Tell Galen Weston and Loblaws to buy their own fridges and pay the public back the $12 million!

David MenziesMission Specialist
UPDATE: Liberals DENY Rebel access to Loblaws $12M fridge handout documents

May 24, 2019: Talk about getting the cold shoulder! We filed an Access to Information request directed at the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change, to find out how Loblaw Companies Ltd. qualified for a $12 million taxpayer handout to buy new fridges. 

What we got back was a notice stating that a 150-day (!) extension was needed to provide this information — assuming a third party (i.e. Loblaw) wouldn’t challenge the release of such data in court.


UPDATE: Loblaw shareholders defend free fridges: "It's not ethical, but things happen." 

May 8, 2019: Why did this corporation — with revenue of $48.6 billion last year — take $12 million in taxpayer welfare from the Justin Trudeau Liberals for new refrigeration?

Well, I asked shareholders outside their annual meeting about this, and their answers weren’t all that forthcoming.


PETITION DELIVERYLoblaws sends an unapologetic spokesperson to accept initial petition delivery

April 18, 2019Petition delivered: We dropped by the Brampton, Ont. headquarters of Loblaw Companies Ltd. to deliver the petition.


UPDATE: Loblaws calls cops on David Menzies over petition

April 16, 2019David Menzies recently visited the Loblaws Toronto flagship store to garner more signatures with our old school petition forms. Management wasn't happy to see us shopping for signatures (and even called the police!) but several peeved Loblaws customers were only too happy to sign the petition.


It's gross. The Justin Trudeau Liberals are giving $12 million to Loblaw Companies Limited to buy new energy-efficient refrigeration units. 

Loblaw revenues topped $46 billion last year. They are controlled by one of Canada’s richest families, and yet they are getting public money to buy new refrigerators. 

Do you recall the last time Loblaw was in the news? It was when the company admitted to colluding with bakeries in order to fix the price of bread. A scam Loblaw got away with for fifteen years.

They were making the lives of the poorest Canadians more difficult by scheming to increase the cost of bread. 

Enough is enough. If Loblaws wants whiz-bang energy-efficient refrigerators to ostensibly help fight “climate change”, then let them buy their own damn fridges!

Please send a message to Loblaw demanding they send their taxpayer-funded corporate welfare cheque back to the treasury. They don’t deserve your money. It’s not fair to you. And it’s not fair to Loblaws’ competitors who don’t have the luxury of having cushy Liberal ties.

So please sign the petition below. Bad corporate behaviour should not – and cannot – be rewarded with public money. It’s unethical. It’s immoral. And it is disrespectful to hard-working Canadians everywhere.

Let’s send a stone-cold message to this multi-billionaire-dollar grocer that deserves to be punished rather than rewarded.

Sign the petition!

Loblaw Companies Limited must respect the Canadian taxpayer and return the $12 million grant given to them by the Justin Trudeau Liberals.

Will you sign?