December 02, 2015

Liberals worry about “backlash” if refugees receive special treatment

Brian LilleyArchive

Funny how those of us who were calling for some sanity and a pause in the Liberal’s “on-the-fly” refugee policy, were called bigots for it but today we saw more evidence that the Liberals may actually be listening. 

Immigration Minister John McCallum addressed another issue of concern expressed by many Canadians on the question of whether suddenly bringing in this number of refugees might stretch the capacity of our social services in areas like housing for example.

This is a legitimate concern now and it was a legitimate concern then. A responsible government would have known this all along rather than indulging in electoral politics, driven by the emotion stirred up from a heartbreaking picture that showed up in the middle of an election.


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Trudeau's Liberals MUST halt plans to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees
until they can guarantee the safety of the Canadian people.

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commented 2015-12-03 19:41:55 -0500
Just look at his eyes just like a shark cold and dead, do u think he cares about us?(I mean Canadians who pay taxes and taxes and dental and prescriptions see where this is coming from)
commented 2015-12-03 15:30:36 -0500
Liberal spin makes me want to throw up! In Ontario alone refugees get free dental, prescriptions, chiropractic, physiotherapy, eyeglasses, and welfare. I don’t know about Toronto, but in Ottawa they bump Canadian citizens out of the line for social housing even though some have been on the list for up to 10 years. 800,000 Ontarians don’t have access to a family doctor, yet I will bet however many people are sponsored to come here will also be put on a priority list.
commented 2015-12-03 14:22:16 -0500
So coming from a reliable government worker , the immigrants will receive $2200 a month to live in Canada ? Wow that’s more money then any Canadian who worked in the work force for 50 years paid the max on old age pension and CPP ? And they only get about 1500 per month , is this special treatment ?
commented 2015-12-03 13:18:00 -0500
Whoops – my mistake. Clearly I am not. Should have read the comments below before posting.
commented 2015-12-03 13:15:56 -0500
Am I the only one that thinks Mcallum sounds like he’s 3 sheets to the wind every time he opens his mouth?
commented 2015-12-03 09:50:00 -0500
Well written Spencer.
commented 2015-12-03 01:43:09 -0500
I think the reason the Left is so enamoured and accommodating of Muslims is because of the Guilt they feel over The Crusades. Well, I hate to tell them this, but non of the today’s Muslims were around, or victims of The Crusades, and more importantly, the Crusades was a GOOD thing, as the Muslims had no business taking over and oppressing Europeans in the first place!!
commented 2015-12-03 01:13:43 -0500
Spencer. I read your article, left a nice comment. Well done young man!!
commented 2015-12-03 01:13:42 -0500
Spencer. I read your article, left a nice comment. Well done young man!!
commented 2015-12-03 00:20:12 -0500
The plight of the homeless in Canada may not be as dire as for some of the Syrian refugees, but it"s no picnic either for some who sleep under bridges, riverbanks, bus shelters, etc, especially in the dead of winter. Where is the timeline for Trudeau & McCallum to give these people a hand….nowhere. I say to them, your duty & responsibility is first to Canadian citizens & then perhaps you can go help someone else.
It galls me that Canadians are never consulted on these matters. They just go ahead & do whatever they please & we have to suck it up. I for one did not vote the Libs in & I strongly oppose this mass immigration which will be a heavy financial burden on our society & God only knows what the ramifications down the road will be. I am not a pessimist by a long shot, but in this case their hasty decisions can only bring more unrest, more unemployment, longer healthcare lines & much more. This is not good whatsoever.
commented 2015-12-02 23:30:06 -0500
The plight of the homeless in Canada may not be as dire as it is for some Syrian refugees, but it’s no picnic for them either, many having to sleep under bridges, on riverbanks, bus shelters, etc especially in the dead of winter. Where is the timeline for our gov’t to give these people a hand….nowhere. To Mr. Trudeau & McCallum I say that charity starts at home & it’s your duty & responsibility to help your citizens first & then perhaps go help someone else.
It galls me to no end that the citizens are never consulted in these matters. They just go ahead & do whatever they please & we have to suck it up. Well, I did not vote these liberals in & I am totally opposed to this mass immigration, which will be a giant financial burden on our society & God only knows what the ramifications of this hastily made decision will have on all of us. I am not a pessimist, but in this case I don’t foresee anything positive, just more homeless people, more food banks, more taxes, more unrest.
commented 2015-12-02 23:16:06 -0500
Ended up getting that article I wrote published in my university’s paper, I know a few people here encouraged me to do so.

