May 11, 2016

Liberals release “democratic reform” plans: Reforming democracy by ignoring democracy?

Brian LilleyArchive

The Liberals have come out with their long-awaited plan to “reform” democracy, and it’s not much of a plan. First, they’re going to strike a committee to “consult.”

They say “consult” now, but don’t expect a referendum on the question.

According to Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef, raising the referendum question would be putting  the “cart before the horse,” because right now the government claims they want to hear a broad range of perspectives from a broad range of Canadians. She says she'sparticularly interested in hearing from Canadians who don’t engage in the democratic process.

Watch my video as I explain who the Liberals plan to put on the committee and what this committee will do.

The Minister also says that it’s time to recognize that “the face of Canada has changed.”

If that’s true, I’d guess that Trudeau couldn’t be happier about it since he’s shown us time and again that like his father before him, Trudeau doesn’t really like our British heritage of which the Westminster system is the last vestige the Liberals would like to change.

But I don’t believe they’re right about what Canadians want since they got it wrong on the referendum question.

Remember, our poll found that a majority across the country and across party lines said they didn’t want a change without a referendum.

If you haven’t already signed our petition, please do so at, and remember to share it, too.

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commented 2016-05-13 06:00:35 -0400
News Flash: The Globe and Mail web site actually has a column critical of Junior’s plot to ensure he is PM “for life”.
commented 2016-05-12 12:29:45 -0400
I hope that Canada never has voting machines or online voting. What Canada and Canadians do need is an independent and fair process where any person can win the election without tampering or rigging. We also need to have a real debate meaning that all Canadians must be informed about the process because to me the party does not matter but the person matters a lot more because we are in the Westminster model of parliamentary democracy. That being said, the system must have all MPs be elected to serve their constituents and this was established long ago. This means that the party is not supposed to matter but the person matters a lot more.

I do agree that free votes should occur a lot more often rather than parties voting as a single block. Of course, this has been going on since the 1980’s with not much change. I do hope that Trudeau’s reforms do not take away the power from the average person. I think that for a change in our electoral system we need yes a conversation but we need a referendum to change to either mixed member proportional or proportional representation. This is imperative before making such a major change. The fact is all PMs since the Trudeau Sr. era have governed like dictators with controlled messages for their MPs and this is because we now live in a 24/7 news cycle so the messages have to be controlled. I do praise the freedom of Trudeau speaking in front of reporters which is slightly better than Harper, but Trudeau is still very much not for true freedom in front of the cameras which is saddening. The problem with the big parties is they want to defeat each other rather than govern and make policies that work in an independent framework. Lastly, we need to press the Liberals every step of the way because accountability, transparency and openness matter and we cannot allow politicians and the political class to stray away from that.
commented 2016-05-12 11:35:08 -0400
Again, we see the complete hypocrisy of this self-obsessed and corrupt government. Stephen Harper elected with 39 % of the popular vote ? Evil and undemocratic; “The system is broken”. But Prime Minister PotHead elected with 39 % of the popular vote ? A MASSIVE mandate for change ! “The will of the People”. We are the finest and most stable and most admired democratic nation on Earth ! But the Selfie King HAS to change that ! This thoroughly corrupt, illegitimate and blatantly partisan “committee” will travel across Canada and spread their entitled, spiteful and divisive brand of Liberal hate until the their self-obsessed trust-fund millionaire calls them home to Ottawa and RAMS through his illegitimate agenda. Bring on the Supreme Court of Canada, so they can strike down this hateful garbage
commented 2016-05-12 11:02:10 -0400
As I told Elections Canada back in September, if there are any forms of electronics either balloting or tabulating, that I would picket my polling station, which would result in the press and the police being called and the shutting down of that polling station! They assured me there were no plans in the works to introduce any kind of electronics…
Ergo for Justin’s totalitarian and heavy-handed overreach in his agenda to destroy my country. If Justin tries to get away with this there will be hell to pay! I will work assiduously to organize protests at every polling station across Canada. We The People will shut down Justin’s illegal, unconstitutional and immoral agenda at the polling stations.
Don’t f**k with Canada…unless you’re willing to pay the price Justin!
commented 2016-05-12 10:06:26 -0400
Nathan W commented – “call you a bunch of F**KING HYPOCRITES any time you refer to the 39% of votes that handed Trudeau his majority.”

First I hope you never include me in your broad brush bigoted condemnation because I always speak for only myself and I don’t recall ever saying Trudeau’s mandate was illegitimate.

