January 06, 2017

Liberal MP who lied about “cross burnings” now serves on “fake news” committee

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

As I reported on last night's showJustin Trudeau’s Liberals want to study the scourge of “fake news,” and see how they can ban it.

Hedy Fry, the Liberal MP from Vancouver, is also leading this charge against fake news.

Yes, this is the same Hedy Fry who once said:

"We could just go to Prince George, British Columbia, where crosses are being burned on lawns as we speak.”

Of course, there has never been a police report of a cross burning — a KKK activity — in Prince George’s history.

She just made it up...

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commented 2017-01-08 13:41:09 -0500
Our dictraitorous marxist is simply making moves to control information flow in preparation for his power grab in Canada! Watch as we are denied news of the U.S. economy taking off with a Trump presidency while ours tanks! That will be deemed “fake news” and banned!
commented 2017-01-06 22:34:38 -0500
In my religion—- Hedy Fry ain’t gonna make to Heaven.
She is just a lying, self centered Bitch.
commented 2017-01-06 20:38:04 -0500
Secondly, Hedy Fry needs to retire. She’s 75 years old and maybe doesn’t think so clearly now?
commented 2017-01-06 20:36:43 -0500
I wish letters could be sent to every Liberal MP the same as were sent to the US Ambassadors telling them to vacate.
commented 2017-01-06 18:27:03 -0500
TRUTH - in the New Canada is measured on the new ‘Pigmentation Scale’.
commented 2017-01-06 13:38:11 -0500
Lier lier cross on fire…………. what a dipshit.

The troubling part of all this, is that of all the ‘democratic countries’ that could pull off censorship laws it would be Canada. Why? Because it is often confused that Canadians are polite, when in fact Canadians are stupid lethargic dupes that can’t stand up to anything, but fall for every thing.
commented 2017-01-06 11:44:47 -0500
only and liberal could see the logic in a known liar being in charge of fake news and trudope’s CBC is one of the worst sinners when it comes to fake news , just ask Harper .
commented 2017-01-06 11:41:46 -0500
Hedy Fry; the most unqualified MP.
Her only accomplishment in the office are race baiting & shouting discrimination at every opportunity. Her eligibility to parliament are: a) woman, b) an immigrant from a third world country.
commented 2017-01-06 10:30:43 -0500
I have an idea for a protest that will send a message to Heddy-up-her-assy Fry….all of you who have blogs or who post on social media go to GOOGLE and look up “cross burning” and select images. Then pick an image. Attach it to a click bait headline that this occurred on the lawn of a prominant liberal in Prince George BC and that SPLC is on it like a dog on a bone. Then out yourself through a sock puppet to this “fake news” commitee………:-) (Include a disclaimer in the smallest font you can select that this is satire)
commented 2017-01-06 10:28:28 -0500
One more retarded Liberal idea to create another level of Government, bilk more money from the taxpayers and censor the truth. The real scourge of “fake news” in our Kommie Kountry is the Mother Ship, Constant Trudeau Vision, the rest of the media party and the lying Liberano scum politicians.
commented 2017-01-06 10:23:47 -0500
“Liberal MP who lied about “cross burnings” now serves on “fake news” committee”

It only makes sense she would serve on this committee since she is the most familiar with making fake news.

Just wait for the Liberal fifth column called the CBC to declare The Rebel as fake news.

We all know that “fake news” to the Liberals means anything they do not agree with nor wish to hear. The truth will not be a factor in their determination of what makes up “fake news”.
commented 2017-01-06 10:19:40 -0500
Who needs comedy when you have a Liberal government? This is the stuff of Saturday Night Live. Hedy Fry leading a Fake News committee. Mayran Monseff the illegal immigrant from the least democratic place on earth heading up the committee on democratic reform. The dear leader praising Papa Fidel.

Can’t wait for the next episode of Liberals in Space.
commented 2017-01-06 10:18:28 -0500
One has to wonder how these Liberals and other lefties can so regularly express such profound hypocrisy while acting out such blatant double standards, especially in the face of their documented condemnation of that very hypocrisy – and keep a straight face!?
Is there some kind of school lefty/progressives go to, to learn that…
commented 2017-01-06 09:41:42 -0500

I wonder if we could have a Quran burning somewhere

Would it be swept under the carpet?

commented 2017-01-06 09:38:58 -0500
Just what was the fake news?Oh that’s right,land slide for Clinton,sexual assault by Trump,not Billy.Russia Russia Russia.But who was putting it out.CNN CBS CBC Washington POST NYC Times.And even the Obama administration.That what they can’t figure out,how people saw thru these lies.
commented 2017-01-06 09:36:08 -0500
How can this woman still be in government.