April 20, 2018

LGBT conservatives “are the fiercest fighters for our way of life that I know”

Amanda HeadRebel Contributor

A little known fact about me is that I'm on the Board of Directors for Log Cabin Republicans – the primary Republican organization for the LGBT community -- here in Hollywood. Even though I'm straight, they welcomed me with open arms as a "straight ally."

I started attending their functions after the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, Florida. I felt a need to start a dialogue with members of the LGBT community: not about their sexuality, but about spreading awareness about guns, self-defense, and other important issues. They needed to not be afraid of guns and needed to be able to protect themselves if necessary.

What I've learned since knowing these amazing people is that they are some of the most pro-life, pro-military, pro-Second Amendment, pro-free speech, pro-America people you will ever meet.

They are also one of the most persecuted and ridiculed groups in America, if not the most.

From practically every single member of the conservative LGBT community, I've heard that they experience more contempt and scorn from the gay community for being conservative than they ever did from the "right side" for being gay. I've heard their stories. I've witnessed their pain. But as a straight woman, I will never fully know what it's like to be fired, scorned and shunned by my own people simply for thinking differently.

The gay community has a way of being particularly hurtful when they want to be and these men and women have caught the brunt of that. I personally experienced a piece of it when we all went out to a bar in West Hollywood (the gay community in LA) and we were screamed at by a group of men and called every foul word in the Urban Dictionary.

My friends were called "self hating gays" and likened to Jews who aided Nazis during the Holocaust. Thankfully, the bouncer was a former Marine (and Trump supporter) who came over and stood near us the duration of the night to thwart the hecklers.

Nearly every issue of Advocate Magazine (a prominent gay online publication) contains an article criticizing President Trump. The same Trump who the outlet hailed as a gay hero prior to his bid for the presidency. In the early 1980's Donald Trump was one of the first Fortune 500 business owners to offer spousal benefits to same-sex couples. He also bucked trend (and law, because of the AIDS epidemic) and admitted gays into his golf clubs.

Never mind what was considered the status quo, everyone was welcome at Trump’s businesses and operations.

The national president of Log Cabin Republicans, Gregory T. Angelo, said of Trump in 2016:

"He will be one of the most gay-friendly Republican nominees for president ever."

We've come a long way as conservatives in the way of acceptance. It wasn't long ago when Pat Buchanan at the 1992 RNC said that homosexual rights were "not the kind of change America wants.”

Buchanan went on to say:

“It is not the kind of change America needs. And it is not the kind of change we can tolerate in a nation that we still call God's country."

Many of my gay friends remember that speech vividly. They remember being so hurt by those remarks.

They remember what it felt like to be shunned from a political party and the subsequent isolation that ensued.

And yet they didn't leave the party. They stuck with us, fighting quietly and independently for conservative values. But in 2016, Peter Thiel, the openly gay tech mogul who founded PayPal, introduced Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention, where he received a standing ovation.

That was a defining moment in political history. A proud moment. And a moment that pulled a great deal of gay conservatives into the #MAGA movement.

I'm so incredibly happy that many on the right have embraced the LGBT community. I've found that most conservatives have a libertarian attitude towards LGBT: whether they agree or not with the lifestyle, it's frankly none of their business or concern.

And let's face it: as conservatives, we have much bigger issues to combat. We have enemies who are actively working to change the fabric of America and its founding ideals.

We need to join forces to fight — and conservative members of the LGBT community are the fiercest fighters for our way of life that I know.


