January 19, 2017

UPDATE: Canadian Foreign Minister deletes invitation to anti-Trump protest after exposed by Rebel report

StaffRebel Columnist

UPDATE: The Liberal Party has deleted an advertisement on its official website in which Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland's riding association announced it would take part in an anti-Trump protest.

On the website, the event has been replaced with text reading, "This event is either passed, or is no longer available. Call 1-888-LIBERAL or email assistance@liberal.ca if you need help."

The deletion and/or cancellation came mere hours after The Rebel exposed the event.

(See the screen shot of the original announcement, below.)

The event description on the Liberal Party website previously said:

The University-Rosedale Federal Liberal Association is joining the Women's March on Washington: Toronto to protest against the rise in acts of hate and discrimination across North America since November. We will meet at 11:30am on the sidewalk outside the University of Toronto Law School (78 Queen's Park Crescent) and walk over together to Queen's Park at 11:45am.

While Freeland's riding association was set to protest, she would have been attending Trump's inauguration in Washington as part of the Canadian delegation.

SOUND OFF in the comments:

Do you think it's appropriate for Canada's Foreign Minister to be attending Trump's inauguration and representing Canada while her campaign team protests him?


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commented 2017-01-19 19:48:32 -0500
They would be protesting against themselves
commented 2017-01-19 18:32:47 -0500
Probably would be entertaining to watch the Lieberals get arrested, charged and then thrown in the slammer. And watching ah, ah, um ah Trudope trying to get them out!
commented 2017-01-19 17:15:03 -0500
Hey, that is normal Liberal behaviour; 2 faced hypocrites.
commented 2017-01-19 17:06:37 -0500
NEWSFLASH!!!!!! Having been disappointed and turned away by the racist profiling of the Cologne Polizia at this years New Years Eve Celebrations, the All North African Tarrarush Gamea team will be joining the antiTrump women’s “pussy march” in the role of a protective encirclement shooting fireworks in celebration along with LARP re-enactment of Trump’s gaff……..:-)
commented 2017-01-19 17:02:08 -0500
The rise in hate crimes in North America seems to be exclusively against whites and suspected Trump supporters. All other supposed “hate crimes” have been exposed as hoaxes. Even the anti-Trump MSM hasn’t been able to conjure them up. Not through lack of effort.
commented 2017-01-19 15:59:07 -0500
Do you think it’s appropriate for Canada’s Foreign Minister to be attending Trump’s inauguration and representing Canada while her campaign team protests him? No Canada’s becoming a banana republic led by a bunch of ‘progressive’ dingbats.
commented 2017-01-19 15:48:10 -0500
There HAS been an increase in hate crimes committed against Muslims since the election. Except they’ve all been fake because they were committed by other Muslims.
commented 2017-01-19 15:36:45 -0500
Fire Freeland (Conflict of Interest)
commented 2017-01-19 15:10:31 -0500
Somebody on Trumps team will have noticed this intrusion of Liberal Whore’s from a foreign Country and Prez Trump will have been made aware of it.
I think he will not tread lightly on Muslim loving retards, called Libertine’s, who sleep with the Death Cult called Islam.
commented 2017-01-19 15:01:45 -0500
The Liberals do everything questionable but their supporters are cut from the same cloth so everything’s just a-okay. The rest of us can complain but what is the alleged Opposition doing on anything? I receive emails day in and day out asking for cash for them to “hold the Liberals accountable” for this or that. What have they held them accountable for? Can they hold them accountable for anything? It’s been mostly the media that has been exposing their corruption but their leader is smug about it all. I have yet to see the PM answer a question with an actual answer.
commented 2017-01-19 14:57:13 -0500
REBEL , keep this a main news subject for days and weeks ahead
TRUMP should take them all to the woodshed
commented 2017-01-19 14:45:31 -0500
Sorry LEE HORSMAN, I can’t go there. More like an equal opportunity situation. I mean equal “ineptunity” situation. See, I can make up words just like the regressive left fucktards do.
commented 2017-01-19 14:38:28 -0500
Send Hedy Fry (Mr. speaker we can just go to British Columbia Prince George where crosses are being burned on lawns as we speak). She will find the crosses burning at the inauguration.
commented 2017-01-19 14:32:33 -0500
Canada’s top diplomat, lol.
All of a sudden Stéphane Dion doesn’t seem like such a a bad idea after all.
commented 2017-01-19 14:30:58 -0500
Always remember Michelle (a hole) Obama’s quote “They go low and we go high.” How low can the liberals get, that’s the real concern. Violent hypocrites based on the exposure of what these protests were all about, since Trump was elected. What does America’s inauguration of Donald Trump have to do with the feminist communist Canadians who only want to go there to “punch Trump supporters in the throat”. I hope the FBI and police security is out in full force to arrest and imprison anyone’s attempts to disrupt the inauguration. God, I’m so sick and fed up with all liberal communist/islamofascists. Just looking at them or hearing about them makes me gag.
commented 2017-01-19 14:30:10 -0500
It’s crucial The Rebel stays with this story to confirm or deny their presence at this march. They may have scrubbed their web page, but are they actually going? If our Liberal government condones, supports or promotes the politics of division and derangement, it is all the more important they are removed.

