May 30, 2016

Liberal policies may lead to “a Trumpian populist response”: FULL interview with Jason Kenney

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Jason Kenney's name has topped many "Conservative Party leader" lists. Will he run?

I asks him about that, of course, but we also cover other subjects, such as how the party should (and shouldn't) re-imagine itself -- and where the Tories went wrong.

Kenney’s particular purview has always been immigration. He’s met with countless new Canadians and praises them as natural conservatives in many ways. However, I confront him with the troubling fact that the Harper government doubled Canada’s Muslim population without vetting radicals from moderates.

I also ask him what if anything could lead to Justin Trudeau’s eventual political demise. His response is passionate to say the least.

And does he agree with me about who the "real" Prime Minister of Canada is?

What do you think? Tell me in the comments!

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commented 2016-06-07 20:56:15 -0400
Hey Kenney! Why did you and Harper give away the War Museum grounds to the muslim Assassins’ Guild (Aga Khan) Tax-free for the next 100 years? And why did you also give them over $30 million of our tax dollars to build a massive Taqiyya “Tolerance Mosque” outside Toronto, too? Reports have it was because you and Harper desperately wanted the email list of all the muslim followers, as if the votes of the Ismail community could influence our elections! Pander much, you treasonous CUCKTARD?!
commented 2016-06-03 10:42:36 -0400
Harper blew it when he allowed the CRTC to withhold mandatory carriage from the Sun News Network.
That probably cost him the election. Conservative fundraisers then phoned supporters for money to “get the message out”. Brilliant!
commented 2016-06-02 21:48:17 -0400
Conservatives are totally out of touch with what Islam is. Wow. This is scary as hell. Here we have Trudeau bringing them in by the thousands and the conservatives don’t know how dangerous it is. Ezra, PLEASE run for leader of the conservative opposition. You have spoken with people like Tommy Robinson. You understand what’s going on. We need someone with a brain.
commented 2016-06-02 20:33:28 -0400
After Jason Kenney made one long logical fallacy laundry list of laughable ‘security’ measures [’the best we can do"] and other approved lies for Islam that are bogus frauds in theory and utterly useless in practice, Ezra replied at 16:15 “fair enough”. This apparently is “tough and independent conservative” journalism. Why bother?
commented 2016-06-02 20:28:04 -0400
Actually, after watching Jason Kenney again, he’s not just weak and incompetent but the usual logical fallacy babbling liar for Islam politician and that – is actually evil.
commented 2016-06-02 20:22:01 -0400
Oops. I meant not judging and not “nit” judging, though nit is eerily close.
commented 2016-06-02 20:20:24 -0400
So Jason Kenney will do what exactly about countless thousands of second and third generation Muslims born in Canada going full jihad over any 24 hour period? I know! Keep on nit judging them on their religion! Awesome. It’s worked well so far…Yes, who are we to judge people who follow Mohammad, the “perfect Muslim” and serial child-rapist, mass-murdering bandit warlord necrophiliac psychopath who personally beheaded hundreds of Jewish boys and men. Lying for Islam means lying about it’s 270 million and counting victims. We’re doomed.
commented 2016-06-02 20:14:35 -0400
Sadly, unpacking all of Jason Kenney’s useless laughable logical fallacy and lies for Islam would take an essay. Jason is one hell of a barely-conservative wimp. It’s NOT a conservative principle to ignore the terrifying brilliant evil of Islam.

Daniel Greenfield on Islam is war and moderate Islam is a mirage:

Daniel Greenfield on why Islam is a totalitarian ideology of war with the beard of a religion:

All the disturbing facts on the “the filth” of Islam, as Chris Hitchens rightly called the Koran:

Ben Shapiro the myth of the tiny radical Muslim minority.

Mark Steyn on the cult of ignorance and delusion that multiculturalism: Evan Sayet lecture ‘The Kindergarden of Eden’ – how the modern left liberal INVARIABLY sides with evil, wrong, lies and the behavior of failure.
commented 2016-06-02 19:48:03 -0400
Boy, how disappointing – if you expected anything and fortunately I never do. Sadly, Jason Kenney is the usual barely semi-conservative wimp, cowed by leftist approved Current Thought and is the usual babbling nitwit incompetent regards Islam. Yeah, we can’t judge people by their religion, [if we have to totally accommodate it, why not?] even if it’s the totalitarian nihilist tribal and annihilating one of Islam, responsible for 270 million dead over the last 1400 years and counting 24/7.

