July 19, 2017

Liberal tax "crackdown" targets middle class and blue collar Alberta

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

The Liberals are going after people who incorporate as a business for tax planning purposes. The Liberals also promise to crack down on what they call income sprinkling or distributing income amongst family to bring taxable incomes down...

Where I come from, we call that working in the family business.

But working in the family business is now some sort of tax scam according to Justin Trudeau and his right-hand man, Finance Minister Bill Morneau.  

But this is no crackdown on the wealthy, no matter what the chattering media class would have you believe.

This is a crackdown on the middle class and blue collar Alberta.

Let me tell you who incorporates and hires family: owner/operators of any small business.

And those folks are hardly working as it is.

Contractors are often the first to be laid off and they don’t qualify for EI.

Morneau is going after people like truck drivers, welders, plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, handymen, even some farmers- the overall crowd.

The Liberal’s new tax grab won’t hurt rich people. It hurts your neighbors, or maybe even you.

Rachel Notley’s carbon tax and Justin Trudeau’s looming carbon tax are already bleeding these people dry, either through direct costs to their businesses or by creating an artificial downturn in their industries.

But here come the Liberals in their suit jackets to pick their coverall pockets.

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commented 2017-07-20 08:37:15 -0400
Typical Liberal hypocrisy, Morneau had to wait at least a year after the election before he could take up this cause.
Prior to the election Justin was operating at lease three Incorporated, numbered companies, none with employees, to lower his personal taxes on income from his father’s trust fund, his public speaking income and his investments co-shared with his brother.
Justin closed down and covered up his own tax minimization behavior and is now going after yours.
Disgusting, greedy little b’turd.
commented 2017-07-19 23:04:37 -0400
They have the audacity of talking about “fair”, when throwing our money by the billions to dictators in 3rd world countries, the Clintons and terrorists. Now they are going after mostly the small businesses because this is what we have left as private companies in this f…up country. All the rich have their money in fiscal paradises. People, get paid in cash, pay in cash, and anything left under the mattress. This corrupt hateful gov’t will skin you alive otherwise.
commented 2017-07-19 22:54:41 -0400
All Silly…. I mean Civil servants and Politicians need to understand that “Women may be From Venus and Men may be From Mars, But Entrepreneurs Live on Pluto”. And it is mighty cold out there, and getting colder: http://heinzegroup.com/insight.htm#17
commented 2017-07-19 20:55:06 -0400
Bill Elder,

I am waiting for when they figure out how to confiscate middle class savings such as real estate, investments, or simple savings accounts. I do not doubt that it is coming, because savings allow a level of independence.
commented 2017-07-19 20:18:30 -0400
The feds are starving – they raped the nation’s productivity with job killing regs and put the public debt/deficit at all time highs – they will now tax everything in sight and seek new revenue streams though new “sins” – hide your assets, the Libranos are back.
commented 2017-07-19 19:52:25 -0400
Well, I never blame the leaders any more – I blame the people who put them in to power.

Albertans are only learning a lesson that BC is about to learn and and eastern provinces learned long ago but forgot.

Bet it tales a lot of reversing to get rid of all the bad stuff – but a new government with balls will do it.
commented 2017-07-19 18:34:52 -0400
I would like the libs to explain to me why they can do crap like this while not paying business owners to collect gst and other taxes for them? If they want to consider things like that a taxable job , then they should pay for that work being done.
commented 2017-07-19 18:32:58 -0400
I hope people like Kelly suddenly get a tax bill saying they owe as his wife is a maid or after he put in laminate he was considered a ticketed tradesmen.
commented 2017-07-19 18:32:56 -0400
That’s right Sheila, Trudeau knows exactly who this is hurting: overwhelmingly CPC voters. Because people that work hard and do tax-planning that works to the benefit of their families and employees in their small businesses are mostly free-enterprise/conservative leaning.
Trudeau is all about identity politics: focusing on small-interest groups like those on assistance, appreciative refugees/migrants, climate change zealots, Muslims, SJWs, civil servants, the uninformed. If he can continue to get the support of all those groups, those voters will outnumber the one group he’s given up on: the average, hard-working, tax-paying Canadian.
commented 2017-07-19 18:31:21 -0400
Kelly Weber WRONG! I personally know a family who has been screwed over this. The government comes in and decides what you are doing despite your actual job title and says you owe more in taxes for doing what they imagine you do. A small company employee doing a portion of the books for example is not an accountant , no matter what revenue Canada says. When i worked nights at one of my first jobs pumping gas , i would do the days books during the slow periods, that hardly made me an accountant , nor should i have been paying taxes like one after only making minimum wage.
commented 2017-07-19 18:06:20 -0400
Good analysis Ms. G-R.

The LPC is malignantly ignorant on purpose, like you allude. For example, they refuse to accept the fact it is the small incorporated sub-contractors that provide the many jobs even if big companies, like Suncor, provide the plant and financing. That was made obvious through the on-going Notley disaster, 200 000 jobs lost but the plant still operating. Those jobs were lost due to the family businesses closing out.

However, I bet poor, dear Omar has his $10.5 M in a numbered company.
commented 2017-07-19 17:02:39 -0400
No sympathy. I know plenty of small business people who stubbornly vote liberal/NDP because they staunchly believe they are profiting from governments spending drunkenly. Everyone thinks that if they are high enough in the pyramid they will be immune to its collapse. Keep thinking that.
commented 2017-07-19 16:52:12 -0400
If your family members are actually working there, nothing to worry about. If they don’t actually work there, you are scamming. Lots of business owners pay their wives to be at home. It keeps them in a lower tax bracket.