January 22, 2016

Liberal MP meets with board members of the pro intifada Palestine House

Jonathan D. HaleviRebel Blogger

Liberal Member of Parliament for Mississauga-Erin Mills, Ontario, Iqra Khalid, who studied Criminology at York University and committed to bring to parliament a “fresh” and “progressive perspective”, met (January 18, 2016) with senior members of the Canadian Palestinian community and board members of the Mississauga-based Palestine House , including Dr. Nazih Khatatba

Meshwar newspaper (Issue 148, January 22, 2016, P. 40) reported on the event as follows (originally in Arabic):

“Activists of the Palestinian community in Erin Mills, Mississauga [Ontario] held an event honouring MP Iqra Khalid, who won the federal elections because of the voters from Muslim and Arab descent. The purpose of the event was to strengthen the relationship between the members of the [Palestinian] community and the Liberal members of Parliament.

“The event was attended by a large number of members of the Palestinian community who reside in this area and Arab journalists, in an effort to embolden and strengthen the standing of the [Palestinian] community in any future elections and to get involved in the political and social life of the Canadian multi-cultural society.

“The speakers at the event agreed unanimously to see this move as strengthening by itself the standing and the role of the [Palestinian] community and urging the [Palestinian] community to take advantage of its vote in any future elections, local or federal, in order to improve and strengthen our standing in the country in which we live and to get out of the shell and the encirclement and to become a part of the Canadian national fabric in our efforts to bring a better future for us and the next generations.”

The Palestine House stands by the Palestinian al-Quds Intifada also dubbed The Knife Intifada

The Palestine House was de-funded in 2012 by the federal government for what then Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Jason Kenney referred to as a “pattern of support for extremism.”

Minister Kenney’s spokesperson said that “Palestine House has in the last few years aligned itself with terrorist causes, including celebrating the release of terrorists and honouring the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), one of the groups that formed the Palestine Liberation Organization and in the 1960s and ’70s, was responsible for numerous armed attacks and aircraft hijackings.”

In 2014, The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) submitted to Peel Region Police several complaints of possible hate crimes allegedly committed by Meshwar newspaper. The complaints documented cases of anti Jewish rhetoric including sympathizing with a terrorist attack (Jerusalem massacre), posting an article questioning the veracity of the Holocaust and a cartoon that depicted the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu drinking the blood of Palestinian children. No charges have been laid against the Palestine House.

On October 14, the Palestine house posted on its official Facebook an invitation to its planned rally. The English version read the following: In solidarity and support of the Struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation and aggression.”

The Arabic version of the invitation mentioned the intifada: “Protest rally in solidarity and support of Palestine Intifada (انتفاضة). In cooperation with solidarity movements with Palestine in the area of Toronto, the Palestine House invites you to to participate in the solidarity rally with al-Quds and Palestine Intifada (انتفاضة). It will take place on Friday October 16 at 6pm in front of the Israeli Consulate in Toronto.”

Dr. Nazih Khatatba in his own words

Nazih Khatatba, a board member of the Palestine House, advised al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the military wing of Fatah movement, to change their policy and instead of uttering threats at Israel, to demand from Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian President and the leader of the PLO and Fatah movement, to re-arm them. The following is Khatatba’s posting (originally in Arabic):

“Al-Aqsa Brigades [the military wing of Fatah movement lead by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas] declared a general mobilization and warned the [Israeli] Occupation of attacking the President [Abbas]!!!!

“O brother, take him [Abbas] and keep him for yourself. I swear by Allah, do not be afraid as he [Abbas] under Israeli protection. Most importantly, ask him [Abbas] to return the weapons he took from you [al-Aqsa Brigades], and to instruct the operatives of the security forces that under his control not to arrest you.”

Al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade (AAMB) was designated in 2003 by Canada as a terrorist organization and its status was reaffirmed in November 2014.