Second, that was 39% of only 61% of eligible voters so the true strength of mandate for unilateral constitutional change is questionable – Conversely, I would ask why a PM with such presumed popular support is afraid to subject a primary policy to individual public referenda? I’m sure it’s not a fiscal consideration given his track record for debt financing.
commented 2016-05-12 09:45:44 -0400
I never thought I would find myself agreeing with Jay Kelly – I guess all of us have some common ground with the devil.

- but he is correct that the first past the post electoral mandate is numerically and democratically the best democratic representation of public validation . Ballot weighing to include a list of “also rans” (who pull less than 10% of the popular will), in policy mandate is an even less than representative option than considering 35% of 60% the popular will to be a strong mandate for unilateral constitutional change.

If PM Castro wannabe has a passion to reform the “fairness” of the Westminster parliamentary system, and do it without constitutional change, all he has to do is get rid of whipped votes in the house so MPs can express their constituent’s will and not that of their party or the cabinet.
commented 2016-05-12 08:12:16 -0400
Before demanding a referendum, it would be nice if you would be explicit about your position on what you think should be done about the electoral system.

Since you seem to view the current system positively, I think it would be correct to call you a bunch of F**KING HYPOCRITES any time you refer to the 39% of votes that handed Trudeau his majority.
commented 2016-05-12 07:14:27 -0400
There is no hue and cry across the land for electoral change. If the Liberals are serious about this why did such a neophyte get assigned such a serious task? Oh, the Ministers are almost all neophytes or talking dead? I stand corrected.
commented 2016-05-12 02:50:58 -0400
NDP raises some important points.

His second choice in a Federal election would be “the Marijuana Party” and his third choice would be “the Rhinoceros Party.” How do you feel about that?

You and I also have some second and third choices? Should second and third choices be recognized in the voting process?

I like the current system — the “first-past-the-post”.

I vote for the one I want to represent my area. Some good men and women run as candidates and I vote for the one I prefer. Of those candidates, the one with the most votes wins. I like that system.
commented 2016-05-12 02:40:46 -0400
NDP SUCKS, please do not make fun of people’s names. When your father named you NDP I am sure he had love in his eye.
commented 2016-05-12 02:02:14 -0400
I like how Maryam Monsef criticizes the strategic voter system that has been used to defeat conservative candidates. This is to the benefit of the leftist progressives and plays into the liberal hands and now she doesn’t like that socially engineered voting strategy that got the liberals into power. Wow, talk about spoiled. You get what you want and you are still not happy.

Maryam Monsef is 31 years old and was born in Afghanistan. She has lived in Canada for 20 years and she is preaching that this country needs to get away from the old democratic process of how we elect our MP’s. This is more than a little presumptuous considering the polls that have already been conducted which favours retaining the first past the post system. As is usual with these liberal clowns there will be a blitz of surveys and polls all engineered to favour changing the system. The Liberal government will take the survey results and pump out their propaganda until the entire country is convinced we need change.

Anybody who believes this shit probably has a name like Sean Penson or Ron Christensen or Jimmy DaSilva or David Tremblay or John Siciliano or whatever the fuck his name is. This sweet little Monsef is sugar coating this shit by her big smile and innocent demeanour. Personally, I despise politicians who smile too much. If it is ranked ballots then my second choice will be the Marijuana Party and my third choice will be whatever fucking stupid outfit such as the Rhinoceros Party that won’t stand a chance, as long as everybody else doesn’t do the same thing. With the way things are going The Marijuana Party could form the next government and then its time to move to Greenland.
commented 2016-05-12 01:49:16 -0400
Jay Kelly i agree with you for a change, if one seat has to be shared then lower seats will be whining to be shared by the losers, it will not stop.
commented 2016-05-12 01:31:59 -0400
KEITH BARNES said: ‘Real Canadians need to fight back, with every legal weapon available.’
Keith, I believe that the only weapon that will make a difference in our fight back has a metal tube with a piece of wood at one end and with a small metal protrusion that when pulled causes an explosion and pushes out another piece of metal at incredible speed and devastates what ever it hits.
That’s what we need.
commented 2016-05-12 00:33:52 -0400
I still prefer the first-past-the-post system we have been using for the last 150 years.

Me and my area (maybe up to 100, 000 people) will elect our member to go to Ottawa. We will duke it out in our riding and vote. She or he may not even get half the votes but we have made our choice.

I think the system we have now is the best possible system.
commented 2016-05-12 00:14:17 -0400
This was part of the Liberal Party platform last October. It isn’t Justin’s fault that not enough people paid attention.

