October 28, 2015

Liberals elected on promise to scrap F-35 -- and give CBC more money

Brian LilleyArchive

Are we heading into another decade of darkness for the military?

Let's face it, the Liberal Party hasn't been good for Canada's military for a long time so with Trudeau and the Liberals getting ready to take power, I'm concerned.

The Liberals are philosophically opposed to the military which might explain why they'd claim they're scrapping the F-35 to save money while at the same time promising to give the CBC an extra $150M dollars. That has to be more than they would save by scrapping the F-35.

But this is a good demonstration of Liberal priorities in spending millions on a media outlet that will spread their propoganda rather than spending money on the military that will keep all Canadians safe.


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commented 2015-10-29 12:45:53 -0400
I have never lived through or saw a Liberal Government come up with a good wise deal for Canadian citizens’ yet, it has always been about something that benefits their crony Liberal party! Keep your eyes’ open and watch!

To me they have always been and are very expensive losers!
commented 2015-10-29 12:44:04 -0400
It is funny how the lefties are not even responding to Attila’s and Bravo’s posts?…. Well written posts. Thank you!
commented 2015-10-29 12:34:45 -0400
Veterans can take some comfort in seeing Julian Fantino gone down in flames. The disdain shown by the Harper government toward veterans did not go unpunished. It will be interesting to see who the Liberals appoint as Veterans Affairs minister and minister of National Defence.
commented 2015-10-29 12:31:46 -0400
Thank you Mr. DaSilva

I think I sometimes read this site as I am curious what they will say without specifics to back them up. Like
the Liberal Party hasn’t been good for Canada’s military for a long time.. How Long?

The Liberals are philosophically opposed to the military. Is this guy referring to the current liberal party or every Liberal party since Confederation?

Thanks again
commented 2015-10-29 12:14:24 -0400

What same players are those – the entirely new team that Justin will be assembling. Many of which are young and brand new. You make it sound like Justin is using the same people from the 80’s.

I guess you don’t believe in the notion of a clean slate.

So for Canadians that don’t like Harper – should they just assume that the new conservative leader will be just like the old Conservative leader that they hate?
commented 2015-10-29 12:10:51 -0400
Dave, I don’t get it either. What the hay was he thinking?
commented 2015-10-29 12:07:47 -0400
Why would we believe this Liberal Party will be different than the old one. All the same players are in place. So, yes, I fully suspect the Liberals to drastically defund the military. It’s not about warmongering, it’s about putting on our big boy pants as a nation and defending ourselves. For those asleep since 911, there is a war between medieval forces and the forces of civilization. We also have a newly belligerent Russia trying to worm its way into our arctic circle. It’s easy when you live in the minority. The civilized world is much smaller than the world of war that is out there. We can’t ignore how the world really is.
commented 2015-10-29 12:00:12 -0400

Don’t worry about Peter – he thinks that the MSM can never be right and that Ezra and The Rebel are the only reputable truth telling media source in Canada.
commented 2015-10-29 11:54:40 -0400
Mr. Netterville, I know you did not ask for sources. But since you called me a liar, I felt the right thing to do is show the various places I got my information. Not just from media but from government website as well. Is there any media beside this webiste that you don’t find left leaning.And the liberals who are not officially in power can’t be going through all the websites and rewriting them to somehow suit their terrible agenda,
I found statements concerning class action suits brought by veterans and RCMP against the Conservative government that the conservatives lost. They spent a lot of time challenging veterans in courts when they tried to get what was their due and when the conservatives lost they would appeal and appeal. Legal but disturbing.
So is there any right wing media other than this that you feel is fair. Because I found many sources including statement by Harper that large cuts were made in veterans affairs, He said it was bureaucracy but it was actually the service providers who were cut. That’s why so many veteran groups campaigned against Harper as they couldn’t get the service they needed, Since the lack of personnel meant a large percentage of veterans didn’t get money owed them. It was absorbed back into the Government and used to help balance the budget, When I commented I was railing against the person who wrote this article not against all conservatives, If I felt veterans were truly being taken care of, I would support continuing specific air strikes in what used to be Iraq, I was relieved when I called the crisis line set up for veterans and a nice woman explained what they do. But that doesn’t mean all veterans issues have to manpower to be dealt with.

