May 07, 2019

Press freedom under Trudeau means banning credentialed journalists

David MenziesMission Specialist

So last Friday was World Press Freedom Day, and the Trudeau Liberals marked the occasion by giving away $11.7 million of your tax dollars to enhance press freedom in such regimes as the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Middle East, and Kenya.

Long time Rebel viewers may remember the numerous times we were sold up the river by the Liberal Party and barred from covering United Nations events.

Similarly in 2016, Canadian journalist Yuli Hu was stripped of her press credentials to cover a United Nations junket in Montreal in order to appease China.

The progressives in both Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party and the United Nations aren't the only groups banding together to give tax dollars to foreign countries while blocking access to journalists they don't like.

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commented 2019-05-09 05:45:50 -0400
For one lady who lied about something as basic as her true national origin, BUT even now continues to sit in the Liberal front ranks in Parliament, tells me all I want about this present government… And the true state of Canada in 2019… BLEEP YOU Pickle Nose and BLEEP YOU Liberals who continue you to ignore this travesty…
commented 2019-05-08 11:02:30 -0400
One of Trudeau’s Islamic quota hires on full lying sub moronic display
commented 2019-05-08 08:45:35 -0400
Eric R Biddle was relieve of wrong charges on July 16 of 2018 before Judge Quigley in Superior Court and despite being wrongly arrested tortured fraudulently tried and wrongly imprisoned near 9 years not a word in the media. Even the Rebel seems to be turning its back on this right of centre dissident who infiltrated the Muslim terrorists of the ANC in Canada. But soon over 200 people will know some of the story after hearing Operation Ransac on YouTube. Now I am struggling for compensation maybe a fraction of what convicted Muslim terrorists received. I am supposed to live on less than 10,000 dollars a year.
commented 2019-05-08 00:03:54 -0400
Has Maxime stated that he will have the illegal immigrant, Monseff, deported? He should. Build the brand.
commented 2019-05-07 23:00:43 -0400
Monsef is a joke and an insult to any free and democratic country. Deport her on the valid charge of citizenship fraud.
commented 2019-05-07 20:45:51 -0400
Monsef is a Muslim Brotherhood plant that was sent to us by Obama. That smug look on her face needs to be scrubbed off in the coming election. And then she needs to be deported!
commented 2019-05-07 18:45:49 -0400
MIKE LAVIGNE commented 1 hour ago
Monsef’s getting fat

It’s all the trough-snuffling.
It’s all the trough snuffling.
commented 2019-05-07 18:44:46 -0400
What is the Minister for International Development and Women And Gender and Equality, you ask Menzoid…well it’s a euphemism for the Minister Who Lied to Get Into Canada and Is Still Here Sucking at the Taxpayer Teat and helping to Wreck the Place!
Unlike the euphemism as an official acronym – MIDWAGE – the unofficial acronym is not workable…
commented 2019-05-07 17:25:06 -0400
Monsef’s getting fat
commented 2019-05-07 17:25:05 -0400
Monsef’s getting fat
commented 2019-05-07 16:56:09 -0400
As some one else posted before, every day is supposed to be press freedom day. This is just more rhetoric to swoon the low information voters that support the LPC.
commented 2019-05-07 16:20:38 -0400
Waiting for Mark Levin’s new book “Unfreedom of the Press”coming out on 21May.
As bad as things are in United States , it is even worse in Canada with the media now bought and paid for by Trudeau with our tax dollars.
Russia ? China ? They are the threat to freedom and liberty?
I fear journalists even more .
commented 2019-05-07 15:46:47 -0400
Trudeau’s way or no way, time to go! You and all your cult followers, so done with your corrupt government! Go back to cuba and stay there! Oh by the way take Bennett with you!
commented 2019-05-07 15:12:22 -0400
The Liberal Party and Trudeau are nothing but low life con artists and Marxist. They will only be happy when Canada has become a third world country, supervised by Islamic tribesmen with death as the only alternative to their tribal laws.
Perhaps it is time to change Trudeau’s mind……..Permanently.