We will probably change to the system that Australians use to elect the members of the House of Representatives
commented 2016-05-11 23:50:06 -0400
Hmm, she didn’t play the race card this time. Unless “from the 19th century” is code for Old White Dudes. Is she using that creepy tone of voice in an attempt to make her kooky ideas seem more palatable? Not working.
commented 2016-05-11 22:08:22 -0400
I prefer the first-past-the-post system which we have been using for 150 years. In my town and area, we can elect a Member of Parliament. Even though he or she did not get more than 50% of the vote it was more than anyone else, so that is our Member. If we change our minds we will let you know in the next election.

Any comments?
commented 2016-05-11 21:26:42 -0400
“JT is steering toward a Dictatorship. His Castle will be in Quebec, he will leave control of the Serfs to his Muslim Cohorts and Sharia Law.”
“To watch Trudeau on the ctv news today telling parliament how Canadians had given the libs a strong mandate to change the system so there was no need for a referendum was like a lump of lead in the pit of my stomach. I just cannot believe how fast this traitorous fool is going to ruin the best country in the world. What an evil person.”

The reason people need to fear is because of what Trudeau was raised to believe. His father greatly admired Hitler and Mussolini, Castro was a good family friend. His family surrounded themselves with extremists. One need only look at history along with what beliefs were ingrained on him as a small child then look at the machinations of his father – add it all together to get a good estimation on future plans. This is not about making the electoral system more “fair” it is about usurping all power and consolidating into one party that he will be the sole controller of (well technically he is the front man only, it is those behind him pulling the strings). What his father started Junior will finish, Canada will cease to be Canada if the electoral system changes.
commented 2016-05-11 20:19:47 -0400
Anonymous, you have correctly pointed out the sole benefit of the Prom Minister’s brain fart — he’ll be giving a voice and representation to all of us non-visible majority who are tired of the cringing, revisionist, backwards-looking shell of a country we have become. And that can be good, because it will mean a sizeable portion of the populace will no longer have to hold their nose while voting for Conservatives who are conservative in name only.
But that will be one view out of many that will get representation — you name the special interest group and you’ll find a political party springing up to make their own particular grievance front and centre in Parliament. And many of these groups will be diametrically opposed to each other, so instead of broad political tents covering many, we’ll have many ideological tents jostling for elbow room. Result: Nastier politics, less reason to compromise, more divisiveness, less cohesion, more manipulation, more devious political machinations. Cross cut that with the regional tensions already present and it’s bye-bye Canada.
Yup, the face of Canada will change alright.
commented 2016-05-11 19:52:52 -0400
I agree with what this Minister ways and that most people don’t bother to vote anymore. I hear one party is just like the other. They lis to us during the election and once elected do what they want. And believe me, purposely miss leading the public is the same as lying I my mind. I strongly believe that the ""First Past the Post" should be done away with. But in saying that I also think we Canadian Citizens need to be heard on a Referendum Vote. If this doesn’t happen then there will be only one recourse. Move out of this communist country or FIGHT. And I do mean FIGHT! Our soldiers didn’t fight for this to happen to our democratic way of life, just for these politicians to take it away from us. Let’s not give up our freedom here! This right to vote is just way too important!
commented 2016-05-11 19:48:24 -0400
I can’t express how sick I am of ‘real change’. This will be our hells’ bells. To watch Trudeau on the ctv news today telling parliament how Canadians had given the libs a strong mandate to change the system so there was no need for a referendum was like a lump of lead in the pit of my stomach. I just cannot believe how fast this traitorous fool is going to ruin the best country in the world. What an evil person.
commented 2016-05-11 19:45:29 -0400
The current government has insufficient/no mandate for this unilateral change to the constitution act which codifies one man one vote first past the post democracy – not one man and as many votes as it takes to redistribute majority will between as many candidates as we can stack on a ballot to favor the incumbent.

Unless they can get a 50% + 1 public mandate for this it should be considered as unlawful. Every federal riding should file a an injunction for breech of constitutional democratic protocol. Cost to file is 25-30 bucks – and the opposition should refuse to sit in house as the bill proceeds.

This unaccountable unilateralism by these globalist punks has to stop at rigging elections by law.
commented 2016-05-11 19:27:42 -0400
MAURICE POTVIN; Maurice, I like yours too, especially term limits (to which I would perhaps add a raise in pay, but no pension) and your changes to the Senate. Also having the Supreme Court enforce the law instead of making the law is important to me too.
I still do like giving a role to whomever comes in second place in a riding as a simple way to give representation to a greater number of voters. So, in the interest of simplicity, I’ll take back the part about second place’ers forming the opposition, and instead just let the party with the most elected candidates (the total of 1st and 2nd place’ers) form a government.
Now I like my revised idea even better. Thank you for stimulating my thoughts, Maurice.
commented 2016-05-11 19:13:53 -0400
May be we need it because every party today has fiscal and social policies catering to political correctness.

