August 13, 2019

Liberals block Bernier from debate stage with Trudeau

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

A Liberal-appointed commissioner has blocked Maxime Bernier from participating in the federal leadership debates.

Maxime Bernier is the leader and sole MP for the People's Party of Canada. With the next federal election scheduled for October 21, the governing Liberals prepared by creating something called the Federal Leaders' Debate Commissioner. Inclusion in the debates is now under the control of former Governor General David Johnston.

You may have watched Ezra's coverage of these new rules which seem above all to be written to protect Trudeau from criticism. While Bernier is out, Elizabeth May is in, even though the Green Party has only 2 MPs. Since May will attack Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, not Trudeau, it's good to have her on board.

And the whole situation is unfolding quite differently than Minister for Democratic Institutions Karina Gould assumed they would when these new rules were first legislated last year.

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commented 2019-08-15 13:31:54 -0400
Scheer doesn’t respect our free speech, calls us what we are not, tells us we are not welcome in his party and just like Trudeau, tells us our opinions have no place in Canada…..yet he promises to defend the anti-western speech and the demands of Political Islamists. He promises to keep Canadians from speaking out about Islam.
He confuses and conflates anti Islamist and anti Muslim. In a free nation we must be allowed to speak out against an ideology, especially a theocratic ideology.

In Andrew Scheers own words sitting across the table at a meeting with high profile Political Islamists now residing in Canada…..

I would like Bernier to be able to bring this up in the debates, in order to illicit a response from all of the leaders so that Canadians might understand how much or how little they actually understand about Islam, and the Islamists they are defending and how little they understand about secular, cultural, and ex Muslims who they throw under the bus along with the rest of us. This is awfully exclusionary for such a supposedly inclusive nation. Canadians deserve better.
commented 2019-08-15 12:25:23 -0400
Don’t all Canadians regardless of their choice, deserve to hear their leaders taken to task on the issues? Without Max the debates will be nothing but left of center panderers trying to out pander each other.
No one will watch more than 5 minutes of it. Canadians deserve to hear some DIVERSITY of opinion in the upcoming debates.
commented 2019-08-15 12:18:08 -0400
Maxime Bernier Retweeted

Maxime Bernier
‏Verified account
17h17 hours ago
Very interesting to see who @debates_can is following on Twitter:

✅PM office, Trudeau, Scheer, May

✅Lib, Con, NDP, and Green party accounts

✅Lots of Lib mins: Freeland, Gould, Morneau, Goodale, McKenna, Bains, Sajjan, Duncan, Garneau, etc.

✅Gerald Butts!!!

❌Me and PPC
No wonder the PPC isn’t even on the radar for Johnston, the Leaders Debates Commissioner. Look where he gets his info from. Is he even trying to inform himself so that he is able to make a fair and informed decision?
Over 40,000 memberships, not fringe, growing popularity, often not even included in phone surveys so how can they show in the polls?
One way or the other the PPC won’t be ignored.
commented 2019-08-15 02:39:56 -0400
The only criteria should be that he be the leader of a federal party. If there are 20, so be it.

This process sounds suspiciously like the CPC leadership election fix.

More elitist gerrymandering.
commented 2019-08-15 02:34:26 -0400
ROBERT MCCLELLAND commented 14 hours ago
Now I know why Junior couldn’t walk a straight line yesterday, he knew the hammer was coming down.
Is that the hammer that John Wick was yapping bout? He got hammered because of the hammer coming down. He’ll give Sir John A a run for his money.
commented 2019-08-14 20:40:10 -0400
Signed the Petition Liza R.. Trudeau and his current globalist crew should be disqualified to run in this Election.. Until they can prove that they are a legitimate Law abiding Political Party for Canada and Canadians.. Tough luck for them if they have to prove it from Prison!
commented 2019-08-14 20:37:41 -0400
Dan, your comment is very timely considering the sht that is hitting the fan today. I am starting to wonder how this election can proceed until something can be done about properly exposing Trudeau and holding him and his accomplices to account for lying and breaking laws (in the plural).
This corruption is madness.
commented 2019-08-14 19:45:03 -0400
Every socialist system has a Ministry of Democratic Institutions of some sort or naming. Note Cambodia, Laos, China, Iran, 1930s Germany, Soviet (and current) Russia, etc.
commented 2019-08-14 19:24:04 -0400
Liza: it most certainly is!!!
commented 2019-08-14 18:56:52 -0400
Deny , deny and deny , that’s a old liberal trick from way back and they never change spots . Once a chronic lier always a chronic lier . See you later you commie dicktator scum !
commented 2019-08-14 18:04:55 -0400
Sheldon, twitter is fun today!
commented 2019-08-14 18:04:00 -0400
I understand now, sorry I misinterpreted what you meant Dan. Yes I see your point and who knows what could happen between now and Oct. Its good to see that the scandals are back in the media, Trudeau and almost everyone associated with him is corrupt and needs to be exposed. He certainly is not fit to even be opposition never mind PM.
It might be something to consider. It is definitely time to think big.
commented 2019-08-14 17:09:47 -0400
Liberal ministers are getting hammered on their Twitter pages especially Ole Yeller,I love it!! Liberal nazi scum.
commented 2019-08-14 16:36:34 -0400
soon trudy will have only liberals on stage to debate themselves, with their media scum backing them all the way.
commented 2019-08-14 15:48:51 -0400
If turdo la doo had any brains (and he doesn’t) he’d want Max to be included. After all, Max is going to suck way more votes away from scheer-the-steer than we will from turdo.
commented 2019-08-14 15:45:19 -0400
Never fear! Scheer-the-steer has nothing to fear from open debate – so that champion of fairness will do the honourable thing and insist that Max be included!

