November 27, 2015

Liberals' refugee rush was driven by "partisan politics" -- plus "a heartbreaking photo and a false storyline"

Brian LilleyArchive

Yesterday, I attempted to bring some perspective to the numbers involved in the Liberal’s refugee rush plan. 

Today, I’d like to try to put the timelines into perspective.

Under normal circumstances, how much time would it generally take to re-settle this number of refugees?

The process is usually spoken about in terms of months, not days, and certainly not weeks.

So why the rush?

When trying to understand why this is happening, and if you are tired of being accused of being heartless for having concerns, it’s important to remember that this whole thing began with a heartbreaking story from a false story-line which was fuelled by the Liberals, NDP and the media party who all wanted to use the false story against Harper in an election.

If you have felt there was a lot of emotional manipulation at play, here are some of the facts that show you’re right.


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commented 2015-11-28 19:10:19 -0500
NA said, " Perhaps Canada Goose jacket"

Then we would have all those naked geese flying around! Poor things! ;o)
commented 2015-11-28 19:04:59 -0500
Screening of these refugees is being done by a magnifying glass! Couldn’t they just send them some parkas? Perhaps Canada Goose jacket! Winter is very brutal there I hear.
commented 2015-11-28 11:51:38 -0500
Trudeau is simply trying to build his Muslim Army (and voter base) as quickly as possible….!
commented 2015-11-27 23:01:16 -0500
If this kid was white and aborted they would not give a damn.
commented 2015-11-27 21:27:55 -0500
Media will "sell " you what you going to “buy” and what the financier let them to “sell” you. Most people do not care about the truth ,because generations was raised to be a good “sheep”.
Having sad that, I wounder how many " immigrant supporter" will change they mind if “supporters” should have to pay more and “non supporters” has to pay less taxes.
commented 2015-11-27 20:50:23 -0500
Just remembered, When I applied for immigration to Canada from the UK, back in 1968. I first had to have a medical and then show that I had enough money to keep myself for three months or until I found a job. The Canadian Government, kindly, paid for my air fare but I had to pay them back, on a monthly basis.

Now they are giving a bunch of savages, all kinds of money, just to come here to kill us.

If nothing else, Trudeau is very good at being a Traitor to his Country.
commented 2015-11-27 20:32:34 -0500
James Barnes,
Well said.

All of Trudeau’s new Muslim friends, will, of course, have to sign a declaration that they will vote Liberal at the next election, before being allowed to come to Canada.
When they arrive they should be sent to Alberta, to look for work..
commented 2015-11-27 17:01:58 -0500
Here is a good way to look at his promise. Trudeau says his government will give 100,000,000 dollars to aid the refuge’s. So lets take a peek at the numbers.
100,000,000 dollars divided by 25,000 refugees equals 4,000 dollars each.
Where ever they settle, it will cost that provinces social services close to 40,000 per family per year or 30,000 each if they are single.
The government says this 100,000,000 dollars is a huge amount to make the dumb Canadians believe that is a lot of money and it will be enough to take care of all of these people.
The real cost of this going to be closer to anywhere from 750 million dollars per year to 1 billion dollars per year.
Do the math. We are getting screwed permanently over someone else’s problems and religion that would rather have me dead and my wife raped than believe in democracy and our way of life.
We gotta do something about this and real quick.
commented 2015-11-27 16:59:41 -0500
The ones coming this year were already vetted under Stephen Harper’s watch and are the same ones he said he committed to bring in. Maybe Trudeau or one of his lackeys should have asked a professional what was possible, but that would be like math or science and he doesn’t have the mental acuity to comprehend such abstract reasoning.
commented 2015-11-27 15:31:51 -0500
While I do not dispute Brian’s assertion that trudeau’s motive was optics and emotion, there is another, ‘hidden agenda’ at play here. Simply stated, we all know junior isn’t smart enough to come up with any plan, let alone this plan, so who is the architect of this plan? One needs to look into the shadows behind junior to cowards like Butt and his cadre of extremists and ask the question why would they want this rush of ’refugee’s’? They take their lead from the U.S. obama fanatics. This is about diluting Canadian culture to the point of non-existence to usher in an even MORE centralized government than we already have and to give themselves an excuse to ‘forcibly manage’ the inevitable public backlash such as we are already seeing develop in European countries.
commented 2015-11-27 15:22:47 -0500
Of course it was politics. Trudeau will get his in the end! Scumbag liars. Anything to get votes and make Harper look evil. I’m still in shock Canadians can be so dumb!