April 05, 2018

Liberal “meddlers and interlopers” hate The Rebel more than they love our veterans

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


I think the Liberals are interfering in your attempts to help the Canadian military and now we need your help again to stop them.

Remember in December when we tried to raise money for CFB Borden because we heard that military families were being asked to share food with other struggling families on base?

It was insane for the federal government to ask Canadian troops to share amongst themselves while Trudeau was handing $10.5M to convicted terrorist murderer, Omar Khadr.

With your help, we raised $15,000 for the base, but CFB Borden refused the money. Weird.

We asked you, since it's your donation, what we should do with these funds. We were told we should donate it to Canada Company, a trusted Canadian charity with a great rating and low overhead that serves the Canadian military and their families.

They were a perfect fit for us so our team contacted them, and they seemed happy and eager to take your money. But then it happened again.

Soon after David Menzies met with Canada Company, our office received this email:

“I regret to inform you that Canada Company is unable to accept the check presented this afternoon as our policies do not permit us to endorse political views of any organization. As such we will be returning the check to your attention via registered mail”

What happened in that very short time between David Menzies meeting with some grateful folks at Canada Company, and the email declining your donation?

I think the feds got to them because I know Canada company is a good charity that works hard to put military families first. They always have.

You know who doesn't put our veterans and military families first? The Liberals.

The PM told a wounded vet to his face that he was asking for more than Canada was willing to give. Do you doubt the Liberals would intervene to stop a political enemy from helping those same veterans?

I'll explain why.

We have a petition, at CallOffYourDogs.com, demanding that the Trudeau government stop blocking donations from conservative Canadians who want to support our military.

David Menzies will hand-deliver that petition to the office of Harjit Sajjan, Trudeau’s braggart Defense Minister.

This won’t stop us. We’ll continue to raise funds to support military causes, like we did for Christopher Spear’s children, made fatherless by that aforementioned, now wealthy, terrorist Omar Khadr.

We’ll find a military charity that will take your money, because this isn't about us and it isn't about the Liberals and it's not about you. It's about our military.

Please sign our petition at CallOffYourDogs.com and share it so we can spread the word about how vindictive the Liberals really are.

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commented 2018-04-07 12:00:29 -0400
No money to support our veterans. Strangely enough, within the past few months Baby Doc Trudeau found $31 million to give to Afghanistan’s veterans and another $2 million to a hospital in that country. I guess if a foreign government can’t financially support its troops, Baby Doc will gladly step in with Canadian dollars to fill the gap, Canadians be damned.

Now he is sending our troops off to Mali, a killing ground for foreign troops, and has lots of our bucks for his virtue signalling. When our armed forces people come back broken, will he find the bucks to help them, or will it be like his father Papa Docs and the military is ignored?
commented 2018-04-07 08:05:10 -0400
Keith and Helen, you’re welcome.
commented 2018-04-06 22:58:16 -0400
Thanks, those at the link you posted are funny and sadly so true.
commented 2018-04-06 21:23:14 -0400
Oops, should read lemming zombie sounds about right.
commented 2018-04-06 21:21:43 -0400
Robert Greely, lemming zombie is about right!!
commented 2018-04-06 21:18:20 -0400
BRAVO ZULU commented 4 hours ago
Canada Company no longer exists.
Veterans Affairs shut it down.
So that avenue is no longer available.

Really? Than how come I can go on their site right now and donate money?
commented 2018-04-06 20:59:03 -0400
Sounds and looks like there is a thing on this thread that has been programmed….to be a liberalist…globalist zombie….
commented 2018-04-06 19:13:18 -0400
Bravo Zulu, I read your post on the other thread. Did you receive a reply from Ezra yet?
commented 2018-04-06 18:24:35 -0400
Little Rambo, it’s a wonder you can dress yourself in the morning. Now go and find yourself a high cliff and do what lemmings do.
commented 2018-04-06 17:36:17 -0400
Canada Company no longer exists.

Veterans Affairs shut it down.

So that avenue is no longer available.
commented 2018-04-06 17:06:31 -0400
Those Liberals are truly sick, in their heads.
commented 2018-04-06 16:58:32 -0400
my apologies, Speer, not Scheer.
commented 2018-04-06 16:53:09 -0400
It looks like the liberal party is strong arming these groups NOT to accept our donation.
commented 2018-04-06 16:50:37 -0400
I agree with Sheila, “Besides, conservatives shouldn’t have to hide who they are before they can help those in need. It’s not illegal to be a charitable conservative.”
commented 2018-04-06 16:47:37 -0400
This is why nobody wants to take the money obviously. Justin doesn’t want to be made to look bad. He is so inept that taxpayers in a show of good faith attempt in our small way to make up the short fall. Justin is an insult to veterans as he is an insult to the widow Scheer.