Sadly too, the usually great value Ezra’s anecdotal logical fallacy of individual Muslim’s logically impossible love of non-Sharia compliant Western law is a tragic joke. Individual Muslim’s do not and cannot change the true disturbing nature of Islam. Asking “tough questions” and not really demanding or exposing the junk answers is well, rather pointless. If this is it, why bother?
commented 2016-06-02 18:33:49 -0400
I listened with interest to Ezra with Jason Kenny. I liked how Ezra asked the tough questions and how Kenny responded with ease and knowledge. I liked him. Quick thinker. He is on top of how the liberals are undoing the fine initiatives the Conservatives brought in. I was shocked to hear that Trudeau does not want to prioritize helping genocide victims from the Middle East. What a shame on Canada’s reputation and priorities!
commented 2016-06-02 17:36:48 -0400
This man will never be the PM. How can one defend muslim immigration without proper vetting in the same breath as exhorting the primacy of national security? He is just another little boy. What we need is a strong leader who will put the brakes on political correctness and look after the interests of Canada and Canadians. Someone capable of safeguarding our traditions for generations to come. Where is the leader that will leave a long legacy of accountability and personal integrity that people will talk about with their grandchildren whenever they feel good about this great nation?
commented 2016-05-31 14:28:48 -0400
Great interview, even the tough parts…
This is the kind of journalism we need in an election year!

Good job at bug spotting…
commented 2016-05-31 09:19:11 -0400
MICHAEL MANN: Whereas you, Michael, are not at ALL creepy for being so obsessed with this topic…
commented 2016-05-31 07:58:42 -0400
“Nobody ever talks about demographics. Why so many from Islamic countries.”

Not so Liza. Only in North America do they remain quite on this issue, perhaps due to political correctness? It appears Australia is the only country with fortitude, they not only blew off the carbon tax scam but are opinionated on this as well.

“Asylum seekers are drawn to particular countries by a range of obvious factors-proximity, family and ethnic community networks, employment opportunities and wage levels, generosity of welfare systems, levels of tolerance within existing societies, and the accessibility of determination systems. In Europe last year 70 per cent of asylum seekers sought protection in just four countries-Germany, Britain, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Acceptance rates are more revealing of a country’s political priorities, or its attitude to migration, or the weight of numbers it has had to deal with, or its diplomatic relations with ‘sending’ countries, than the genuineness of refugee claims. …. Nearly 50 years after its adoption, the Refugee Convention remains the only international instrument for the protection of refugees, and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is still exhorting Western governments to respect and uphold it as the ‘cornerstone’ and ‘foundation’ of the international refugee system. ….”
commented 2016-05-31 03:47:45 -0400
Awesome how he knows about Ethical Oil. I wonder how closely he follows this web site.
commented 2016-05-31 01:38:12 -0400
There are many things I like about Kenney. Smart and on it.
I just wish we would be a little less inclusive, with our immigration policies. Where these people come from does matter. We’re still too politically correct. I don’t see how Islam can be considered in the same category as other religions, since it is a political ideology. Nobody ever talks about demographics. Why so many from Islamic countries.
commented 2016-05-30 23:11:10 -0400
I hope Kenny is right – A return to grass roots populism in all Canadian parties s due because the current crop of political elites in top-down party systems have no practical social/civil solutions and are not responsive to the electorate’s priorities.

The elites impose their and their patrons agendas on us – Trudeau is a top down control freak who bullies his party and the public – it will be his downfall. If you’re going to be even a marginally successful dictator you have to be right mor than you are wrong -
commented 2016-05-30 22:06:00 -0400
Jason Kenny os a joke. Has he moved out of his mother’s basement yet?
commented 2016-05-30 20:27:15 -0400
I would like to have found out what Mr. Kenney’s thoughts are on socon issues; but on jobs, industry, the economy and societal cohesion, he is the antithesis of Little Benito. He is informed, articulate, well-spoken, thoughtful and intelligent. If he is sympathetic on socon issues, I hope he will run for Conservative Party leader. Even given the likelihood that the next election will be electorally rigged by the Liberals, he would stand a good chance of putting the Conservatives back in power in Ottawa. Please consider doing it, Mr. Kenney.

Little Benito is clearly desiring to extend liberal fascism in Canada; in fact I would say he’s on track to turn creeping liberal fascism into the full-blown variety of fascism, criminalizing socon speech as only a true fascist would do. He doesn’t have the maturity to abide the idea of being contradicted intellectually, as it makes imposing his will so much more complicated, something he also clearly dislikes intensely, since he isn’t intellectually equipped to handle that. It must also frustrate his boss, Gerald Butts, who wants to save the world without from his fantasy global warming without the time-consuming hassle of having to intellectually justify the idea that it needs saving from this science fiction-inspired threat. This is a recipe for full-blown fascism if I have every seen one.

