August 23, 2016

Liberals spent over $6000 of your tax dollars on photos of Catherine McKenna during Paris climate conference

StaffRebel Columnist

Just when you thought we'd seen the end of the ridiculous spending the Liberals did during the Paris climate change conference on your dime, this happens.

It was revealed yesterday that the federal environment department paid a French photojournalist $6,662 to take pictures of its minister, Catherine McKenna and her staff.

As CTV News points out, McKenna appears in all 23 photos currently on ECCC's Flickr page.

Environment and Climate Change Canada said that hiring a photographer was cheaper than sending one from Canada to cover the event.

McKenna’s spokesperson, Caitlyn Workman justified the spending in an email by saying, “Photos, like press releases, social media and other communications tools, are a way to communicate to Canadians the work the government is doing on their behalf.”

Why not just take a photo with your phone and post it on Twitter? Was this really a reasonable investment?

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation isn't too pleased with this move either.

“Should taxpayers really be on the hook for what are essentially vanity photos for ministers? I don’t think there’s a compelling argument there,” CTF federal director Aaron Wudrick said.

SOUND OFF in the comments: was spending $6000 on a photographer a good use of tax dollars?

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commented 2016-08-24 03:15:34 -0400
Bravo Zulu:

The link in your comments connects to a White Supremist video. The first part deals with the Trudeaus (and Pearson) but the last three minutes or so of the video “explains” that the problems with the world is because of Jews, how Jews are diluting “white” countries by promoting allowing non-whites in, and that Jews created Hitler. According to the video Jews control the world.

How anti-Semitic. How racist and bigoted. Then there is the part that describes non-whites coming and taking over “white” countries. Again, how how racist and bigoted. I thought you were better than that.

You have put this link up more than once. You write, “send it out to all your friends”. I think not.
commented 2016-08-24 02:13:02 -0400
D.H. please show me the source for your non legitimate items and who paid for them. And maybe read the stories again halfwit.
commented 2016-08-24 02:10:01 -0400
D.H. those are legitimate spending moron. And the veteran suit was started against the libs halfwit.
RCMP security is a part of the job halfwit. And some you list were not on taxpayers dime loser, the conservative party spending their own money on things is not the same as wasting tax money you ignorant fool.
commented 2016-08-23 21:37:18 -0400
Do you want to see what the trudeau clan of traitors have been doing?

I absolutely dare you the reader to watch this video – most will not – far easier to simply write a comment and run away. If you do watch it – send it out to all your friends.
commented 2016-08-23 18:55:03 -0400
And we are to be surprised at this.

Ask the schitte head low information millennial voter if they are even aware of this.

commented 2016-08-23 18:12:45 -0400
So embarrassing that Canadians voted for these wastrels.

Canada sent over 380 people to this summit, more than Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. combined.
Who in their right minds can justify this?

At least they’ll have some lovely photos of their taxpayer-paid trip, thanks to McKenna’s utter disregard for our tax dollars.
commented 2016-08-23 17:20:48 -0400
KEITH RICHARDS suggested: "D.H. Chaisson commented 3 hours ago
Odd that the Cons never minded these fine examples of spending by Harper’s government:


Not to worry. Once EL BOW has imported enough “refugees”……err Lieberal voters, the resident troll may find him/her self tossed off a building by the new muzzie “friends”!
commented 2016-08-23 16:32:33 -0400
D.H. Chaisson commented 3 hours ago
Odd that the Cons never minded these fine examples of spending by Harper’s government:

commented 2016-08-23 16:26:31 -0400
A Lieberal will claim it was a justified expense. As someone who loses well over 60 percent of my income in taxes and assorted “mandatory” deductions, I disagree!
commented 2016-08-23 14:42:24 -0400
DH ,another pathetic lefty trying to obscure the real facts about Harper with your twisted logic to support the pansy turdo , is your name erniewin from kelowna by any chance as he spews this garbage every day on the msn trying to convince us that turdo and his trough feeding pig of a wife are good for Canada, your full of shxx
commented 2016-08-23 14:40:46 -0400
D.H. Chaisson: You have been an extremely busy man, haven’t you been! But you do not point out the time interval that this money was spent. Nor do you point out that many of these expenses were “requisite” and legitimate expenses to carry on the business of government. Take for example the legal expense of “Fighting Veteran’s Class-Action Lawsuit” at $700 000. If you are so concerned about this, perhaps you should talk to your fearless leader, Emperor Justin, who is continuing the battle with additional costs. See:
This is only one of the expenses that you listed. What is it going to cost this Liberal government to continue the lawsuit? Then you mention the audit of Senators’ expenses. Was it only Conservative appointments by Mr. Harper that were audited? If it was, as you stated, this is an outrageous example of bias. I thought Mac Harb was a Liberal appointee. Perhaps I was mistaken. Tell me, Mr. Chaisson, who clamoured for the audit in the House of Commons? Did the Conservatives clamour to audit themselves? I hardly think so!

Do you feel that the CSEC is undeserving of new headquaters? Perhaps, the public should be paying extra close attention to what it is costing to renovate the Prime Minister’s residence to ensure that its cost is in line. Do you feel Canadian icons such as Stompin’ Tom are undeserving of commemoration? Do you feel that money spent on the Franklin Expedition was unwarranted? Answering one of the greatest mysteries in Canadian history is undeserving of the expense?

And, you neglect to explain that when this money was being spent, our Harper government was “tackling the economy”, and “lowering the deficit” so that it could leave a surplus for the next government. A surplus that this government has squandered and sent us back into a $30 billion deficit position for only one year! You neglect to mention that unemployment was getting under control, that we had a vibrant petroleum industry, that Canadians were being kept safe and secure, that the Canadian loonie was trading near par with the American dollar, etc.

So, go ahead and be selective in your items, but for each one of them, there will always be someone who will be able to counter with Liberal waste. Forget about “Adscam”, the Gomery Commisssion, etc.?
commented 2016-08-23 14:17:56 -0400
Chaisson: A classic Liberal defense strategy and a means to run away from responsibility, is to claim ( but more often wrongly and/or inappropriately) that “someone else did it, so golly gee you can’t pick on us”. It always reminds me of the Monty Python sketch when the knights were storming the enemy castle, and when they faced opposition, they all instantly retreated, shouting “run away, run away !!”
commented 2016-08-23 14:15:04 -0400
Chaisson: A classic Liberal defense strategy and a means to run away from responsibility, is to claim ( but more often wrongly and/or inappropriately) that “someone else did it, so golly gee you can’t pick on us”. It always reminds me of the Monty Python sketch when the knights were storming the enemy castle, and when they faced opposition, then all instantly retreated, shouting “run away, run away !!”
commented 2016-08-23 14:07:51 -0400
In a few years that cover photo will be a WANTED poster. Dead or Alive.
commented 2016-08-23 14:04:42 -0400
Hey DH: Is the budget going to balance itself? Your multi-gendered bimbo-y is less than a year in and not up to warp speed yet, the piggy bank won’t stand a chance. This will surpass the usual financial ruin left behind by a liberal government by a magnitude of God knows how much. Enjoy!

Dump Justin and Barfarama (the opera queen)
commented 2016-08-23 13:37:35 -0400
D.H. Chaisson..well DH…let’s just see which party leaves us with a huge deficit…if the Conservatives can spend this money and keep the budget balanced…then I don’t give a hoot what they spend…it is the brazen insult to Canadians that they ARE GOING TO GIVE US A DEFICIT that starts this…they don’t care about the legacy of debt they are leaving future Canadians, as long as they get more votes…so your desperately created list (from who knows where?) is of no concern as long as the taxpayers are not left with a huge debt…the conclusion: balancing finances is what Canadians NEED…spendthrift politicians is what Canadians seem to WANT.
commented 2016-08-23 13:36:36 -0400
hahahah…Chaisson, you fool, Harper was punted. Trudeau and his band of idiots are the ones pissing away dollars 10 times as fast as Harper ever could. Try and keep up.
commented 2016-08-23 13:34:34 -0400
Got any more D.H. ? That was for over 10 years. At this rate your buddy Justin will surpass that in 2 years.
commented 2016-08-23 13:27:49 -0400
Odd that the Cons never minded these fine examples of spending by Harper’s government:

-Conservative Party photo shoots = $7 million
-Conservative’s Economic Action Plan ads = $100 million
-2015 Budget ads = $13.5 million
-Ads in Washington, D.C. touting U.S.-Canada relations = $24 million
-Conservative ridings’ Canada Day celebrations = $7 million
-16 specific constitutional court challenges (all lost) = $6.5 million
-Fighting Veterans class-action lawsuit = $700,000
-Flying VIPs on Challenger jets = $2.2 million
-Harper flying on Challenger jet flights = $1.7 million
-Research towards ‘root cause’ of terrorism = $1 million
-Auditing Harper’s Senate appointments = $21 million
-Quebec City’s summer festival = $1 million
-Peter MacKay’s photo op with a fake plane = $47,000
-Two weeks of the London Olympics ads = $4.5 million
-Jason Kenney’s department monitoring what ethnic media were saying about the immigration minister and his ministry = $750,000
-One Stephen Harper baseball game attendance in New York = $45,000
-A fake $2 million indoor lake for the Tory government’s G20 summit = $2 million
-Gazebos for the G20 Summit = $100,000
-New CSEC headquarters (military spy agency) complete with soaring atriums, grand staircases and filtered drinking fountains = $1.2 billion
-Automotive Innovation Fund (creating no jobs but benefitting CEOs of Ford and Toyota) = $250 million
-War of 1812 commemorative amenities = $28 million
-G8 legacy fund for Tony Clement’s riding = $50 million
-Undisclosed payments for F-35s = $10 billion
-Anti-pot campaign (although 70% of Canadians favour legalization) = $5 million
-Promotion of the role of the Franklin Expedition in Canada’s history = $7.2 million
-The search for Franklin’s ill-fated Arctic expedition = $2.8 million
-Harper’s trip to Israel with 200 invited guests (with no value for Canada’s interest, including Ezra Levant’s father) = $1.2 million
-Harper’s makeup artist to travel overseas for the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands = Conservative party refused to disclose costs
-RCMP security for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s annual northern trip = $253,000
- Harper’s official photographer on a 12-minute helicopter ride = $582.00
-Conservative Political Staff meals since 2010 = $160,000
-One single pizza lunch (garlic bread and Caesar salad included) for 330 Conservative political aides = $7,000
-Stompin’ Tom Connor’s Promotional Commemoration = $1.7 million
-The celebration to reopen Canada House in London, England (special appearance by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip and John Baird; post-retirement) = $209,000
- Providing Volkswagen AG with financing to expand factories in Mexico and the Southern United States (with the only condition “chance to be considered”) = $525 million
-Taxpayer funds used to attack Trudeau in ad stating he “is over his head” = up to $29,000
-A social hall project submitted by an Ottawa rabbi with close ties to Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird = $1 million
-The Conservatives’ “impressed by Prince Saud Al-Faisal’s distinguished career serving the people of Saudi Arabia,” while Conservative cabinet members attended the despot’s funeral at the House of Saud = $175,000
-Harper Government spending on wireless industry adverti$ing = $9 million
-State funeral of former finance minister Jim Flaherty (compared to Liberal deputy prime minister Herb Gray’s service at $2,571) = $400,000
-Harper Buys Israeli Iron Dome Missile Defense Technology (while Canada is not or has ever been threatened with rocket attacks) = $243 million
-Harper’s call for an early election with taxpayers footing the bill = $125 million