February 05, 2018

Liberal staffers “troll LinkedIn for ladies” while lecturing Canadians on feminism

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


Myriam Denis was looking for work in May 2016 when a staffer of Liberal Minister Bardish Chagger named Vahid Vidah approached her on LinkedIn and Facebook, asking for her resume.

A series of inappropriate interactions and unwanted touching ensued. A year later, a senior Liberal in the Prime Minister’s office named Claude-Eric Gagne contacted Denis to try his hand at pathetic internet pick-up artistry, too. It was creepy.

Both men are now gone, Denis never got the job and she reported all the strange overtures to Chagger’s office. Eventually HR at the PMO reached out to her, despite Trudeau claiming all investigations into impropriety would be done by an independent law firm.

And that Liberal LinkedIn troll, Vidah, says that he did touch Denis’ shoulder or leg but it wasn't in a sexual manner. He could be a touchy, open guy.

But this grabby act with women is one the PM himself often uses - with strangers, colleagues, spouses of colleagues, world leaders, and even royalty. Photos of Trudeau involved in highly intimate embraces and long gazes are endless.

While I think this is all wildly inappropriate and unprofessional no matter who does it, is Vidah just reflecting the culture of over-sharing and over-touching the PM is growing in the Liberal Party of Canada? He could be.

Unfortunately Vidah doesn't have the profile, Liberal pedigree or last name to use it with any real success. Or he could be an old fashioned sleaze ball.

There have been six alleged instances of sexual harassment in the Liberal party that we know of, so either the Liberals do have that much of a problem with rape culture, or they consider everything sexual harassment, but either way, it's bad.

The Liberals are either hypocrites or hyperbolic inflators. They can choose which one they want to be on what day, but is it finally time to be skeptical of men who won’t shut up about what feminists they are?

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commented 2018-02-08 08:39:08 -0500
I highly doubt Sissy Socks much cares as to what sex the animals are so long as there is some kind of orifice.
All you need to do is look at the cow, Mrs. Sissy Socks to see what he will poke.
commented 2018-02-06 19:55:49 -0500
Robert Raymond—-What sex do you think Mr. Sissy Socks goat or mule will be?
commented 2018-02-06 16:40:03 -0500
I really wish that some of the men that have been woman-handled and been expected to partake in sexual activities to keep their jobs would start speaking up. I know it happens, I have seen it with my own eyes; many times. In fact I have been woman-handled myself. It was no better because it was a female doing it. Females are just as capable of being degenerates as men are. I know this because I am one and I get to see the inner circle first hand and hear the sexist comments that come out of their mouths.
commented 2018-02-06 16:29:29 -0500
Totally a “Do as I say, not as I do” government. They prove it everyday. You just wait until you see what they get caught at next. It’s like living in a poorly written, not even ‘B’ grade standard, science fiction movie that took every possible evil in the world and made them the heroes. Unbelievable characters and scenarios. Truly the lowest point that humanity has ever sunk to.
commented 2018-02-06 15:38:00 -0500
Perverts and Lieberals. Birds of a feather!
commented 2018-02-06 12:36:20 -0500
Given what I’ve learned about Lieberals over the years I wouldn’t put it past these leftist slime -balls.
commented 2018-02-06 11:01:07 -0500
Here’s a lefty/liberal ‘What If’ exercise:

I’m curious, if someone – not me – was at some function where Justin was and Justin was as usual going for his ego-boost-selfies and grabbing people and beta-male-handling them like he’s been shown to do, regularly, and the person objected and just reacted with a throat punch, or something equally devastating, and the Fake News all watched in horror as their golden boy choked out on the ground…
Would that person be charged with assault, or murder for defending themselves. When Justin grabbed them first, he assaulted them first, justice would dictate that was self defence and they should go free.
But I know we have a hug-a-thug ‘justice’ system in Canada and the judiciary are all bleeding-heart lefty-liberal-activists and would find a way to string the poor bugger up – who inadvertently rid us of our worst nightmare and biggest problem…
Of course the identity politics of the person who accidentally collapsed Justin’s windpipe with a self defensive throat punch and ended that traitor’s destructopolicy for Canada, would make all the difference in the world. I wonder what the top echelon of the entitlement hierarchy would be, in order to get off…of the charges. When you add in all the entitlement special interest groups, the whole LGTBQRSTUV crowd and their enablers, the Islamic-Invasion Moslems, BLM, antifa, and all the rest, the fact that the top positions in that hierarchy entitlement change, daily, make it nearly impossible to surmise which ones would get off and which ones wouldn’t…
My guess would be; an illegal alien lesbian, Moslem, transgender female of colour, with memberships in the LPC, BLM, antifa, ‘Communist International’ and ‘Globalism Is Here To Stay Like It Or Not’…