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commented 2018-04-22 00:57:25 -0400
Andrew, must I repeat myself? I don’t care what your identity is, colour, non political religion, sexuality, I don’t care as long as you don’t lead with your identity or make it my problem. I deal with individuals. I know it is foreign to you but when I talk to someone I am not thinking about their sexuality, and I don’t want to. It is none of my business. Don’t make it my business. That is all I ask. I acknowledge and respect people, their personal choices are theirs to have. I don’t need to know intimate things about people I am not intimate with, and with respect to that, children should be protected from those who think they need to share.
commented 2018-04-21 22:37:55 -0400
commented 2018-04-21 21:43:25 -0400
ANDREW, in school curriculum you teach things like reading, writing and arithmetic, not sexual preferences and lifestyles.
commented 2018-04-21 18:51:05 -0400
If you acknowledge and respect the choices of LGBT individuals, then how come you oppose school curricula that teach that very thing?
commented 2018-04-21 17:10:09 -0400
I wonder, were the Log Cabin Republicans being harassed because they were Conservatives or because they were of the gay persuasion? Both?
commented 2018-04-21 17:08:09 -0400
I said, “Don’t make your sexuality my problem , that’s all I ask of people. Conservatives as a rule are pretty good that way.”

Conservatives don’t need to use identity politics to raise themselves up and show the world how ‘special’ they are. Conservatism doesn’t promote ‘special’ consideration, it promotes personal responsibility. Conservatism wants everyone to have a fair shot at improvement/success. I think it encourages weakness in people when identity politics is tolerated.. The victimhood card pulled out by capable people only serves to make them look pathetic.
Anyone harassing people in public over their identity is a menace, that goes for all sides.
commented 2018-04-21 16:47:44 -0400
The left plays to the lowest common denominator in all things and the right is more interested in focusing on the potential for everyone regardless of any identity card.
commented 2018-04-21 16:44:21 -0400
No Andrew, everyone knows, always have known, they just don’t make public announcements, rub it in the public’s faces or use it to play identity politics the way the left does.
Remember Gore Vidal? If not look him up in action on youtube. This generation thinks they invented everything.
There is nothing more hilarious than an on air ‘discussion’ between Gore Vidal, William F. Buckley or Norman Mailer. Vidal was no underdog, let me tell you. Vidal although not a conservative, was out of step with both the left and the right.
No safe spaces were allowed. No triggered reaction acceptable.
commented 2018-04-21 15:53:55 -0400
“There have been a few rumoured in Canadian politics who have felt no need to flaunt it.”

That’s because they know the socons will melt down if they find out.
commented 2018-04-21 14:48:14 -0400
I just thought of another one, someone who could have gone a long way to saving Britain, had she not been booted out the door, Anne Marie Waters .
commented 2018-04-21 14:28:09 -0400
My mistake, Douglas Murray is a Brit.
commented 2018-04-21 13:23:31 -0400
That is probably because conservatives do not flaunt their sexuality James MacMaster.

Type in gay conservative and you get pages of sites about being both. Groups probably similar to the one Amanda supports.

There have been a few rumoured in Canadian politics who have felt no need to flaunt it.
Kelly Leitch
Amerrican writers/acedemics
Douglas Murray
Camille Paglia

Milo – he flaunts it most of the time, but he is also a performer and uses it to entertain not as a weapon. Its his brand. But he is not on the left.

I am sure there are many more. A persons sexuality is not what matters to me. I’d rather not hear about it, because I prefer to not have to be thinking about a persons sexuality. It is just another way to divide people. Identity politics in any form is bad in my opinion. Don’t make your sexuality my problem , that’s all I ask of people. Conservatives as a rule are pretty good that way.
commented 2018-04-21 08:49:08 -0400
Well, I don’t know any LGwhatever conservatives.
Period. The few LGwhatevers that I know are all flaming progressives.
commented 2018-04-21 04:03:13 -0400
Liza Rosie very true , i do not care either if it is not used against me. But the left on the other hand.
commented 2018-04-20 20:28:37 -0400
“And let’s face it: as conservatives, we have much bigger issues to combat.”
None of it is for me to judge. A conservative is a conservative. I don’t make my sexuality anyone else’s problem and that is all I expect from others. None of my business, none of yours. I will stand beside anyone who is a conservative. No problem.