November 16, 2015

Liberal's refugee plan "isn't a humanitarian effort. It's about saving face globally"

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

The Liberals are moving forward with their plan to bring 25,000 Syrian refugees into Canada by January 1st, 2016. Does anyone see a problem with them housing a large number of refugees in military armouries?

Statistics show that 13% of Syrian refugees identify with ISIS and if that’s correct we can expect more than 3,000 radicals in the country by the new year. 72% of these refugees are also fighting aged males (18 – 34).

This isn’t about a humanitarian effort for the Liberals. It’s about saving face globally because they perceive Canada to have a poor reputation on the world stage. But Canada already has a stellar reputation.

In Germany, an estimated 1/3 of the refugees aren’t Syrian and some are ISIS infiltrators. And Sweden is the rape capital of the world. This is what happens when migrants that treat women like second rate citizens infiltrate a country. And rape is not the only issue – refugees in Europe are stealing, want money, complaining about the food and the treatment they’re receiving and destroying property.

Is this what Canada can expect with such a mass influx of migrants and very little time for organization?


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commented 2015-11-19 13:33:44 -0500
I’d like to ask Christie Clark how she knows any refugees put into BC will fill jobs. Also, why is she choosing to remove them from their natural locus of the big cities and imposing them on small communities.
commented 2015-11-19 13:32:51 -0500
The 72% is actually what Hungarian officials have been seeing transiting across their country (prior to blocking them off).
commented 2015-11-19 13:31:23 -0500
Mark, to be fair those are registered refugees, meaning, I assume they are sitting in camps. So maybe we are talking 2 different things. I am talking about the numbers that moved through Hungary and are on their way into Germany. Or to fairly compare to the SEA stats, those ENTERING Germany.
commented 2015-11-19 07:39:42 -0500
The only way we should accept refugee’s is that those who want them here take responsibility for them and house cloth feed and aclimatize them in their homes for a period of not less than two years. If the left wants to sponsor and support syrian families and have them in their homes then I am willing to have our government subsidize their effort. But just as parents are responsible for their children the sponsors would be liable for the actions of their “refugee’s”

I know the liberal minded won’t do this it would involve them “doing” something rather than forcing me to support their cause.

We are talking about “refugee’s” whose culture is stuck in the middle ages. If the left want’s to help these people there are lots of “native” Canadians who need that help before we import more.
commented 2015-11-19 04:16:00 -0500
Canada’s good reputation will steadily decline now. Sadly.

No doubt many of the 25,000 applying for refugee status in Canada are Christians unlikely to attack us. But during the election, Trudeau criticized Harper for following the UN protocol that puts Christians at the top of the list in Syria, claiming to do so was racist (like no white people are Muslim, no brown/black folks Christians or Jews). So I worry that Trudeau’s 25,000 refugees will be chosen not for degree of persecution but for degree of extremism and radicalization, that instead of following UN protocol to take first refugees from groups subject to genocide, currently the Christians, Trudeau will take the most radical because he mistakenly believes Canadian opposition to the extremists committing genocide in Syria is based on bigotry.

What has Canada become?
commented 2015-11-18 18:57:29 -0500
That 72% number, as I’ve said at least three times now, is from refugees arriving by SEA ONLY. Holy mother of god are you guys obtuse. (FYI, the 72% number is also from the UNHCR)
commented 2015-11-18 18:40:14 -0500
hondorous arrest Syrians with fake passports. what the hell is the matter with isis. come to Canada, liberals will welcome you all. ask for a weapon at the border, because trudueau believes in your peaceful intentions.
commented 2015-11-18 17:55:15 -0500
So say the Saudis but it is unconfirmed.
commented 2015-11-18 14:04:53 -0500
I didn’t lie.
Peter, the figures that everyone is using (including the 70% figure of males) are the official UN statistics. The 70% figure that everyone is quoting is from SEA ARRIVALS ONLY. Only 10% of refugees arrive by sea. If you combine the LAND arrivals and the SEA arrivals you get 20-23% of refugees are males in that category.

Lebannon stopped taking them in because they can’t afford to take any more and the cramped, terrible conditions are leading people to have to fight to survive in the camps as there are not enough supplies for them. Putting too many people in a place with too few resources and you’re asking for trouble.

