May 04, 2018

LIVE with Ezra! Elon Musk's “bizarre” phone call — and YOUR questions

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Today on "Battleground," Ezra reports on Tesla boss Elon Musk's testy phone call with his investors that reportedly has Wall Street in a panic. PLUS as promised, a Friday "Free-For-All" devoted to taking your questions!

All this PLUS your questions and criticisms LIVE on Ezra Levant's "Battleground"!

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commented 2018-05-06 21:38:23 -0400
We’re just not that into you, get over it.
commented 2018-05-05 21:56:46 -0400
In an earlier post on this thread, I mentioned Musk getting 4 billion in corporate welfare from Obama.
It is actually 4.9 billion.
commented 2018-05-05 20:44:35 -0400
Think treason.
commented 2018-05-05 20:44:17 -0400
Elon Musk and others at Spacex will face indictments, stay tuned.
commented 2018-05-05 17:47:51 -0400
After that behavior towards investors questions I would agree with Ezra that Elon Musk may be a bit of a huckster. I’m glad Elon got the response he deserved. I’d be selling too.
commented 2018-05-05 17:36:18 -0400
Do you think, Jack White, that you are so important that Ezra should take time to have back and forth personal Q and A’s with you on a regular basis? He probably thinks you are a troll and he’d be right. You’re lucky you got a response after the first email. I’m sure he’ bails’ because he figures you have wasted enough of his time. What a joke you are.
What’s the matter? You too gutless to have your question taken to task in public?
commented 2018-05-05 02:52:33 -0400
Yep, That’s the spirit!
commented 2018-05-04 21:54:34 -0400
Liza, I’m enjoying the new format, as with any new concept, there is room to improve. It has been five days, Ezra & team are looking at the numbers and feedback to build on.

You’re right, little wee man is all bluster and no bite.
commented 2018-05-04 21:50:08 -0400
You dolt, if you actually participated in livestream you would know there were hundreds of comments and questions.
You are misrepresenting what Ezra said, get your own story straight before you attack.

Clearly you have comprehension issues, written and auditory.

As I previously mentioned, wolf with sharp teeth….pretending to be a lamb with advice for Ezra. You clearly have a disordered personality.

No comment on Elon Musk and his failing company? Let me guess, you are one of those people who truly believe he really left a car in space!!! Morons will be morons.
commented 2018-05-04 21:48:27 -0400
Good show today Ezra,I like the Friday format. Give it a chance to catch on, stick with it.

Tammie troll would be too embarrassed to have Ezra’s direct reply, he knows it would make him look like a fool, or else he would do it. All bluster no bite.
commented 2018-05-04 19:06:44 -0400
Jack White,
How can he read and respond to hundreds of comments and questions? Are you that thick? It’s 60 minutes long, and he would have to disable comments after a short time to do what you are claiming he said. Ezra did not say he would read and respond to all comments on Friday, clean out your ears!

Ezra did respond to questions not affiliated with Super Chat throughout the hour, he also answered questions posed by people who did pay.

My what colourful descriptors you use wolf, first you said enthralled, then you said riveting….you are nothing more than a wee man with sharp teeth.
commented 2018-05-04 19:03:19 -0400
What about releasing your Christian documentary on DVD and selling it on the rebel store?
commented 2018-05-04 18:11:04 -0400
The left are the kings of censorship.
commented 2018-05-04 18:07:06 -0400
Post your comment next Friday as Rebel Malignant Troll!
commented 2018-05-04 18:05:51 -0400
I posted questions and comments when I tuned in for livestream 3x this week. I did not pay for Super Chat. I support Rebel by being Premium Content subscriber and through donations.
His fans are giving positive feedback, you are not a fan. You did say questions and comments are awful, if you are not up to the Super Chat challenge with Ezra, I understand. It’s easier to come here afterward and whine. Got it!

There were a lot of anti-Semetic comments from trolls on Wed. These were deleted by fans moments after being posted.
commented 2018-05-04 17:44:30 -0400
Well then Jack, as Ezra’s constant disparager under so many pseudonyms; why don’t you put your money where your mouth is and Super Chat on Monday?

I don’t believe you listened live for the full hour, or once it was uploaded on this format.
commented 2018-05-04 16:41:08 -0400
Those of us in the know realized a long time ago that Muslims, Islam, and Mosques would be exempt from the rules Jihadi Justin is imposing on the rest of us………

Ezra. Documentaries. Consider making the documentaries available on DVD. Youtube may likely pull down Rebel documentaries seeing them as criticism of Islam. Years ago, the fakestream media refused to air or acknowledge a documentary called “The Soviet Story” which outlined the horrors of the then Soviet Union. The producers got around the censorship by making it available on DVD. I got a copy that way. An enlightening film any wannabe socialist/communist should be forced to watch!
commented 2018-05-04 16:29:32 -0400
Jack White alias John Wick alias Bob Rock etc, i.e. Trolltard,

Your helpful comments are always so appreciated. Maybe when you grow a brain and come here one day to contribute instead of to sabotage The Rebel, you will be taken seriously. Until that happy day, I think not.
commented 2018-05-04 15:00:25 -0400
Didn’t Musk receive 4 billion in corporate welfare during the Obama years? I’m sure the looming bankruptcy for Tesla has a lot to do with no longer being subsidized by the WH and the inability to get cars to market in a timely manner.
commented 2018-05-04 14:55:10 -0400
Mike Lavigne, it might be a good idea to e-mail Rebel support and ask Lacey (IT tech) to go over the issues with you, maybe there is a step you are missing. I’m sure she can help you sort this out.
commented 2018-05-04 14:51:40 -0400
Funny how some people disparage Ezra at every turn, then offer “advice” because apparently they don’t like his format and finds questions and comments awful. Hmmm… how odd.
commented 2018-05-04 13:24:19 -0400
Just had another idea, Ezra. You could alternate the hosting of the live chat show with David Menzies and other Rebel personalities. That would keep it more interesting. Not that you’re not interesting, but variety helps.

A story I think you should cover like a bee on pollen: Turkish forces are right now committing genocide on Christians and Kurds in Afrin, Syria. the Christians and Kurds are fleeing. The MSM are ignoring this genocide.
commented 2018-05-04 13:13:16 -0400
Ezra, I think you should have a teaser headline for each live chat show to pull in viewers, and also you should charge a minimum of $10 per highlighted question. You want to disincentivize any Rebel-hating trolls who might want to use that feature to embarrass you or to generally screw over TheRebel or any of its staff, and that should help do that, and also raising the rate should get more money for The Rebel and keep you from getting overloaded with trivial questions. And if the burden of the daily show becomes too much, you could just do it on Fridays, or a couple of days a week. We don’t want to wear you out, we need you around to fight for Canada!
commented 2018-05-04 12:28:52 -0400
Have you heard of Avi Yemini ? He’s doing some good work in Victoria Australia. I think the Rebel viewers would be interested in see an interview with him.
commented 2018-05-04 12:21:59 -0400
I can’t post anything on superchat. Very frustrating. My contribution goes through but my questions don’t. I can’t even ask a question outside of superchat.