November 11, 2017

Trudeau Liberals “nickel-and-dime” Canada’s elite soldiers — while rewarding jihadis

David MenziesMission Specialist

The elite soldiers in Canada’s Special Operations Forces take part in the most secretive and dangerous missions.

You would think the Department of National Defence would really want to take care of them given their unique skill-set, but instead, according to a CTV News report, they could now lose a special monthly allowance if they are sick or injured for more than 180 days.

Just in time for Remembrance Day, we’re now aware of a new policy quietly rolled out two months ago that affects everyone from paratroopers and submarine crews to pilots and rescue technicians, and any serviceman who had the temerity to limp home injured.

Many of these elite soldiers are understandably frustrated and can’t fathom why they must suffer financial ramifications while nursing temporary injuries.

Apparently, our Liberal government is suddenly on an austerity kick.

It’s all about getting our priorities straight, right?

After all, when the budget won’t balance itself, you need to nickel-and-dime injured patriots — while amassing multimillion dollar payouts to repatriated jihadis.

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commented 2017-12-10 13:36:31 -0500
I’m surprised that Trudeau and his merry band of misfits don’t take a knee when the anthem is played . Hopefully the military will take him out soon as I don’t see anyone qualified as of yet .
commented 2017-11-13 11:36:27 -0500
- Liberal priorities in action.
commented 2017-11-13 11:34:35 -0500
Meanwhile Baby Doc Trudeau easily found $31 million taxpayer dollars to give to Afghanistan for pensions for Afghani veterans. Really, the bright light in the Liberal box of other bright lights.

Anyone notice how the Minister of Defence didn’t bother saluting when he laid a wreath at the War Memorial? All military and former military saluted but him. He nodded and kept his hands warm in his pocket. Much like Baby Doc: a putz.
commented 2017-11-12 15:02:27 -0500
The CM is for the military , and supports it , and encourages it , ONLY ITS NOT THE CANADIAN MILITARY THAT THE FED LIBERALS SUPPORT

commented 2017-11-12 10:01:14 -0500
The Clown Prince of the Muslims, Justin Mohammed Trudeaup spits in the face of every true Canadian on a daily basis so this article is no surprise. And he rewards the Muslim terrorists quite handsomely too!!!!

It’s a shame the way the head dipshit treats the military. The head dipshit has to go and go soon.
commented 2017-11-12 00:54:16 -0500
MUTA WEENSaid, “So what are we going to do about Trudeau?”
Bitch slap the fucking asshole if you get the chance.
I would say shoot him, but it would be a waste of $1.00 for a good bullet, besides shooting the two faced bastard is fast a death for the son of a bitch, he needs a much slower death with lots of suffering, which still wont make up for all the suffering he has caused our Veterans and our homeless not to say anything about our seniors many of whom are very near homeless.
commented 2017-11-11 23:49:03 -0500
What does anyone expect of Seamus O’Regan? The man has no clue.
He must be in real tight with Justin to have gone on vacation with him to the Island. Imagine all that money could have been used for a veteran ++++++ who is homeless.
commented 2017-11-11 18:52:34 -0500
Not exactly a surprise. Hope there is no one to protect Shitty Pony at some point.
commented 2017-11-11 18:22:16 -0500
Just one more example of pure evil and utter contempt for anything decent, and for Canada, displayed by Trudeau, as if we needed any more evidence.
commented 2017-11-11 18:03:52 -0500
Muta Ween..Yep..Where’s the up roar from the opposition party’s? Where’s the uproar from the msm?Crickets….

Does Mr. President Trump have to invade Canada? The EU is not looking to positive.
commented 2017-11-11 17:03:13 -0500
So what are we going to do about Trudeau?
commented 2017-11-11 16:03:53 -0500
Jihadi Justin cares nothing for the military except to operate Gov’t Aircraft as a personal taxi service. Handing out multi million dollars payouts to Jihadis shows his true allegiances, and it ain’t for Canada or Canadians! Stupid Lieberal voters!
commented 2017-11-11 15:16:52 -0500
Trudeau will be remembered as the worst embarrassment that Canada has ever had. His term in office will also go down on record as the shortest ever served.

Something for him to be proud of. The Moronic Bastard.
commented 2017-11-11 13:49:19 -0500
JT has to play for pay-outs to Jihadis somehow, right?

All the more reason for Western Canada to work toward and welcome annexation by the US.

Given the Progressivist-Sodomite agenda that will be creeping into the 2018 midterm elections, Western Canada can prove to be an invaluable addition to Conservative America. More Red States means more of a wedge against liberals.

American Manifest Destiny. It’s real and it will happen.

Get on board or be run over.
commented 2017-11-11 13:42:35 -0500
And this is typical – I admit I now wonder why I did nearly six tours in the rocks and sand when this country elects a POS like the one claiming to be the Canadian prime minister.
commented 2017-11-11 12:14:07 -0500
Dirk Kanis—Post again what you had censored, and see if it comes up. Sometimes there are Technical problems.
commented 2017-11-11 12:09:04 -0500
Robert Raymond—Not much chance of a Canadian revolt when 60-70% of the citizens are uninformed leftists.
Take Britain for example; they are years further down the Islamic rat-hole than us, their young girls get blown up at music concerts and still the citizens follow the bought-off Politicians.
Your post is on the right track though.
commented 2017-11-11 11:54:32 -0500
Good luck posting people, Rebel has their own version of M103 and hired censor nazi’s to boot you out.
commented 2017-11-11 10:40:26 -0500
Trudeau is a disgrace, and a traitor to Canada!
commented 2017-11-11 10:00:32 -0500
The sanctimonious ahole that calls himself the leader of Canadian citizens better understand that there are a lot of citizens who do not consider him as their leader.
Since the lunatic crime minister assumed power, he has been on holidays and junkets more often than at the “office”.
He should not be entitled to any financial gains for the times he is on holidays.
I doubt that he would refuse to get paid for the times that he “awol”.
The lunatics who are our government and run the extreme risks of being injured by words and paper cuts enjoy huge salaries whilst people that really put it all on the line day in and day out are f****d over by bureaucrats with huge salaries and gilded pension plans.
The time is ripe for a revolt!
commented 2017-11-11 09:48:53 -0500
The problem with the liberals is that they are stupid entitled miscreants.
They may be in Power but, who owns the guns?
The way they act towards everyone including our military with their “Let them eat cake” attitude could well lead to some kind of rebellion.
Have they not heard of a military overthrow of a government happening in the past?
Just because Canada has some of the most civilized laws and military in the world does not mean that in cannot happen here.
You push your pets too far, they will turn around and bite you.