December 08, 2017

Liberal MP Kent Hehr to Thalidomide victims: "You don't have it so bad"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, I reported on Liberal Minister for Sport and Persons with Disabilities Kent Hehr's insulting a group of people with Thalidomide-induced birth defects. 

Hehr is a quadriplegic who understands what it takes to succeed with a physical disability, but his statements to this group show an alarming lack of compassion for victims suffering through no fault of their own. Thalidomide victims receive $25,000/year, which is nothing compared to the $10.5 million Justin gave convicted terrorist Omar Khadr

WATCH my video to see why Kent Hehr told Thalidomide victims they "don't have it so bad". 

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commented 2017-12-09 21:35:24 -0500
A truly evil man
commented 2017-12-08 22:26:07 -0500
This guy invalidated these people with disabilities.
If he wants to work, let alone work with people with disabilities, he had better get off his own pity pot and deal with individuals professionally and without making this a personal thing about HIM!

Just because he is disabled, doesn’t make him a nice guy. He has a big chip on his shoulder and he is imposing his own personal grudge on anyone else who has a disability.

He needs to be fired from this job. He has demonstrated he does not possess the personal suitability required for the job nor the communication skills.

He needs to be fired! I hope these people make a big, big fuss.
commented 2017-12-08 20:18:20 -0500
Ezra it was worse than that. Hehr actually made mention to statistically how long thalidomide victims live and then concluded they don’t have that many years left which is good for Canada. My interpretation from this is Canada won’t have to pay out the $25k per victim much longer. Can this guy be more narcissistic???
commented 2017-12-08 16:21:40 -0500
I sent a request to MP Hehr 2 months ago asking for his support for a retired armed forces veteran to be allowed to speak before the Heritage Committee hearing re: M103. My message was respectful and because MP Hehr was the former Veteran minister I thought he would be empathetic. The reply I received was “DELETED WITHOUT BEING READ”. That sums up what Mr. Hehr thinks of the electorate’s right to be heard.
commented 2017-12-08 15:44:59 -0500
This is just another liberal idiot, that is running off his mouth before they do any thinking. This whole thalidomide compensation package was a joke, set up by the liberals. I first heard of this package for the survivors, back in 2009 and since my sister and two brothers were part of the group mentioned in this compensation package, I took it upon myself to check into this further, for their benefits. Once I contacted the people in charge, I found out that this was only available to people living in Ontario regions, then it got extended to include Quebec. Well because my siblings are living in BC now, they are not eligibly for any kind of benefits. Too make matters worse, my sister that is mentally challenged and unable to work, is now having her welfare cheque reduced and told to look for some type of employment to recoup her loses, so the province can free up more finances to help the influx of illegal immigrants coming in from the United States. Welcome too Canada?
commented 2017-12-08 14:49:22 -0500
Lieberals prove every day their contempt for Canadians. They however, show their love and approval for terrorists, like Omar Khadr and returning ISIS combatants!

Stupid Lieberal voters! I hold YOU in contempt!