That’s a hell of a way to run a country!
commented 2018-02-06 09:43:35 -0500
Great show SHEILA !
REBEL MEDIA Is getting great viewership from the FOX NEWS audience , hopefully they chip in a bit and prosper the truth
commented 2018-02-06 08:52:26 -0500
Well, when Mr. Sissy Socks finally gets caught with his hands up some woman’s skirt or down some man’s pants, he will resort to the only true Muslim way of sexually relieving himself.
Make sure your goats, mules, sheep, chickens, dogs and cats are all safely locked away so they can’t molested by Sissy Socks.
commented 2018-02-06 08:36:09 -0500
Well, if things get out of hand, Trudeau can always rely on his fall back on, tried & true; elbow her in the boob move.
#MTADTA – Make Trudeau a Drama Teacher Again.
commented 2018-02-06 07:31:18 -0500
When the lower echelon Liberal minions see their leader manhandling women everywhere he goes it sends a message to them that this is acceptable behavior. I can’t help thinking if there is some unknown sexually questionable behavior in Trudeau’s past, if there is I would hope that someone will come forward and tell us, soon PLEASE.
commented 2018-02-06 00:46:11 -0500
Well said Sheila! Perfectly said!
…and our PM? He wouldn’t understand about respecting a personal boundary if somebody dropped him for invading their space. He is so creepy I do not understand how anyone could ever think he was hot.
I think Sophie gets off on his creepyness, she is pretty creepy herself.
commented 2018-02-06 00:36:24 -0500
Good idea Sheila, a list of what men shouldn’t do.
I just got back from S. California and that’s all they talk about on the local news. Here is one story I have to tell: a male broadcaster working for a CBS or ABC Affiliate Station got fired. Here is the reason why, straight from the woman involved. She said " we were having consensual sex and I started to have uneasy feelings, although I didn’t say anything, I thought that he should have picked up on my feeling and stopped. "
Most of us can’t read a woman’s mind talking to her at the supermarket let alone having sex.
This ME TOO movement is going to come back and hurt women in a terrible way. I remember 40 years ago, I used to listen to my mom and dad talk before supper at the kitchen table. Mom would tell him that AN OLD MAID moved in the house across the street. Dad would say that maybe she will be friends with the OLD MAID down the street. It is getting so that men will have to avoid women to be safe, and that may add millions of OLD MAIDS to the population. There are already clubs like MGTOW that preach this. The world is getting stranger.
commented 2018-02-05 22:48:26 -0500
Myriam’s blog is going to open the flood gates. And just who was ordering this hush hush in the PMO?
My hunch…..There are more stories coming shortly.
commented 2018-02-05 22:04:56 -0500
You can be certain there is a lot of “touching” going on in the lieberal party.

It is all suppressed.
commented 2018-02-05 21:48:42 -0500
Is anyone surprised by this? Liberals think that their constant virtue signaling gives them a pass when they do the same things they accuse others of doing. Trudeau is a moron & the media party just can’t cover that up anymore.
commented 2018-02-05 20:56:29 -0500
Margret should have done all of us a favour and raised her pea brain sons to be gentlemen instead of the pig feminists they are.
commented 2018-02-05 20:23:58 -0500
Does nobody remember Turdo kissing brides on thier wedding day? Those early “photo ops” were staged sexual abuse. Look at the faces of the women involved.
commented 2018-02-05 19:54:57 -0500
[hip-uh-krit] Synonyms Examples Word Origin

See more synonyms on Thesaurus.com
a liberal who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.
a liberal who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.
commented 2018-02-05 19:44:21 -0500
LPC seems to be a magnet for male feminist pigs, starting at the top!
commented 2018-02-05 19:43:41 -0500
Well said, Sheila.