September 28, 2016

Liberals’ favourite crime stat actually shows Muslims are 13 times MORE likely to be terrorists

Gavin McInnesArchive

Liberals, especially in the media, are always trying to prove that "right wing extremists" are a greater threat than Islamic terrorists. Sometimes they do this with anecdotes about Timothy McVeigh, but others rely on FBI crime statistics. The trouble is, those statistics don't really prove what Muslim apologists want them to...


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commented 2016-09-30 15:24:58 -0400
Water off a dunces back for Jay, Bill.
I talked recently to an Egyptian friend and asked him about his thoughts on letting Muslims into the country. He said "When you have 1 or 2% Muslims they behave themselves and you have no real problems. When you get 5% Muslims they start to make demands. When you have more than 10% Muslims they demand that you uphold sharia law and you have nothing but trouble. "

When I was in Seminary back in the 90’s we had another Egyptian former Muslim speaking to us. He said, “Muslims will be all in favour of multiculturalism until they are 51% of the population. Then there will be no more multiculturalism. You will all be Muslim or you will be dead or slaves. Don’t let Muslims into your country.”
But alas, he was wrong. The trouble doesn’t start at 51%. It starts as my friend noticed- at about 5-10%.

I think these Egyptians know a little more on the topic than Jay the Dreamer.
commented 2016-09-30 03:14:04 -0400
And certainly not in Eastern European nations although arranged marriages"were common via “marriage brokers”, often to keep land tracts in nearby families.. But folksongs and folklore recognized that it was healthy to to take brides – even steal them in medieval times! – “from away” and “across the meadows”… This child bride manifestation in Muslim cultures is sickening and indicates an inward spiralling gene pool.. With now obvious results…
commented 2016-09-30 00:55:56 -0400
10% of the world’s marriages are between first or second cousins. The USA and China forbid these marriages, the rest of the world allows it, including Canada. It is extremely popular in arranged marriages in Middle East Muslim communities and Far East nations, Pakistan, India, and growing in popularity in England and Europe with the recent Muslim invasion. Regardless, It was always common in Europe’s Christians.

The Catholic church banned familiar marriages around 360 AD, but later made exceptions for nobility by their paying an indulgence. Romans banned it at one time, but that fell by the wayside.

In the middle ages familiar marriages were about 80%.

If you live in Russia, Poland, France, Germany, England, Japan, Africa, India, Australia, Scotland, et cetera, you would be able to “inbred”.

Bill Elder’s comments that “Hasidic Jews are inbred” and “Lurianic Kabbalah” teach familiar marriages is fairly discriminatory as he ignores most of the Christian world. “There is also a sect like predilection toward pedophilia similarity between Islam and Hasidiam (sic)”. Where does he get this stuff?

Most royals are related. So I guess, by Bill’s description, they are inbred and have a predilection toward pedophilia, and that there is a similarity between Islam and Christianity. Ever hear about closed communities such as Mormons or Latter Day Saints? Its not an uncommon practice ergo “a predilection toward pedophilia”. Just about every religion and ethnic group must be pedophiliacs.

Don’t you just love the stereotyping of Jews, especially very religious Jews? Jews all have large noses, right? Dark skinned, right? Will kill you for a penny, right? Control the banks and media, right? Read the Elders of Zion lately?

Here, educate yourself:

This is about the third or fourth time I noticed Gavin making a gratuitous comment about Jews. I wonder…
commented 2016-09-29 15:02:18 -0400
Hasidic Jews are inbred because they are allowed to marry their first cousins – just as the Koran teaches so does Lurianic Kabbalah – they have common patriarchal liturgical roots. There is also a sect like predilection toward pedophilia similarity between Islam and Hasidiam.
commented 2016-09-29 13:00:55 -0400
Hasidic Jews are inbred because of the Qur’an? ~@1:35
commented 2016-09-29 08:19:10 -0400
Gavin’s new look no glasses , looks meaner, I like ,and the beard coming back, lefties better watch out, good point at the beginning what our leftist medias always , and still trying to hide is that the killer of the Polytechnique in Montreal was a Muslim who hated women that were in universities , they even changed his name to Lépine his mother’s name to fit the lone insane regular Canadian. ,
commented 2016-09-29 05:53:22 -0400
And whoever claimed you cannot fool most of the Liberals all of the time.
commented 2016-09-29 00:51:19 -0400
Muslims represent 5.2% of the Canadian population and the immigration policies Trudeau projects means that will rise to 18% by 2018.