According to the Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from September 13, 2015 to January 20, 2016 the number of people murdered in the Palestinian terrorist intifada reached 29 and 289 people were injured (25 of them seriously). The Palestinian new wave of terrorism included 110 stabbings, 38 shootings and 22 car rammings in addition to firing rockets (from Gaza), detonating explosive charges, and many thousands incidents of stone throwing and firebombings.

Nazih Khatatba sympathizes with the Palestinian “struggle” which includes activities and operations that are deemed by Israel, US, Canada and the West as acts of terrorism. In his editorial titled “al-Quds Operation and the Quiet Intifada”, (Issue 118, November 28, 2014, page 5) Khatatba portrayed the massacre of 4 rabbis in Jerusalem by Palestinian terrorists who killed their victims with meat cleavers as a “courageous and qualitative” operation. One of the victims was Howie Rothman, an Israeli Canadian, was died of his wounds a year after he was struck in his head and neck with a cleaver.

On the same day the Jerusalem massacre occurred, Khatatba harshly criticized the Palestinian President for issuing an official announcement condemning (however faintly) the attack.

A few days prior to the Jerusalem massacre, Khatatba justified the ‘run-over’ and stabbing attacks against Israeli Jews and overtly supported launching a Palestinian armed Intifada (war) against Israel.

In a editorial (Meshwar, Issue 106, June 13, 2014, P. 5), Khatatba called the Palestinian prisoners incarcerated in Israeli jail “freedom prisoners” and “freedom fighters”, even though many of them were convicted (and confessed) of terror-related crimes, including murder of civilians.

For one of his editorials (Meshwar, Issue 103, May 2, 2014, p. 5), Khatatba chose the following heading: “Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and [the City of] al-Quds [Jerusalem] are in need for mujahideen [jihad fighters], not tourists.”

In his editorial (Meshwar, Issue 85, August 23, 2013, page 5), Khatatba criticized Hamas for abandoning the confrontation with Israel. “We sided with Hamas and defended it to the point that we in Meshwar newspaper were during the last war on Gaza subject to a campaign and pressure of the Canadian Jewish organizations [apparently referring to the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs – CIJA] because of this position,” wrote Khatatba.

We were not deterred as Hamas was confronting Israel, not [meaning we did took this position] because of the blackness of its eyes or its extremist practices. We placed the confrontation with Israel above any other consideration. We ignored everything for the sake of this confrontation. However, the situation has changed, as Hamas is not anymore interested in [confronting] Israel… Hamas has to deal with its destiny by its own and we will not sympathize with it.”

In a previous op-ed (Meshwar, volume 66, November 30, 2012, page 8), Khatatba expressed his support of Hamas and other Palestinian organizations that took part in a war with Israel, during which thousands of rockets and mortar shells were launched from the Gaza strip toward Israeli communities.

It is essential to add this achievement (note: the article was published prior to the UN recognition of Palestine as a non member observer state) to the triumph that the resistance in Gaza has achieved due to its firm endurance and launching of hundreds of rockets on Israeli cities. These rockets dented Israel’s deterrence and created a new reality, that no one can deny, principally the Palestinian leadership, of the role of the popular and military resistance to improve the conditions in any future negotiations with Israel,” Khatatba wrote.

The unyielding fortitude and victory that Gaza achieved would not have materialized without the unconstrained help of Iran, Syria and Hizballah, who provided weaponry, rockets, training and financing… The Palestinian resistance should speak out loud and clear and not be afraid to express gratitude to Iran, Syria and Hizballah…”

Dr. Nazih Khatatba has recently praised In his editorial on Meshwar (Issue 146, December 24, 2015, p. 6) the Lebanese terrorist Samir Quntar who was killed in an Israeli airstrike for his “bold offensive operation” in 1979 during which he murdered an Israeli civilian and smashed the head of his 4 year-old daughter on beach rocks and crushed her skull with the butt of his rifle.

He maintained that Quntar’s decision to join the ranks of Hezbollah should not be condemned as he intended to “continue the armed struggle” against Israel and “started working for establishing a movement that will fight for the liberation of the occupied Golan Heights as a prelude for liberating all Palestine.”