Justin/Butts/Telford know the Rebel has power or they wouldn’t bother trying to censor us at every turn. We are their arch enemies, in their minds. We show them up for the lying useless scum that they are. We make them look bad. Its as simple as that.
Its not hard to do I might add.

Scheer Outraged At Trudeau’s Disgusting Veteran Comment

Excellent Response To Trudeau’s Disgusting Veteran Comment

Watch Army Veteran MOP THE FLOOR with Justin Trudeau
commented 2018-04-06 16:28:04 -0400
You are a Liberal lemming.

David completely chronicles what happened in the video associated with the petition. Did you fail to notice this charity and Rebel have been communicating for a month to coordinate their acceptance of the donation? Someone did interfere, and eventually it will come out.

Little Rambo, your posts are like an annoying mosquito buzzing about.
commented 2018-04-06 16:11:24 -0400
You got it wrong little Rambo, what you think is irrelevant.

Guess you didn’t bother to listen to Sheila’s report or David’s report. Not surprised you jumped to keyboard warrior mode without knowing the story…that’s how you roll!
commented 2018-04-06 15:34:44 -0400
Only one thing stinks around here, young master Rambo and that is You.
commented 2018-04-06 15:18:37 -0400
Just more babbling from the less than objective troll who claims he is the pillar of objectivity.
Keep telling yourself you are not a Rebel troll, I know better.

Eitan can confirm for Sheila the plethora of S**T posts is included in your history.
commented 2018-04-06 14:45:14 -0400

John Rambo is the latest pseudonym of a persistent, malignant troll who trashes Rebel Media; Ezra and Rebel subscribers. Just last week he was known as Bob Rock, before that James Crockett. It’s a very long list, just ask Eitan how far back this goes.
commented 2018-04-06 12:22:26 -0400
Perhaps Menzies went to the CFB where Trudeau built a Mosque for the Syrian Refugees 2 years ago. By now the Muslims would have taken over and make all the decisions; therefore they ordered the Base Commander not to accept the money as they know that The Rebel Media is up to their invasion plans.
commented 2018-04-06 12:16:51 -0400
Give it to the War amps and if they won’t take it give it to the USA war amps I’m sure they will take it . And yes I donated . Not hard to upstage a USELESS lIBERAL . Funny how they are entitled to their entitlement .
commented 2018-04-06 12:11:46 -0400
has anyone noticed recent Netflix shows that show Muslims as the good guys and ourselves as the bad guys? Very disturbing. With constant world attacks and Islamic crime that is ignored and the spotlight of who’s bad is on us. What a pile of BS.
Inclusiveness must not include Islam, an evil cult. It is not something to respect but revile.
Govt doesn’t care about our military while it panders to Islam which hates our forces and way of life.
commented 2018-04-06 11:42:42 -0400
For the fellow asking: we film these events and make it a point to not give anonymous donations because we think it is of the utmost importance to be transparent in what we are doing with donations people give us for causes they believe in. After all, they donated the money and we want to give them proof that we are doing with it what they expect us to.

And that’s why after the first refusal at CFB Borden, we went back to our donors and ask them what we should do with the money. They suggested Canada Company. We reached out to CC and they agreed to accept the funds.

Besides, conservatives shouldn’t have to hide who they are before they can help those in need. It’s not illegal to be a charitable conservative.
commented 2018-04-06 11:40:01 -0400
Have you ever noticed:
When boarding his plane, PM Harper, would stop at the top of the stairs, and salute the soldier standing there, then he would shake his hand, then talk to him for a minute then board the plane.

PM Justine, walks right past the soldier without even acknowledging his presence.

I cannot say this is always the case, but it is what I have noticed.
commented 2018-04-06 08:53:05 -0400
Funny how Trudeau donated over 20 million our tax dollars to Clinton Foundation after the FBI opened an investigation last year….the corrupt nature of this foundation didn’t bother Justin one bit.

In time, I hope we come to learn who was behind not accepting donations twice.
commented 2018-04-06 01:53:01 -0400
John Rambo is too simple to understand that no one is stopping Soros while they are stopping the Rebel.
commented 2018-04-06 01:47:45 -0400
John Rambo why can Soros donate but not the Rebel? MORE DOUBLE STANDARDS!!