Further the other Muslim countries ARE taking them in, but not as refugees (as they are not signatories to the UN refugee treaty). Saudi Arabia for example has taken in 100,000 so far, but given them permanent resident/worker status so they can get jobs right away, go to school right away and live right away.
But telling you guys facts is like talking to a brick wall.
commented 2015-11-18 10:17:08 -0500
What? The trolls here lie? Half of what the CBC reports is fiction.
commented 2015-11-18 07:56:24 -0500
Mark, if you watch news clips from various sources you will see that your 20 percent figure is nonsense. Bearing in mind these are clips that only depict “refugees” as a group and have no other motive.
commented 2015-11-18 01:32:55 -0500
DBEE DB what religion is she? And she was checked out, Justin does not want to check them out. Did you miss that part of it?
And sorry but why should we risk lives here? To make you feel better about doing nothing?
commented 2015-11-17 22:47:09 -0500
Iraqi refugee settled in Prince George describes her experience (Nov. 17)
After being threatened by ISIS, Haneen Abed and her family fled from Iraq, ending up in Jordan before coming to Canada four months ago. She’s now settled Prince George. Haneen tells us what she makes of the city, and her journey to get there.
commented 2015-11-17 22:11:23 -0500
Mark why did Lebanon stop taking them in, why are most of the Muslims countries not taking any? I guess they must be just silly fools according to you eh?
commented 2015-11-17 22:10:01 -0500
Mark thinks the UN is official LMAO.
commented 2015-11-17 22:09:15 -0500
MArk you do realize how the middle east became Islamic eh? it was not by reaching out with kindness eh?
commented 2015-11-17 22:08:21 -0500
Mark i will condemn any radical Christian as well , for the same reasons. Who ever said me or anyone else wouldn’t? Oh yeah you are desperate to deflect from your terrorist buddies. Please prove to me that they are safe before i will accept them.
commented 2015-11-17 22:06:42 -0500
MArk yeah unlike you lefties we stand by our ethics , and the stuff you post is utter BS. Show me any proof of this group and they have still killed less in India than the Muslims have even if it were true. LMAO. Using the UN for proof is pretty pathetic Mark.
commented 2015-11-17 19:46:20 -0500
Bullshit and lies from Mark.
commented 2015-11-17 19:16:40 -0500
Lynda, do you think we should do the same thing with Christians? Have every pastor denounce the violence of the Christian terrorists and terrorism around the world?
(I’ll be you didn’t know that there’s a group of them in India that have displaced 100,000 Kuki tribesman and killed thousands trying to create a Christian Caliphate). Have you ever heard a Christian pastor condemn those attacks? Heck, have you heard any western media outlet tell you anything about it?
commented 2015-11-17 19:14:15 -0500
Germany’s top security official said a Syrian passport found with one of the Paris attackers may have been planted to make Europeans fearful of refugees. Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere told reporters in Berlin it was “unusual that such a person was faithfully registered in Greece, Serbia and Croatia” amid the chaos of Europe’s immigration crisis. He said the multiple passport registrations could be “a trail that was intentionally laid.”

The US Republican governors are being stupid.
commented 2015-11-17 19:05:41 -0500
It is totally BONEHEADED for Canada to try to take in 25000 refugees when the entire USA is against taking in just ten thousand. ’Nuff said! No, not enough …. I also want to add that until we hear a deafening roar from every Imam, every Muslin leader, every “peaceable” Muslim, denouncing radical Islam … until we hear that roar from the Muslim community … the SILENCE is deafening.
commented 2015-11-17 18:38:02 -0500
The numbers quoted here and elsewhere on the internet are from the Sea arrivals mainly through Greece (which represent less than 10% of all Refugee migrants). These are usually migrants and not refugees with men doing it to obtain work visas to support their families. But who wants context when you can twist facts however you want to make a story gullible people will believe.
commented 2015-11-17 18:30:21 -0500
Jack, I’m not obtuse. These were people visiting from democratic countries and not refugees.
Bill, you want some facts (official numbers are here):
That’s the data on the Refugees. 22% are male aged 18 to 59. Last time I checked that was a lot less than 72%.

But who would fact check? Certainly not the rebel.
commented 2015-11-17 17:17:14 -0500
Glenn Clarke commented – “Interesting but not surprising considering this is the rebel, how the writer of this story can lie and basically say that 72% of these refugees will be fighting aged men 18- 34 years old”

And your countering evidence is where Glen? Accusation and no backing factuality ?

The source I keep seeing these numbers from is Eurostat the EU census and immigration authority
commented 2015-11-17 17:14:50 -0500
Don’t be willingly obtuse Mark. The only reason there is 4 jihadis in France to begin with started with De Gaulle exporting North Africans into France back into the 60s by the busload.
commented 2015-11-17 17:13:39 -0500
Glenn it is true (80% going into Europe are men), and will you and Dbee be taking any jihadis into your home.
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