Mr. Kenney, I and others, including you, are already gagged in what we can say on certain issues of concern to millions of Canadians. I’m worried that Little Benito and his liberal fascist government are about to greatly extend that creeping fascism into full-blown fascism. Don’t think it can’t happen. ‘Sunny ways’ is really just a smokescreen for Butts’ liberal fascist agenda. We need an experienced leader to save Canada from becoming a full-blown fascist state, which it is already well on the way to becoming. Is it you? I think it may be.
commented 2016-05-30 19:54:55 -0400
HO HUM I hear you, but at least Kenney recognized there is a problem, the challenge of screening without infringing on the Charter of Rights. So, I consider it unfair to identify Harper and Kenney as traitors. That’s another matter when it comes to the Trudeau government, however. I don’t believe that they have a genuine concern about security and screening as they probably welcome this immigration as it will contribute to a destabilization of our country. The problem that I have with both Harper and Kenney is that they didn’t do anything to debunk the politically-correct narrative that Islam is “a religion of peace”. The terrorists (“armed jihadism”) represented, in Kenney’s words, “a particular ideology”, “a distortion…of a religion”, and “rooted in a distortion of a certain theology”. Nonsense.
commented 2016-05-30 19:35:22 -0400
Ezra excellent interview. The other candidates don’t hold a candle with respect to Jason Kenney’s experience and depth of understanding of the issues and the times.
commented 2016-05-30 19:24:07 -0400
I am glad that Ezra challenged Kenney on Muslim immigration. Probably the first time this has ever happened. Harper and Kenney brought in 1/2 Million Muslims during their time in power. They DOUBLED the Muslim population in Canada. The vast majority of these people do not share our values and many hate us and if they could get away with it would happily kill us. For their actions Kenney/Harper should be considered TRAITORS who have made Canada considerably less safe. These 1/2 Million Muslim’s are breeding like rats while living on welfare. If they don’t kill us they will surely bankrupt us.

Kenney cynically believed that he could win over this group of barbarians by appealing to their social conservatism which includes a hatred of gays. It is ironic considering that Kenney is almost certainly a closet homosexual. Hard to believe at age 47 he is still a virgin as he claims.

With the exploding South Asian demographic in Canada it will be next to impossible for a true conservative to get elected in Canada. Future elections will be decided by Muslims and Sikhs – the rest of us don’t count anymore.
commented 2016-05-30 18:52:04 -0400
ROTIMI ADEGBAMIGBE: I would rather deport them both. With you on that 100%. Unfortunately, it’s a principle of international law that a person cannot be left without citizenship. That is why only the dual citizen could be deported.

Many others countries do the same. As you say, we deport dual citizens for other offences, and terrorism seems like an equally good reason to me.

I (like you!) am completely pro-immigrant, but completely anti-terror.
commented 2016-05-30 18:36:34 -0400
Michael said, “No, his “abstinence” is not an accomplishment. He’s a creepy guy that can’t get laid.”

And you call the people on this site bigoted. Unbelievable. That statement could not be more bigoted if you tried.
commented 2016-05-30 18:26:55 -0400
Michael, you are and remain a pompous ass whose opinion is absolutely worthless. I can’t begin to imagine what your sexual proclivities entail…You have no business saying anything about this man…
commented 2016-05-30 17:56:05 -0400

No, his “abstinence” is not an accomplishment. He’s a creepy guy that can’t get laid. And if you think I am being harsh – just wait until he runs for leader.

He has no business saying anything about social issues regarding sex or sexuality.
commented 2016-05-30 17:24:47 -0400
Bugs Potter:
It’s the principle behind the law that I am referring to. Using my example of two Canadian Citizens (one with dual citizenship and the other with non-dual citizenship) both committing a terrorist act against the country, and both getting caught together. One gets his/her citizenship stripped after serving his/her sentence and the other keeping his/her citizenship after serving his/her sentence. Based on your argument wouldn’t the one whose citizenship wasn’t stripped also make you less safer (since he/she doesn’t get to be deported). Why only deport one. I am arguing for fairness. I HATE, DESPISE AND WILL NEVER CONDONE TERRORIST ACTIVIETIES.

Like I said this law creates two classes of Canandian citizens. I believe citizenship should be stripped if people obtained it by presenting false information or deceiving the government. However, if someone honestly and rightfully obtained citizenship and later becomes a criminal or Terrorist (he / she should be dealt with by the Canadian Criminal Justice System). There are a lot of Permanent Residents and Citizens by Immigration in this Country and if the PC party continues to have ideas like this they would be loosing would be supporters from this demographic.

Just my two cents.
commented 2016-05-30 17:09:53 -0400
ROTIMI ADEGBAMIGBE: You say that the CPC lost immigrant votes because of the threat of revocation of citizenship from convicted terrorists. I think you are correct.

What I don’t understand, though, is why any immigrant who was not planning on committing a terrorist act (which I hope would be in the range of 99.9999% of immigrants) would have a problem with revoking citizenship of the tiny, tiny group of immigrants who do commit or plan to commit such atrocities.

I am truly asking for your insight here, because I think you have a valuable point of view that we can learn from. I didn’t ever understand the “two classes of Canadians” argument. Even if it is “unfair” as you say, who really cares, as long as it keeps the rest of us (including all of our wonderful, law-abiding immigrants) safer?
commented 2016-05-30 17:07:46 -0400
Michelle Wopersonn: I know you want Justin badly (your so in love with him), but I’m afraid Sophie already has him.
commented 2016-05-30 17:00:54 -0400
Michael bigotedly said, “Is Kenny still a virgin at 40+ fucking years old?”

Why should whether a person has had sex make any difference to anything?

“but I want a leader who has actually experienced sex to talk about social issues regarding sex. "

Why? Is his abstinence not an accomplishment in itself? The easier think is to go have sex. The harder thing that takes a much stronger self-confident character is to refrain from having sex. It is too bad you are not capable of understanding that.