January 31, 2017

Liberals’ special interest allies “don’t want a Conservative under any circumstances”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, Sun columnist Lorrie Goldstein and I discussed the wide array of lobbyists, unions and other special interest groups already arrayed on the Liberal Party's side of the next election.


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commented 2017-02-01 01:42:51 -0500
Many government workers were taught to be diverse and be neutral politically a day ago, which we all know means they have to be liberal sheep.
commented 2017-01-31 22:49:45 -0500
Well, if they follow the same pattern of moral degeneration and normalized corruption as their Dem counter parts in the US (who by the way tanked their own party with their support base in doing it) there will be massive ballot fraud along with these NGO patrons pimping their memberships .
commented 2017-01-31 19:49:39 -0500
One of the biggest problems in Canada is that all the News outlets are Leftwing and therefore most people are ill informed. If Trump succeeds in the US , and he will , it would be a good time for O’Leary to step in and work along the same policy lines Two years of the Liberals and NDP is two too many let alone 14
commented 2017-01-31 17:56:40 -0500
And the head Cucknuckistanian, Justine “the Feminist” Truedope.
commented 2017-01-31 17:33:24 -0500
The MSM goes hand in hand with the left. They are the organ grinders and most Conservatives want to appease by shifting left. Trump, a true brawler, showed how it’s done. Too bad we don’t have anyone with balls like that in Cucknuckistan.
commented 2017-01-31 16:58:39 -0500
@ Cor Boot
Yea, it is the same for the PCs in Alberta. Sure there are a couple of actual Conservatives in the Alberta PCs, but that is about it. And the party as a whole is really just a “Liberal Lite” party.

What people need to see in every Conservative party in every province across Canada is a clear alternative, a clearly Conservative party with full Conservative policies.

The provincial parties in Canada need to stop believing the left’s BS line that only those parties that swing left will ever be voted into office. That is a lie from the left.
commented 2017-01-31 15:50:13 -0500
@peter Netterville…. your comment hits the nail directly on the head, Patrick Brown lied to members of the PC party when he was a candidate and I would have voted for Jim Flaherty`s widow in a heart beat if he`d been honest. He needs to be forced out by party members or else a very concerted effort to divide the actual conservatives from the PC`s to form a brand new alternative party. Distinguishing between Liberal and Progressive "Conservatives " is virtually impossible, they are one and the same, they have LET the Liberal bury Ontario in debt with hardly a peep.
commented 2017-01-31 15:35:24 -0500
Myt prediction is that if the Ontario PC party does not get rid of “Liberal Lite” Patrick Brown for a real Conservative party leader, then Wynnie the Witch will get back into power. Patrick is a major disappointment as a Conservative but makes a good Lieberal.
commented 2017-01-31 14:47:39 -0500
So what can we do?