September 08, 2015

Liberal candidate caught using City of Vancouver resources to campaign

Dean SkoreykoRebel Blogger

(UPDATED: See below) Vancouver reporter Bob Mackin noticed this partisan tweet sent out by Liberal candidate Jesse Adcock:

No big deal for any candidate to normally do except the problem for the Liberals is that Adcock used her official City of Vancouver Twitter account to do so:

And a quick check shows she has done this multiple times:

There’s no way as Chief Digital Officer for the City of Vancouver, Adcock shouldn’t have known this was highly inappropriate and assuredly against City policy as well as breaking Elections Canada rules.

I’ll be filing a complaint with both.

Update: Adcock and/or the City of Vancouver has now deleted her account:


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commented 2015-09-08 22:07:33 -0400
You may as well lodge a complaint against NDP mlas in Alberta campaigning for Mulcair at the same time. I’m sure they would be expensing their time etc to the taxpayer.