us permission to attend the convention. They only took it away after we started talking about their weird supply management obsession. 

So we were good to go — a booth and two people. We applied for a few more — and then they changed their mind — they banned us, and they revoked their earlier approval of our booth and those two passes.

They literally said they were banning Sheila because I had written an email to our some of our subscribers in 2017 encouraging people to donate to The Rebel over the Conservatives because the party already gets federal funding and The Rebel doesn't receive any money from the government.


Fighting back is what we do, and it’s obviously embarrassed Scheer or his staff. I know that if Scheer doesn’t start fighting his enemies, instead of his friends — he’s going to lose the election.

And by the way, I want Scheer and the Conservatives to win the election. No-one has done more to fight against the Shiny Pony than we have — in fact, we invented his nickname the Shiny Pony. We invented the phrase, the Media Party. Anyone who would quarrel with us, instead of with Trudeau and the CBC, is chasing rabbit tracks, not big game.

If Scheer has a hope of winning in 2019, it’s going to be through alternatives to the mainstream media. 

Andrew Scheer is getting slaughtered out there. He should be ten points ahead in the polls, but he's not. Justin Trudeau is screwing everything up — from NAFTA, to diplomatic our relations with all our allies, to the pipelines fiasco, to his weird obsession with terrorists like Jaspal Atwal and Omar Khadr, to the revelations that he groped a female reporter. 

Doug Ford won; Jason Kenney’s about to win. But the federal conservatives are stuck in second place. Why? Because they're so timid. No-one’s expecting Andrew Scheer to be like Donald Trump, or even like Doug Ford. But at least fight back against the Media Party and the establishment, at least just a bit. Show some self-respect. Push back against the liberal lies. Call out the fake news when it happens. Show some courage and inspire the troops. 

Don't ban your friends. 


If you agree with me — I’d like you to do three things.

1. Sign our petition below. I’m going to deliver a petition to Andrew Scheer, telling him to let us report. We’re going to report anyway. But perhaps he can be less rude, and let us come into the building. 

2. Help us cover the cost of this trip. We’ll have four staff there — Sheila, me, our producer Eitan, and our videographer Efron. So we’ve bought four plane tickets, and to save money, we’ve rented rooms through Airbnb. Altogether, between the flights, four rooms for two nights, and taxi fare and other expenses like some meals, I think the cost of our journalism will be about $5,000. If you can help us, please click here to donate — unlike Rosemary Barton and the rest of the CBC, we don’t get any money from Justin Trudeau to pay for us to go to Halifax.

3. Join us in Halifax. If you’re going to be out there yourself — we’ll look forward to seeing you! Either in the convention or if Scheer won’t relent, we’ll be right outside. And we’ll have a Rebel meet-up on Friday night, too — come and say hi, and I’ll buy you a beer! You can RSVP for the event by clicking here. 

Look, obviously we want Andrew Scheer to beat Justin Trudeau. But that’s not going to happen if he’s so easily pushed around by the CBC, and scared of his own shadow, and is hypersensitive to criticisms from the only conservative media company out there. 

If you agree with me — that Scheer needs to get smart, and get tough, and fight back against the real enemy, and stop being so thin-skinned about us — then please sign the petition below, and let him know.

Sign the petition!

Andrew Scheer should let Rebel reporters attend the Conservative convention.

Will you sign?