Statisticsfrom the FBI and interpol show for every1oooo muslims the minority who will accept Islamic terror as a political direction will produce 1 terror or violent Jihadi event. That means in the current situation of 1.4 million muslims there are statistically a potential 144 Jihai violent events per year at 18% of the population there will be 657 terror events per year. I think Europe, the US and The Philipenes are proving this formula to be a valid gauge of Islamic population to ethnic violence ratios.
commented 2016-09-29 00:29:37 -0400
Keith Barnes—-Why do you want to have a breeding war with the Muslims, what is wrong with the USA having 200 Million and Canada having 20Million. Think of Full Employment. Besides if we did not allow them in N. America or Europe, the Musies would kill each other, as that is what they love doing. (bloodshed)
commented 2016-09-29 00:24:11 -0400
Gavin, it’s good that you are growing your beart again. To be honest you are looking now like Heinrich Himmler, which by the way probably most of the lefties thinking you are anyway. Keep on fighting.
commented 2016-09-28 23:26:04 -0400
@ Jay Kelly commented 24 mins ago
The battle of accusing “Muslim terrorists” and “Right wing extremists” is really an internal battle in the United States.

Canadians are really not part of this debate because it is so ridiculous.

You cannot pull off a definition of “right wing extremists” in Canada.
The coward in you speaks as a foolish person.

The evil of islam is becoming recognized in Canada

You need o answer those questions or no one will respect you – the drug using, drinking, smoking, sexual abusing and evil islamic that you are.
commented 2016-09-28 23:07:18 -0400
The battle of accusing “Muslim terrorists” and “Right wing extremists” is really an internal battle in the United States.

Canadians are really not part of this debate because it is so ridiculous.

You cannot pull off a definition of “right wing extremists” in Canada.

Are they Protestants who are against Catholics? That seems a pathetic response given our history. Are there right wing extremists who want the "right to bear arms’? In Canada many people carry a rifle or other weapon for hunting a deer or moose. In the cities it makes no sense to carry a firearm, since there are no deer or moose.

Catholics and others were made fun or and persecuted in Canada in the early 1900’s. But now we have a sense of respect.

Muslims in Canada, who make up probably four percent of our population are respected for who they are.

The Rebel presents good stories, upfront and honest. The Rebel also reflects what we think. Good on you.
commented 2016-09-28 22:47:02 -0400
Besides the fact that the patron saint of gun control in Canada was in fact a slammer….if a feminist hot head had of killed a dozen young men while shouting “je haie la patriarchie”…..they would have named the school after her.
commented 2016-09-28 21:06:48 -0400
9/!! wasn’t done by the Podunk Montana Presbyterian NRA elk hunting club.

Good Call on Marc Lapine (AKA Gamil Gharbi) Canada’s own Islamist misogynist mass killer – oh and the Dawson collage mass shooter Kimveer Gill the Goth Punjabi – hardly a who’s who of WASPdom.
commented 2016-09-28 20:51:45 -0400
Unless the White Race starts breeding again, it is just going to die out. A Government that cared could help this problem by offering incentives for people to have more children. A healthy cash bonus for each child would help and perhaps tax free clothing? Who knows, perhaps making it law for all TV stations shut down at 10pm (LOL).

One thing is certain, if Christians do not start to have more children, they will deprive Islam of it’s Jihad because soon all the white people will be gone.

As the Black Christian Minister said, ‘Start screwin yo Honky Bastards, or yo is aint goin to be anymore’.
commented 2016-09-28 20:38:51 -0400
I love that scene from "Still smoking " where peewee Herman calls the cops on cheech and chong and says "I think they’re Iranian " and major swat teams respond in seconds
commented 2016-09-28 19:52:39 -0400
The organization known as the NWO must get rid of Christians and above all the white race…
Predominately and I say predominately the white race is Christian keeping in mind I’m not trying to draw lines through any racial barrier but I am trying to make a point..
Islam is predominantly the religion of colored races and the children of Christian families who are colored may be more susceptible to Islamic influence because they see everybody in Islam is predominantly colored and Christianity being predominately white.
When Life or death decisions have to be made based on submission or execution there may be more support for Islam and sharia from those that are historically bound to it as opposed to fundamentalist white Christians..
As a white man you can’t even pretend to be Muslim to slip through an angry crowd of young military aged males as an Asian or black or other colored members of society.
Islam = White Christian Anglo-Saxon Caucasian extermination.
commented 2016-09-28 19:35:07 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,829 Attacks, 202,503 Killed, 283,534 Injured…. that we know of
commented 2016-09-28 19:28:56 -0400
Then there is the whole thing about using Sihks, Vietnam Namese, Chinese Triads, Etc to show how violent elements can integrate. However, these violent elements were forced to integrate by the general communities of Sikhs, Vietnam Namese, Chinese. I just do not see this happening muslim wise; they are more like the Japanese in the lead up to 1941.
commented 2016-09-28 18:46:04 -0400
Evil = islamic
commented 2016-09-28 18:40:50 -0400
Muslims are 1% of the population in the US but have produced 99% of the body count from terrorism on US soil in the past 20 years.