I think it’s more important than ever that conservatives begin speaking out on university campuses about the erosion of liberties and desecration of free speech by the privileged few, the elitist caste; that’s not even to mention the complete lack of common sense and the abandonment of logic by the vocal minority.
commented 2015-12-02 23:11:09 -0500
The plight of the homeless in Canada may not be as dire as it is for some Syrian refugees, but it’s no picnic for them either, some sleeping under bridges, on riverbanks, bus shelters especially in the dead of winter, so where is the timeline by the gov’t to give these people a hand, nowhere in sight. To our gov’t I say, charity starts at home. Yesterday at the meat counter a 50ish lady struck up a conversation with me as she was spending her last $10 for her meat purchase. She works 3 p/t jobs & recovering from surgery so of course not working right now, so no pay. I say to Trudeau & McCallum your responsibility is to take care of your own citizens first, then maybe you can go help some one else. Preferential treatment for these refugees will & should create a backlash which will be well deserved.
It galls me that the population is never consulted in these matters. There is never a referendum to see if we agree or not with their decisions. They do whatever they please & too bad if we don’t like it. I did not vote for these liberals & strongly disagree with their stance on this massive immigration, which will be a terrible burden on our society, not to mention what can happen down the road. This is not good.
commented 2015-12-02 22:43:39 -0500
Maybe the plight of the homeless in Canada is not as dire as it is for some Syrian refugees, but nevertheless it’s no picnic for them either especially in the dead of winter, some sleeping under bridges, on riverbanks, etc, yet there is no critical time line for the gov’t to help these people. A government’s 1st responsibility should be to take care of its own citizens, wouldn’t you say. Yesterday at the meat market a 50ish lady struck up a conversation with me telling me she was spending her last $10 for her meat purchase. She worked 3 part time jobs & was just recovering from a recent surgery, during which time, she cannot work of course & not receiving any pay either, so is our bleeding heart for Syrian refugees gov’t helping her out right now, no way Jose, she’s on her own. You bet there will be backlash & they will deserve no less.
commented 2015-12-02 22:18:56 -0500
The great thing about liberals is they have no political spine. They see which way the popular opinion is heading and they jump out in front and pretend to lead They have no morals, whatever keeps them in power. If we can make enough noise on the issues we can sway their decisions. Brian, what about organizing a Pro Fossil Fuels rally in Ottawa while the Paris talks are happening.
commented 2015-12-02 21:38:58 -0500
On the other hand he maybe trying to demonize real Canadians’ for wanting to keep Canada Canadian!
commented 2015-12-02 21:23:19 -0500
Brian, I am surprised, You sounded like You actually believed this guy. Was he half inebriated or half sober, hard to tell with him.

Yes these so called Refugees will get special treatment. They are the new,soon to be, dominant faith in Canadistan, they will be worshiped by Canadians, until Canadians are no more.Shortly
commented 2015-12-02 19:55:27 -0500
Trudeau gives them $10,000 of our tax-dollars per family then he exempts Syrian refugees from having to pay us back. All other refugees must pay back the loans. Special Treatment. They were bragging about how high the payback stats were in the 90% range… McCallum is up his bosses butt.
I give him credit for stopping drinking a-hol but not for replacing it with chronic lying. They are que jumping them on every issue.
Everything the Liberals say is a special treatment lie. “Refugees with infectious diseases will not be denied entry to Canada”. Special treatment. Doesn’t apply to other regular refugees.
Regular Canadians having difficulty with living is low priority with problems everywhere; 1 in 5 children living in poverty; healthcare access; affordable housing; single parents and seniors suffering; foodbanks short and stressed etc.
“Clash of Culture in Canada”…Diane Weber Bederman writes an excellent Dec.1, 2015 piece on refugees.
commented 2015-12-02 19:52:56 -0500
“Lieberals concerned about backlash should Canadians learn of special treatment of refugees” Translation: Lieberals will hide this fact. The Socialist Media will cover for them!@
commented 2015-12-02 18:37:04 -0500
They already have that covered . Expect to be deluged by the CBC with the terrible effects of PTSD. . At present it is 15 % of adults and 50% of children.
commented 2015-12-02 18:26:49 -0500
This is what I mean when I say it is the liberals who are the ones who create fear and division. They should be worried about more of a backlash if one of these refugees is a bad apple as Trudeau warned they could be.
commented 2015-12-02 18:11:53 -0500
The media party will now paint MacCallum as a champion of common sense, a true Canadian. He slurs out a hackjob version of what the rest of us have been saying for months, but we remain the racists and bigots. ..another day in this Backwards nightmare gong show..
commented 2015-12-02 18:05:20 -0500
Honest question: is he drunk most of the time? He looks and sounds pretty gooned lately.
commented 2015-12-02 17:47:35 -0500
These refugees are also receiving better medical care such as eye care and dental care that our seniors and other Canadians do not receive which is totally unfair.
commented 2015-12-02 17:39:17 -0500
Trudeau can worry about the long term safety of his family if one of these muslim locusts turns out to have a preference to blow up Canadians.

Listening to that fossil and full time alcoholic MacCallum talk makes me throw up in my mouth. What an embarrassment to his family.

Have another bottle you piss tank MacCallum.
commented 2015-12-02 17:26:59 -0500
Was it Ezra that said a day or 2 ago that taxpayers are paying to build a Mosque at a Canadian Forces Base in Quebec, and also to provide Halal food for them?

That sounds like very special treatment to me!
commented 2015-12-02 17:16:11 -0500
They are receiving special treatment – and there will be a backlash – it is starting already.

The libs just hoped no one in the dumb electorate would notice.

But they did.

Even lib voters are getting PO’d.

Cannot hurt your base or you are in trouble – that is happening too.

Interesting times ahead – hope we do not break the bank.
commented 2015-12-02 17:07:00 -0500
Liberals should also worry about a ‘backlash’ if Muslims continue to receive special treatment.