So you can tell me what sources you trust or admit I was telling the truth about the veteran affairs department. I make mistakes but do not lie. But I am happy to provide sources you deem acceptable. As for the CBC being a propaganda tool for the liberals I would have to do more research to find out where the truth is. And I am not one to believe things cause they fit my beliefs. Thankfully I have a liberal MP who i have exchanged emails regarding things I find important. He has been quick to answer and gave intelligent answers and promised results. I have more important things I will bring up and will not let go if I get ignored or feel side lined. I have no reason to think that but always be prepared.

all the best to you neighbour
commented 2015-10-29 11:33:46 -0400
I will never forgive Harper for not loading up the senate before he left. It was his right to do so and the only chance that there would be some semblence of resistance to the shiney ponies plans.
commented 2015-10-29 11:15:41 -0400
Barry, the problem with finding evidence is that much of the media is left leaning and so very anti-Harper and as a result tend to subtly twist the truth or leave out fact in their reporting. This also makes it difficult to hear the truth in the first place.

Maybe your are correct that the Conservatives (my words here) “ripped” money directly out of the hands of veterans and now they are living on less, but from what I have read and heard, all the Conservatives did was reduce the number of Veteran affairs offices by closing some down and merging others into single office spaces to share costs with other departments.

But if you listen to the main stream media, you would be left with the the impression that Harper personally snatched money from each veteran right out from their very hands (while laughing maniacally), the intention was to paint Harper as that “evil Harper” on a topic that the Conservatives prided themselves on, that of supporting the troops.

Oh, and btw, I did not ask you to provide any sources. I reread my comment and could not find where I asked you to do this.
commented 2015-10-29 11:10:05 -0400
Bravo great post! I agree with Peter, you put Jimmy in his place.
commented 2015-10-29 10:45:58 -0400
Dear Peter Netterville, First of all I agree with all the scorn that has been heaped on Jimmy. Accusing a Canadian Political Party of loving war is distasteful, stupid and an insult to all Canadians. A sentence like The only thing (specific group) loves is
(terrible accusations not based on facts) just shows the inability of some people to have a rational thought in their head.
I id not back up my statements with sources that could be checked. That was a mistake. How many sources would you like on the things you considered lies. I will be happy to rewrite what I said but back it up so it can be checked. Just let me know.
Are 2 sources enough or 3. I think 4 is just getting repetitive.
will check back
Let me know
all the best neighbour
commented 2015-10-29 09:40:36 -0400
I have been supplying DND for 30+ years. Over those decades I have watched DND slide deep into the gutter of shame as funding is reduced, good procurement scrapped, good suppliers put out of business and even have hard evidence of corruption therein. Purchasing at PWGSC and the technical department at DND is now run primarily by women which would be fine, but jobs are afforded based on gender, not qualifications. Such was the case when DND appointed a woman with a BS as the new Technical Authority exacting her authority on our firm with 60 years of minting expertise. She had our firm expected to produce badges that were technical impossibilities applying casting dimensions to minting and trimming processes. The two could not be equaled.

Now we have, liberal JT, appointing half of cabinet to be women. Based on what credentials? He wants to scrap the much needed fighter-jet program. Our CF18 fighters-jets are old and tired. I bid on parts for that aircraft 30 years ago!

At a trade mission in Tennessee I sat beside a company representative who supplied DND with helicopter engines. I recall his comment vividly. “You Canadians are so stupid. Instead of purchasing new engines at $750,000, you have us rebuild them at $500,000 repeatedly. We make far more money on rebuilding than on new engines.” Stupid purchasing agents who think they are saving $250,000 when in fact we have old equipment that constantly needs to be refurbished. More importantly, putting military personnel at risk when helicopter engines fail.

Why do we have people with no skill, no street smarts, no experience, making decisions they are unfit and unqualified to make? It’s akin to having a 6 year old run your household. Time for Canadians to insist we have competent people and minds at the helm, not incompetent imbeciles. There was a time Base Borden was the Top Gun of fighter jet dog fighting training. It seems the fight is no longer in the dog. In fact we have no more dogs left for the fight.

Thanks Just-in True Dough. Yes I still remember when daddy had our interest rates at 22%+ and my father having to sell our home to save the family business. The family business that has saved Canadian taxpayers over $1 BILLION of tax dollars by reducing the cost of DND and RCMP purchasing, supplying better quality product over the past 30+ years.
commented 2015-10-29 05:19:23 -0400
We have all been manipulated. Do you feel like a slave?
commented 2015-10-29 04:22:00 -0400
What is interesting is the “empty Senate”. Harper did not reload the Senate. The laws have not changed with respect to the Senate.

Trudeau can easily reclaim the “lost liberal senators” and then reload this chamber with his lefty radicals.

