August 13, 2019

Liberal MP Kent Hehr REFUSES to condemn Nazis

Keean BexteRebel Contributor

Kent Hehr is terrified of answering questions.

The same day that I inquired with Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland as to whether or not she would be condemning the actions of her Nazi grandfather, I asked Kent Hehr how he felt about his boss' refusal to do so.

Of course, given the very short leash Justin Trudeau has his lone Calgary MP on, Hehr and his handler raced away at a Nascar pace.

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commented 2019-08-14 15:18:55 -0400
How The Communists Took Control
by Alan Stang
April 1971

MANY Canadians know a lot about America.
They watch American television. They read American magazines. But until a few years ago most Americans didn’t know much about Canada. There was the colorful Calgary Stampede, of course. There were the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. There was Sergeant Preston – and his loyal dog, King. But that, as far as most knew, was it.

The story starts with Prime Minister Pierre-Elliott Trudeau who, as your newspaper has told you, is irresistibly charmant. By now you know that those admitted to his presence leave forever enchanté. His wit is like champagne, his learning immense. He adores pretty girls. They adore him. His overpowering masculinity may well destroy the Women’s Liberation Front.

Trudeau had an unhappy childhood, as a man of the people should. True, he did like being driven to school in a Rolls Royce. He was glad his father was a millionaire. Money came in so handy. But he became unhappy because so many other fathers were not millionaires. He decided to become “socially conscious.”

Pierre Trudeau is now about fifty-one years old. As with so much else about him, his exact age is a mystery. In 1939, Hitler and his ally Stalin signed their Non-Aggression Pact, started World War II and divided Poland between them. And Lucky Pierre apparently became two years younger – less vulnerable to the Canadian draft.
During the “imperialistic war,” Pierre spent some time in the Canadian Officers Training Corps, but was kicked out for what he says was “lack of discipline” – which was a shame. His overwhelming masculinity would have terrified the Nazis. He also spent some time in the Communist-backed Bloc Populaire, helping to undermine the war effort.

Like the Communists at the time, he apparently believed Hitler wasn’t that bad.

In 1947, Trudeau was a student at the London School of Economics, founded by the Fabian Socialists to train Marxists and spread Marxism. Professor Harold Laski, then head of the Fabian Society, was publicly advocating violent revolution at the time.
commented 2019-08-14 15:05:13 -0400
Germany: Antifa-supporting extremist convicted of giving Hitler salute in public
By ARTHUR LYONS13 August 2019
A district court in Chemnitz has sentenced a man with leftist and Antifa sympathies to seven months in jail for giving the Hitler salute in public.…

The 33-year-old man originally came into the public’s consciousness on the evening of August 27th, 2018 after raising his arm in a Hitler salute in front of the Marx monument in Chemnitz.

The spectacle was held up as explicit evidence of “radical right-wing riots” during the demonstration of the Bürgerbewegung Pro Chemnitz (Citizens’ Movement Pro Chemnitz). The marches came in response to the murder of 35-year-old Daniel H. by migrants from Iraq and Syria who seem to vanish into the thin air after the murder.

On Monday, the defendant told the court in Chemnitz that he feels more at home among leftists, the Freie Presse reports. The presence of an Antifa symbol tattooed on the man’s body was also confirmed by the court.

Despite the defendant having several previous criminal convictions, the court’s judge reduced his sentence to parole since the man is currently undergoing drug withdrawal treatment.
commented 2019-08-14 14:31:11 -0400
well of course he does. Trudeau is one as is butts. oh and wasn’t Freelands grandfather one??
btw so was PIERRE ELLIOTT TRUDEAU who ran and hid from conscription during WWII and emerged supporting the Nazis!!
commented 2019-08-13 23:41:38 -0400
That Uber-Cuck assistant needs his own reality show now !!!
Really funny video Keanan !
commented 2019-08-13 23:23:09 -0400
I love how Keean has these gutless, brainless Liberals literally running scared. The old “We don’t talk to The Rebel” schtick is wearing very thin. They have no answer to the tough and not so tough questions. People are seeing that the Libs have no answer so they can’t give an answer. Blaming the messenger is a losing strategy.

