June 11, 2018

Liberals run “sham” consultation for latest gun control law

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show


It seems the Liberal government is running sham consultations for its latest gun control law, Bill C-71.

The new law resurrects the long gun registry in another form, now requiring gun retailers to keep records of sales as opposed to the federal government, and revives ATT requirements for restricted firearms. The new law will also arbitrarily prohibit the CZ 858 and the Swiss Arms green carbine for reasons the liberals have never even hinted at revealing.

It's a broad, sweeping, and frankly, unnecessary law that should involve rigorous debate and evidence based decision making, but as revealed in TheGunBlog.ca over the weekend, that couldn't be further from what's actually happening.

The pro-firearms rights side of the debate is being all but shut out of consultations with only 9 of 53 consulted groups representing firearms owners, hunters and retailers.

But it’s worse than just the deck being stacked against lawful gun owners.

According to comments made to TheGunBlog.ca, at least four of the pro-gun lobby groups listed as having been consulted while the Liberals developed the new law, deny taking part in any official consultations.

And Alison de Groot of the Canadian Sporting Arms and Ammunition Association said they were specifically shut out of meetings they had requested with public safety staff.

Watch my video to see all the shifty, shady ways the Liberals swayed the sham consultations.

If we remove the four groups who deny being formally consulted by the Liberals on C-71, only five of the 53 stakeholders were pro gun.

That’s all the consultation over 2 million Canadian licensed firearms holders get from the Liberal government before they turn us into criminals overnight.

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commented 2018-06-13 00:36:36 -0400
I’d be pilloried and buggered before I would ever vote for a leftist.
commented 2018-06-13 00:26:30 -0400
So ,when the west separates will we have a second amendment?
commented 2018-06-13 00:25:43 -0400
When Stalin decided to bump off his inconvenient henchmen he prohibited them fro owning guns.
commented 2018-06-12 09:09:34 -0400
Harley……you should include the High River RCMP among the criminals who had the addresses of gun owners.
commented 2018-06-12 08:55:42 -0400
Of course the criminals will not register their guns now. Just like the last time it was supposed to cost 300 million and cost 1.2 billion. Then they were hacked and provided criminals the addresses of gun owners.
commented 2018-06-12 08:15:37 -0400
There really is no honesty left in the left wing parties anymore.

Even though I still did not support the old Liberal party, it at least had some semblance of moral character, but not anymore. And the NDP, well, they have always been cracked in the head as long as I remember.
commented 2018-06-12 07:20:13 -0400
I hear goose stepping coming from Ottawa.
commented 2018-06-12 07:01:34 -0400
Thats 2 million gun owners that will be voting against the Libs in the next federal election, lets just hope that Sock boy doesn’t tank our economy into a full on recession before then
commented 2018-06-12 01:51:54 -0400
Darn my records got erased by a hacker.
commented 2018-06-11 22:35:01 -0400
Liberals put the con in consultation. What matters to them is to get justification for their policies and to blazes with facts. And because so many Canadians are low-information people who depend on the mainstream media for all their news, they can get away with such misleading crapola. Liberals will doubtless brag that the consulted Canadians while not admitting that they rigged the results.
commented 2018-06-11 20:13:57 -0400
Fed Libs just don’t want anybody shooting their good friends in the Death Cult. Perhaps they should think of Canadians for a change and ban the afore mentioned Cult from owning knives.