We already know the CBC supports and promotes division, and one only look at the MSM during the last election to see the partisan derangement the MSM were directed to incite. We mustn’t allow our government to drive the wedge further.

It’s high time everyone dumps this silly mind controlling political correctness speech and promote critical thinking. It’s time to make intelligence and thought great again. Thanks for doing your part, Rebel team.
commented 2017-01-19 14:20:48 -0500
What a freaking disgrace.
Hate and discrimination??!!! Save it for hate and discrimination you stupid ignorant misinformed liberal drones.
You’re all fired! Starting with you Chrystia. Way to make sure your going to be even more ineffective in your position as (I can hardly say it) crying foreign minister. There is no way she should be going to Washington to represent us at the inauguration. Ground her!
commented 2017-01-19 14:05:31 -0500
By all means show your colors Libs.

The only increase in acts of hate and discrimination has all come from Liberal pressure groups – strange how that works out.
commented 2017-01-19 13:30:37 -0500
Readers of this site will likely know that the only “rise in acts of hate and discrimination across North America” we have seen, has come from Democrat supporters, and in all walks of life.
There has been NO increase in attacks on moslems, gays, and whatever other “community” Dem scriptwiters care to throw into the mix.
commented 2017-01-19 13:05:50 -0500
Trump’s team surely knows Freeland’s peons are actively protesting his being POTUS. She should get refused entry to the inauguration (and the USA) since she is by all reasoning – a protester herself. And she should be denied all contact with US officials for being openly anti-American.
What an embarrassment.
commented 2017-01-19 12:41:33 -0500
Little Potato Head and his Romper Room cabinet think they are being just so clever by partaking in all these indirect slights directed at Trump. If they think for one minute that Trump is not sizing them up right now they are kidding themselves. Our silver spooned, spoiled brat, smart assed poor excuse for a PM should be going to Trump’s inauguration as a sign of repect. His dear bro B.O. is political toast. Deal with it.
commented 2017-01-19 12:09:53 -0500
The scary thing in the story, because the stupidity of the regressive left is an accepted norm now and no longer scary, is that Freeland is travelling to Washington with an entourage. I presume they have used the Lying Party of Corruption bureaucrats as their booking agents, so I wonder how much this junket will cost the tax payer? First class plane ticket for each member, individual five star hotel rooms, five star meals of course involving $25 OJ. The freedom of info request Mr. Lawton is sure to file, should be interesting in seeing how much a fly in and out diplomatic event costs. I figure at least $100 K.
commented 2017-01-19 12:06:20 -0500
…and try not to cry this time!
commented 2017-01-19 11:55:02 -0500
Let them go to the protest if their plackards state how OBAMA is the primary reason for this situation. Race baiting shit disturbing bone rack.

Freeland, McKenna and Monsef. Scramble those eggs and see what you come up with. Well done Juthtin, ah um ah ah ah. Je parle seulement en francais matenant. Fuck off you stupid prick.
commented 2017-01-19 11:49:48 -0500
Fuck No!
Trump’s people should send her and her lieberal BS association back to fembot land!
commented 2017-01-19 11:35:58 -0500
“Toronto to protest against the rise in acts of hate and discrimination across North America since November.”

The empirical evidence for this claim is found where? Oh, right, in the imagination of the regressive left, because it is too much work to fact check for them.