commented 2019-08-14 15:07:48 -0400
Bernier should be able to live stream on the internet during the debate. He can interject with his own answers and policy positions as well as provide a critique of the fiasco as it unfolds between Trudeau and Scheer.
Trudeau is a goof and Scheer is just so damn boring. Not good TV.
Of course barring Bernier is undemocratic but isn’t that the a good talking point.The more the Liberals look like tyrants ,the better it is for us.
commented 2019-08-14 15:02:03 -0400
LIZA, regarding my ‘premature’ election cancellation idea…when I said boycott I did not mean don’t participate, by spoiling your ballot, or not voting – either of which counts for nothing – I meant SHUT DOWN the election…until all the Liberal’s frauds have been investigated and charges brought – beginning with why, how and by whom Max was railroaded out of the debate! The last thing the Libranos want is the light of day shone on their treachery, treason and other high crimes in a court of law…again!
Of course we’d have to recall the last PM to steward our country through the turmoil and cleansing, and until we could have another, legitimate election…
The only reason I’m even considering a vote for the PPC is based entirely on what Max has been saying, well that and all the PPC candidates…the Conservatives will not get my vote under Smilin’ Andy and their far left of center policies…cause and effect.
The problem is, I’ve been participating in the democratic process in Canada since the early 70’s…and that’s all I’ve ever heard, really…is a lot of talk.
Some kind of big change is needed…
commented 2019-08-14 14:39:05 -0400
“Mad Max” Maxime Bernier, Community TV, Medicine Hat, Alberta
Short, sweet, relaxed and to the point.

Jan, I must admit I am surprised that we are being allowed to hear anything about the SNC LAVALIN / Trudeau, Butts, Werner scandal again before the election.
I bet those backroom boys are ticked.
commented 2019-08-14 13:28:53 -0400
Yup, KEEP ALLOWING IT CANUKS AND SOON AFTER OCTOBER WE TOO WILL BE IN THE EXACT SAME POSITION AND CURRENTLY IS IN HONG KONG only instead of the chinese communist government taking hold, it will be the nazi/terrorist ruled U.N. AND THEIR TROOPS ALONG OUR BORDERS HOLDING WE CANADIAN SLAVES HOSTAGE ! THIS IS TRUDEAUS AGENDA for those of you not quite smart enough to have figured it out yet!
have a reada:

trudeau PRETENDS to be worried -just as he was “worried” a while back about Venezuela HOWEVER the fact remains THIS IS HIS PLAN FOR CANADA AND WE CANADIANS!! FACT!!!

on another note, have a read (not that the mainstream will cover this nor will it affect the upcoming trudeau re-election:
commented 2019-08-14 12:49:26 -0400
Hopefully this little nugget will swing a lot more votes Max’s way,after all the lying,breaking of rules,etc any one that would still cast a vote for this POS PM would be nuts!! Of course the left wing die hards will stick with this fool.
commented 2019-08-14 12:27:35 -0400
Now I know why Junior couldn’t walk a straight line yesterday, he knew the hammer was coming down.
commented 2019-08-14 12:15:32 -0400
“Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men…”
Yes Keith, its distant but getting louder.
DURWARD SAAR commented 4 hours ago
If the people hear Max speak it will be over for both the Libs and the Scheer Cons.
Durward Saar, exactly right!
commented 2019-08-14 12:05:38 -0400
Its not over yet and there are lots of moves to be made before October.
If you’re on twitter tell Johnston how you feel. If not just enjoy the other tweets questioning the decision to exclude Max.

There are things in the works, don’t lose faith.
commented 2019-08-14 12:04:14 -0400