Decade of darkness for Canada? It’s going to be a lot longer than that.
commented 2015-10-29 04:18:01 -0400
Buy drones and joysticks. Hire gamers. Canada’s CF18’s are archaic, but these F35s are not the answer.

Harper was smart to delay.
commented 2015-10-29 04:17:41 -0400
Now that’s an interesting take on reality…. With one of the largest land masses on the planet, fresh water supplies and minerals that are the envy of the world, we are somehow magically going to be insulated from other nations coveting that in future years?? So why is Putin already making claims on our Arctic land mass? I suppose that logic also means “the Devil take the hindmost” when small nations which are members of NATO are invaded?… And the Avro Arrow was anything but “obsolete before it was even finished”… Indeed, it’s advance design and features scared the US aviation industry so badly it insisted that Congress strike a deal with Canada to adopt the BOMARC shield and then “deep-six every scrap of the the existing planes and the blueprints”… “Most historians” is a BULLSHIT claim, but par for the course of those trying to spin both Canadian history and reality…
commented 2015-10-29 03:19:19 -0400
Lockheed would love for people to believe the F35 is a fine piece of engineering. The design is too ambitious, in it tries to do everything. Unfortunately, it also excels at nothing.

And just what do we need that big of a military for? Have you noticed that the world has some countries that have squat for military international intervention and do just fine? The only thing we need a military here in Canada for, is for coastal patrol or when the troops need to be deployed to do things like help with a forest fire. I do not want billions of dollars going to some stupid pointless war that we did not start.

As for the Avro Arrow, the thing was obsolete before it was even finished. The thing was an interceptor, and they became useless at the time the Arrow was being made. Most historians agree that Diefenbaker’s biggest mistake was waiting so long to pull the plug on it.
If we are going to invest in flying machines, I say put the money towards giving some smaller cities a police helicopter. It’ll do a lot more good than some fighter jet in the middle east.
commented 2015-10-29 02:36:41 -0400
Most horrendous was when our young soldiers started dying in Afghanistan and Harper tried to prevent media from covering the repatriation of the bodies, as though we were ashamed of them.
commented 2015-10-29 02:33:24 -0400
The Canadian Armed Forces saw its budget cut by 7.6% during the last four years of the Harper government. Please don’t try to claim that the Conservatives were friends of the military. There are some stats here: http://ottawacitizen.com/news/national/canadian-military-spending-by-the-numbers
And please do not pretend that the Harper Government was a friend of veterans; that is an insult.
commented 2015-10-29 02:03:41 -0400
Well said Bravo. I no where you are coming from. Did a nine year stretch in the Mob myself. UK Forces. When you hear jumped up little idiots, like Jimmy, mouthing of, it makes you want to do something drastic. Perhaps we could send him a Bouncing Betty for Christmas.
commented 2015-10-29 02:03:37 -0400
The really scary thing is having young twits, who have never seen military service, pontificating on what we as a country need or don’t need to defend ourselves, or serve our allies… It’s as if the history of the Western World in the last 65 years didn’t exist and THEY can predict what war will look like tomorrow, or five years, or ten years from now… Their “logic” is that we somehow magically will be able to ignore our obligations to NATO or NORAD and dictate that war will only occur in our own airspace? No wonder Putin is laughing at our manifold stupidities, and winning any venture where he probes any semblance of Western resolve… And since we just elected Trudeau Junior; look out NATO; look out NORAD; look out Eastern Europe and especially The Baltic States!… And as for Sam Young’s dreaded Avro Arrow- Yes it was the Conservatives biggest mistake of that era which had an impact on Canada’s aviation industry for decades… The Arrow was a world leading, innovative, delta wing, safe, twin-engine, all-weather interceptor, capable of defending Canada from coast to coast and to the high Arctic… It was designed by one of the finest technical design groups in the world at that time – my uncle among them – and it could have firmly placed Canada’s ability to defend itself on the world stage for all time… Instead, the stupid trade for the BOMARC, still haunts Canada’s aviation industry… And to make it very clear, among the new generation of “twits”, I place Trudeau Junior front and centre…
commented 2015-10-29 01:29:22 -0400
Jimmy sure is funny how Chretin got a nice new plane eh? What did that POS need it for?
commented 2015-10-29 01:28:36 -0400
Bravo thanks for your service , people like Jimmy think bending over and taking it is peace.
commented 2015-10-29 01:26:39 -0400
Sam the libs will have us using the same old stuff we have for the last 50 years how is that better?
commented 2015-10-29 01:26:07 -0400
Sam Young it is a good jet, try asking some aviators and military experts instead of basement dwelling idiots.