In this case, even if it means a minor voice, at least it would be a voice that would speak up and have the guts to question why all this talk of inclusiveness does not choose to include whites, males, Christians, Anglophones.

At least such a voice, and the resultant answer, would show these people for what they are, because whenever this is mentioned, it almost always results in an answer about giving the same rights to these groups is dangerous because means these White, Male, Christian, Anglophone people will abuse such rights to oppress other groups
commented 2016-05-11 18:42:12 -0400
George Dyer, I like your proposed solution; not as much as mine, but I like it. However, if the electoral system is changed WITHOUT a referendum, I don’t believe it has a snowball’s chance in Hell of NOT being challenged all the way up to SCOC. Hopefully Trudeau doesn’t have enough Liberal appointees on the bench to blindly do his bidding, but I’m not very optimistic about that. I guess we’ll see.
commented 2016-05-11 18:07:30 -0400
Referendum or revolution, pick 1. They are being asked to assure us that the horse and cart will eventually meet; not to put the cart before the horse. These people are going to steal or rights to line their own pockets. If they do this without a referendum then 73% of Canadians should vote the liberals out next election no matter what they promise or offer.
commented 2016-05-11 18:03:10 -0400
Why is our democracy so envied by so much of the world that we must change it? Must we become like Italy, where governments can fall after a few months due to its electoral system? Or governments built on shaky coalitions that can fall because someone gets his nose out of joint over a comment?

Our system may not be considered by some to be the best. So what. It works. It works. It works. If it works, don’t fix it. A rather specious argument by the Liberals is that the face of Canada may have changed, but didn’t these people come to Canada because of our democracy? They stayed because of it, amongst other advantages of Canada. Why must Canada change to match the newcomers rather than the newcomers adapting to Canada and our ways.

But claiming to want to improve democracy via an undemocratic process is hyprocracy, but what would we expect from Mr. Sunni Sunny Ways. After all, last year was 2015, nest pas?

Baby Trudeau knows that he has four years to change Canada into something other than Canada. He is running as fast as he can to accomplish whatever his dream is before he can be stopped. Unfortunately for us is that we aren’t trust fund babies (emphasis on baby) and can financially be shielded from the poor judgements of the present government.

Are we missing Stephen Harper yet?
commented 2016-05-11 17:48:38 -0400
first pass the post is the only way to go, it makes it harder for one party to continue to rule but the liberals are sure trying hard to make canada a one party country and the scary thing is that i have read many posts from liberals that tell us we do not need a referendum,these people are real scary
commented 2016-05-11 17:46:52 -0400
Re-posted from an old post:
As usual, what is on the dummy’s tongue is not exactly what is in the ventriloquist’s mind. I shudder at the concept of proportional representation as promulgated by political parties (or their proxies) for their own benefit. Their pitch is based on the conceit that voters would be better represented and not the political parties. Of course, it’s the opposite that is true.
I acknowledge, with just about everyone else, that there is a problem in that elected members of parliament, when combined, typically represent only about forty percent of the voting electorate, especially in a system with more than two parties. But my Dad taught me not to be a critic unless I thought I had something better to offer.
Since political parties are breeding grounds for corruption and that the existing system is a barrier to democracy, here’s my offering:
First and Second Past the Post
Double the size of ridings but reduce the number of ridings by half.
Keep the same number of seats in parliament.
Hold an election.
The candidate with the most votes in a riding goes to Ottawa and forms a government to implement our agenda.
The candidate who comes in second in that riding goes to Ottawa and forms the opposition, to keep an eye on our government’s work ethic.
Immediately the amount voters represented in parliament goes from about forty percent to around seventy or maybe even eighty percent. Wow! A system in which a lot more votes count. It’s exciting.
Additionally, by coming in second, a moderate number of candidates who would otherwise miss the cut get the opportunity to represent us in opposition, contributing to the true spirit of proportional representation. Wow! I’m getting giddy.
Yes, the devil’s in the details. What will be the agenda of the government? Well, the hallmark of the age we live in is the transmission of information. We will determine the agenda and guide our government accordingly. Wow! Democracy. I’m getting goosebumps.
Enough for now. I know there’s lots of wrinkles, but if you’ve tolerated my rambling this far it’s much appreciated.