October 16, 2015

"Frumpy housewives"? "Campaigning like an Indian"? The Liberals' greatest election gaffes

Holly NicholasRebel Commentator

It's time to look back on some of the more memorable mistakes the Liberals made during this campaign.

We'll go down the list:

Nirmala Naidoo and Kerry Cundall.

Cam Stewart and Marlo Raynolds.

And of course, Chrystia Freeland. How could we ever forget that time she was upstaged by a man in a bathrobe?

Let us not forget our newest addition to the list:

Tariq Chaudary, Liberal candidate for Edmonton Riverbend, who once attempted to have a hate preacher come to Canada to speak. (If you think Justin Trudeau should fire Chaudary as a candidate, sign our petition right away.)

Finally, let's end with a special mashed-up message from Trudeau himself...

Tariq Chaudary tried to bring a Muslim hate preacher into Canada.
Now he wants to be Liberal MP for Edmonton-Riverbend!
SIGN OUR PETITION telling Justin Trudeau to fire Chaudary.

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commented 2015-10-19 10:12:35 -0400
JOHN MUNRO, be careful what you wish for……..
commented 2015-10-19 00:28:58 -0400

Who cares about Liberal gaffes ?!?! Because of Gerald Butts, Liberal Party of Canada has DESPICABLY OPERATED AS THE POLITICAL SHIELD for Anti-Pesticide & Environmental-Terrorist Organizations, like World Wildlife Federation Canada ( WWF ). Do Canadians want to be governed by fanatical Liberal Party operatives who are the LAP-DOGS of RADICAL ORGANIZATIONS like World Wildlife Federation Canada and others ?!?!



commented 2015-10-17 16:12:12 -0400
Can you imagine how little we would know about the Liberals’ gaffes if it weren’t for THEREBEL.MEDIA?
commented 2015-10-17 16:07:26 -0400
None of the three major parties seemed to have committed any major ‘gaffes’ in the campaign. In fact, neither did the Greens or the Bloc. The most surprising trend was probably on the part of the Conservatives who have been remarkably adept at maintaining their core support. The major coverage that the Duffy trial got at the beginning did not eat into their support.
It also reflects well on the Conservatives that they kept up a brave face (although Harper understandably has looked haggard). Their internal polls would have shown from the start that they were not going to win the most seats, but they kept plugging away tirelessly.
commented 2015-10-17 13:12:01 -0400
Loved that little video bit at the end! Brilliant! So true of Lieberals from my life experiences!
commented 2015-10-17 02:03:21 -0400
Oct 19th. Bye-bye CONS.
commented 2015-10-16 22:20:44 -0400
These are not “gaffes” – these are Freudian slips and they reveal the true depth of arrogance in these asshats and their elitist contempt for mainstream Canadians.
commented 2015-10-16 22:16:37 -0400
Nirmala Naidoo is a bit on the ‘full-figured’ side, so I suspect she feels more comfortable in a dress than in t-shirt and jeans. It is not clear in the video if she is speaking to the cameraman or someone else but her point is well taken.
commented 2015-10-16 21:40:39 -0400
Somebody should tell Nirmala that most “frumpy” houswives don’t have someone else to fix their make-up and choose their attire. Good job Holly.
commented 2015-10-16 21:13:33 -0400
Stanley, from what I have noticed, the left do seem filled with hate.
commented 2015-10-16 20:42:55 -0400
Stanley – thank you so much for taking the time to comment. I hope you come back often!
commented 2015-10-16 20:25:55 -0400
I loved the montage. I have never posted a comment on the rebel. I just want people to see that we conservatives don’t spout hate towards the other parties, we just disagree with their policies. I’m all for smaller government. Quit looking at my wallet to see if I have more change available to give to the masses that feel WE owe them. I do work 60 hours a week, so I can provide for my family without thinking the government must support me. I have only seen the left talking about hate. Hate Harper, hate Israel, hate having to show your face during elections, etc. Vote conservative.
commented 2015-10-16 18:05:50 -0400
I am impressed……please continue to give it back in kind…….:-)