February 06, 2019

Liberal “Sunny Ways” strike again with MP Adam Vaughan’s “whack” Ford tweet

David MenziesMission Specialist

I’ve always been a free speech champion but there is a proverbial line in the sand, and that line is advocating violence. So, it was sad to see Toronto Liberal MP Adam Vaughan cross that line last weekend with a truly juvenile tweet about Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

The first part of the tweet read:

“So Frod’s gang could get folks upset over hurting Kindergarten students instead of being angry over the damage he’s done to university students.”

Hmmm... was that reference to “Frod” instead of Ford a typo? Nope. Vaughan transposed the O and the R so the premier’s surname would sound like “Fraud,” but our homegrown super-villain, Vaughan, completed the tweet with the following:

“Next he will go after young offenders & end ‘free school’ in detention centres… instead of playing whack-a-mole; Let’s just whack him.”

“Whack” is gangster-speak for being put to sleep – as in permanently. Calling for such violence is appalling, especially in the political realm where too many individuals the world over have indeed been whacked just for expressing a contrary viewpoint.

Upon being bombarded with negative feedback, Vaughan fell back on the good ol’ “I was only joking” chestnut. Gee, where have we heard that one before? Maybe when his boss Justin made his idiotic “peoplekind” gaffe?

Incredibly, even after backlash and an excuse nobody believed, Vaughan doubled-down on his idiocy with another tweet, this one accompanied by a doctored photo of Ford wearing clown paraphernalia as part of a whack-a-mole carnival game.

As criticism mounted, the saga ended with Vaughan apologizing, but not unreservedly.

Whatever happened to “sunny ways” and “diversity is our strength,” or is Vaughan’s idiocy more proof that Liberals draw the line at diversity of opinion?

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commented 2019-02-07 17:58:58 -0500
ALBERTA MAGA commented 15 hours ago
John Wick your comments about the hammer coming down were threats , i have decided your intentions.
And speaking hammers….
If I had a hammer,
I’d hammer in the morning,
I’d hammer in the evening,
All over this land,

I’d hammer out danger,
I’d hammer out a warning,
I’d hammer out love between,
My brothers and my sisters,
All over this land

At least I’d hammer out something after yapping about it for two months. I guess threats are cheap.

commented 2019-02-07 10:35:44 -0500
Nuke the left!
commented 2019-02-07 09:43:41 -0500
My reply on Twitter to Vaughan’s apology:
“I am not offended. I just want the same, intolerant, humourless, pearl-clutching Leftist standard applied to you as you would try to apply to others. Therefore, I guess nothing will do but the total destruction of a your career for a joke that wasn’t universally hilarious.”
commented 2019-02-07 04:06:05 -0500
Ahh… So good to see that the “stupid rays” rays are still emanating from the CN Tower.!.. And although I grew up there!, and my parents ashes are there!, I will never go back to that colossal “turd” of a city pretending to be “Canada”… Thank you Adam Vaughan and your kind…
commented 2019-02-07 02:58:56 -0500
This tweet by Vaughn is racist and cultural appropriation.
commented 2019-02-07 02:54:35 -0500
Gotta love how pathetic it is for a progressive to defend a threatening tweet when his peers get triggered over any little presumed offense. LMAO!
commented 2019-02-07 02:45:49 -0500
John Wick your comments about the hammer coming down were threats , i have decided your intentions.
commented 2019-02-07 02:40:26 -0500
John Wick go join your peers and attack jokes and tweets and other free speech like a good sheep.
commented 2019-02-07 02:39:05 -0500
John Wick love how you pick and choose who can say certain things. TYPICAL LIBERAL HYPOCRITE!! You rant about when Ezra has been taken to court for simply telling the truth. Your double standards are sickening. Sorry but you do not get to decide the intentions of a speaker.
commented 2019-02-06 22:27:30 -0500
That guy needs to be politically whacked. Maybe being booted out will teach him a thing or three about making stupid jokes.
commented 2019-02-06 20:35:53 -0500
After all these years I still remember the exchanges between John Crosby and Sheila Copps. I respected both of them because both could dish it out and take it and both were intelligent and good politicians.
Those were the good old days.
commented 2019-02-06 19:32:07 -0500
It would appear that the average IQ of Politicians has dropped greatly in the last few years. Vaughan like all Liberals, excluding Trudeau, who’s IQ is none existent, has the IQ of the average door knocker. I remember when Politicians used to be educated Ladies or Gentlemen. Now they are Whores and Spivs.
commented 2019-02-06 18:44:32 -0500
Ah yes, another stupid comment from another stupid alias John Wick, aka many other aliases, still the same idiot.
commented 2019-02-06 17:57:33 -0500
I’ve seen a whack of idiocy in posts from the first two that have posted below.
commented 2019-02-06 16:53:57 -0500
The declining state of our society and our country require that politicians rise to a higher level of debate rather than the " sarcasm and funny digs" you attribute to MP Vaughn
commented 2019-02-06 16:42:31 -0500
Immaturity is a trait that all liberals seem to possess!
commented 2019-02-06 16:14:01 -0500
Only an idiot would take Vaughn literally as if he is some goodfella or has mob ties and here we are with the Menzoid.

Vaughn is well known for his sarcasm and making funny digs, especially to Rob and Doug Ford. I guess Dave here doesn’t like Adam’s sense of humor.
commented 2019-02-06 16:01:59 -0500
Well, if you act all indignant over some comment like that, then you are giving credence to all this humourless, politically correct, and completely contrived “I’m shocked, appalled, outraged, and offended” shit.

We all know that "whack: has all sorts of connotations. It would have been far better to fire off something to the effect that Vaughn had never gotten over his teenage penchant for whacking..