“Real media”?

None is more real than The Rebel. They are the only ones holding the ruling class to account.
commented 2019-08-13 23:20:01 -0400
Saint Pierre was a liquor store manager until 2013 when he began working for Kent Hehr’s Mother’s school board trustee campaign – 7 month.
Then he started working as an office clerk in a 6 month term position for Kent Hehr.
Then, low and behold, he became ‘Parliamentary Assistant’ for Hehr.
Then, he was the ‘Special Assistant’ to the Minister of Sports and Disabilities – 11 months (guess who the Minister was)
Now, he’s the ‘Outreach Officer’ for Hehr since 2018.
So in 5 years, he went from working with alcohol to a government clerk to officer level.

Kent Hehr mustn’t have got the ‘meatless’ memo. He tweeted: For today’s Small Business Sunday, I met with the MeatGuyz, Andy and Patrick. They provide some superb cuts of local, premium meat and deliver it right to your door.
commented 2019-08-13 23:11:03 -0400
Further to my comment below. Rebel better understand that if you let ppl walk all over you, they will continue to do so. It’s much cheaper and more effective to file police complaints and demand respect, than to pay for security. Plus you’ll end up exposing the police bias, which, going forward, will be a huge issue.
commented 2019-08-13 23:04:31 -0400
I thought Kent Hehr got the boot? What’s he still doing there?
Oh right, it’s only conservatives who are publicly humiliated (Michael Cooper) and we don’t hear from them again.
commented 2019-08-13 23:03:59 -0400
Great job Keean. Now, go file a complaint with police for his assistant interfering with your property, just like they’re doing to that guy that did it in Toronto. It’ll get national headlines and boost Rebel viewership.
commented 2019-08-13 22:58:24 -0400
Was that a frozen turkey under Kent’s shirt?I think he was in a hurry cuz he swiped it from Loblaws!!!!
commented 2019-08-13 22:21:57 -0400
Holy moly who is the Uber-Cuck assistant !! .. This is way too fknn funny ! Good job Keanan keep the humour rolling !
commented 2019-08-13 22:15:56 -0400
Chase those pigs down !!!
commented 2019-08-13 20:50:03 -0400
Too bad we couldn’t reassemble the “Black Devils”, they were extremely good at cleaning house when it came to matters dealing with Nazi’s. Trudeau would soil his panties!!
commented 2019-08-13 20:39:25 -0400
Come on,I bet everyone of Trudeau’s cabinet ministers have a copy of Mein Kampf in their glove box. Kent should go drive truck,he looked like he was grabbing gears there pretty well-haha
commented 2019-08-13 20:18:55 -0400
Man, Kent Hehr’s wheelchair can really move! Poor Vincent Saint Pierre could hardly keep up. He’s a scream. I didn’t know the drivers of MP’s were allowed to interact with media. I guess anything goes in Trudeau’s cabinet.
commented 2019-08-13 20:07:48 -0400
Yup, Elle is correct.
commented 2019-08-13 19:48:01 -0400
Could be construed to be off topic but not by far. Liza Rosie, I’m sure would agree.
PC’s change gears from conservatism.
commented 2019-08-13 19:22:14 -0400
They are all stinking Nazi’s, from Trudeau on down. They just carry on from where Hitler left off. Right now the Nazi educational system is brainwashing your children with the joys of Hitlers Marxism. All the problems that we face today have been made possible by far left School Teachers….Yes even the ones who taught us. Thank God that some of them were bad Teachers.
commented 2019-08-13 19:14:16 -0400
Both of Freeland’s grandfathers?
commented 2019-08-13 18:52:37 -0400
Kent has a streak of yellow a mile wide up his back.
commented 2019-08-13 18:49:27 -0400
I don’t condemn nazis.
commented 2019-08-13 18:48:39 -0400
If it looks like a duck