Khatataba wrote, “Dear Sirs, tell us what is wrong about it [Quntar decision to join Hezbollah for continuing the armed struggle against Israel]? If such a man sacrificed his period of adolescence and later his life for fighting the Israeli occupation, for the sake of the holy sites of the [Islamic] nation and faith and was developing plans for fighting [is not considered a fighter], who is [eligible] to be deemed a fighter, and who is [eligible] to be considered martyr!!!!…”

Dear Sirs, Dear distinguished people, no. Samir Quntar does not need from you to give him the eligibility for martyrdom, honour and patriotism, as he did not change and remained eager to become a martyr for the sake of Palestine. His compass did not deviate from Palestine and from regarding Israel as the prime and the only enemy of the Palestinians and Arabs and as a constant threat to the future of their countries. Anyone who fights the Israeli occupation is a martyr who is eligible for this title regardless his nationality, ideology, religion or faith.”

(This article originally appeared on CIJ News and is reposted with permission)

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commented 2016-01-23 09:08:01 -0500
Rebelation – our sleepy citizens are going to wake up soon, and hopefully realize that our governments have allowed, and encouraged the cultural divisions that we see. They’ve allowed minorities full citizenship rights,without any expectations. Our liberal activist judges always slap the wrists of minorities, and make excuses for their criminal behaviour. While at the same time throwing the book at citizens born here in Canada. It’s a system set to divide, and divide it has. How can you be loyal to two countries? And more importantly, they’ve allowed the roots of their cultures to dominate our own, thereby undermining our security, on all levels. Through crooked liberal governments, and their ridiculous pandering to anyone not Canadian, is beyond the pale. They mock us while using our resources and then slap us for being white, and successful.
commented 2016-01-22 22:11:03 -0500
Peter – good dot-connection!!
commented 2016-01-22 21:44:00 -0500
Glen. The author or Cold Terror says we’re already the number one exporter of terrorism in the world! Not exactly how most Cdn’s see themselves is it?
commented 2016-01-22 20:57:58 -0500
Liberals supported by terrorist supporter fundraisers, UN is going to put Canada on the terrorist list soon. And why have these people not integrated into Canadian culture and values. Goes to show multiculturalism has not and will never work.
commented 2016-01-22 20:56:33 -0500
The frightening thing is that we have Muslims as Members of Parliament. I believe that Harper had one or two when he was in power. One or two should be the limit. Muslims follow the political platform of Islam, this is in complete opposition to western values and surely is a conflict of interest. Muslims in Parliament create a dangerous situation. They must be restricted to the Back Benches with no decision making available to them.

With Trudeau in power and more and more Muslims infesting Canada, more Muslims will be voted in to Parliament, it will not be long before they over run the Government and are in control of Canada. This will mean Sharia Law and not only the end of Democracy but also the end of Canadian

Bingo ! JIHAD
commented 2016-01-22 15:03:18 -0500
This why Omar Alghabra was elected. He is anti Israel and pro Sharia and was just rewarded by Justin for delivering the Muslim vote with the position of parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs. Hence no invite on how to combat ISIS. Can’t discuss plans to fight the enemy when the enemy is within.
commented 2016-01-22 14:08:46 -0500
Seems the libs love the terrorists.

Never met a pali that was not a potential killer.

Arafat had the chance for peace – he took the cash.

Jordan butts up against pali land – they refuse to let them in.

Egypt butts up against Gaza – they refuse to let them in.

And Israel is called the bad guy.

Unless you are a queer islamic – if you can get to Israel you can live in peace.

Look it up sometime when you have nothing else to do.
commented 2016-01-22 13:32:47 -0500
Liberal party of Canada’s partnership with islamic terrorism grows stronger. PM Butts must be proud.

If you look closely, you can see Trudeau with his tray of coffee and muffins ready to serve the quorum.