June 21, 2017

London Al Quds organizers, speakers attack Rebel UK team

Lucy BrownRebel Contributor

I was at the annual Al Quds Day march this weekend, reporting on the annual event where supporters of proscribed terror organisations Hamas and Hizbollah march through the streets of London.

After checking out the Israeli/Israel friendly counter protest, we headed into the Hizbollah side where my cameraman and I were assaulted and harassed. 

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commented 2017-06-23 15:02:20 -0400
Xricowhatever; too bad you weren’t around to tell the Hashemites about the paleolithic palestinians maybe they would have immediately handed it over instead of thinking it was theirs for 20 yrs.
Or, you could have told the Haj amin al Husseini clan who thought it was southern Syria. Could’ve saved a lot of tribal bloodshed.
BTW, we’ve had copy and paste queens like you on here before. Boring.
commented 2017-06-23 05:21:45 -0400
While they were being attacked, the police did nothing. Strangely, the Rebel reporter seems to act as though that is normal in such a situation.

Why didn’t the police intervene and explain that it is an open city area and anyone can be there? Why was Sharia allowed to control who would be allowed in?

Keeping out whites is racist the last time I looked; if it were reversed and Muslims were being kept out the police would be on whomever like bears to honey.

As for “✖RICOHANDS”, stupidity knows no bounds. Jews have been in Israel for over 3500 years. Their country was not called “Palestine”, a name assigned to the area as punishment by the Romans around 70AD. Until the 1970s, Palestinian referred too the Jews living in the area; the others were either Christian, Arab Christian, or Arab Muslim.

When someone is that ignorant, there isn’t much one can do to educate them or open their eyes to the truth. So be it. Hopefully, he realises that Alpo is not something he should have for his dinner. Again, hopefully…
commented 2017-06-22 01:36:49 -0400
Ricohates where do you think European Jews came from? Mars?
commented 2017-06-22 01:17:53 -0400
Love how people like Rico can only believe the accounts they want to believe, nothing written by those evil Jews is considered truth to him.
commented 2017-06-22 01:13:45 -0400
Rico in case you missed it , many of the Pals still live their and get full rights.
commented 2017-06-22 01:12:40 -0400
Rico also the terrorists are Hamas and such, not Israel. Get yourself some reality. Someone naming someone Palestinians does not mean they own the damn world. And like i asked , why no land from Egypt or Syria then? If the name encompasses so much territory , why no call for them to give land?
commented 2017-06-22 01:10:01 -0400
Rico the name was made up and did not include that part of the middle east, they are not native to it.
commented 2017-06-21 22:42:38 -0400
Since Mohamed, the arabs hate the Jews. Your opinion proves that you are a racist, bigoted, anti-semite, full of hatred. The Palestinians are terrorists and you support them. If you give Israël to the Arabs, what do you want to do with the Jews and the Christians in the country? Kill them?
commented 2017-06-21 20:40:06 -0400
Drew: Ignorance is not an opinion. I have “Histories” and he is the father of western history. He described the length and breadth of PALESTINE
Palestine is not a Roman name. It entered the Indo – European lexicon most likely through the Greek. Writers such as Herodotus , Aristotle , Polemon of Athens, Pausanias,Agatharchides referred to Palestine repeatedly in their writings. None referred to ‘Israel’, it is thought the Greek word Palestine derives from a now extinct language of the iron age, in particular in the eight to seven centuries BCE, a Canaanite dialect that was written in a version of the west Semitic alphabet so distinctive it has been termed the Neo-Palestine script. These people referred to their land Philistia.
commented 2017-06-21 19:26:02 -0400
Rico why no march for the Copts in Egypt?
commented 2017-06-21 19:25:13 -0400
Fact is Rico that much of the middle east was forcefully made to be Islamic by invasion and the sword. Why do you not want Egypt or Jordan or Lebanon to give them any land? HYPOCRITE!
commented 2017-06-21 19:23:03 -0400
Ricohates the Israelis were their long before Muslims were. And the Pals are not from the area , you need to look at some history. And where is your history of Muslim history there? Jews predate them by a long time. Sorry to call your BS. And your source does not mention any Muslims there either , nor does it apply to the current Pals. You are ignorant.
commented 2017-06-21 18:48:19 -0400
Alan Cram: What books have you read? Ancient Hebrews were there, not Eastern European Jews. Hebrew comes from the word ‘habiru’ which means ‘nomad’. The Ancient Hebrews sojourned to Canaan (read: Palestine) from the Arabian peninsula 2000 yrs after the Canaanites did the same. You could not tell one goat herder from the next 3500 yrs ago. They are not recent illegal immigrants of a political ideology – such as yourself no doubt – who had designs on Palestine.
Jericho at 10000 yrs old is the oldest town in the world and has the oldest stone houses in the world also dating back 10000 yrs. You have made your history up which is not backed by any historical record.
To argue that there was a Jewish kingdom of substance before Herodotus (who wrote extensively about Palestine in his “Histories” 5th century BC. "Histories’ is the most comprehensive and earliest study of the region. No mention of alleged Jewish history therein) is rather difficult precisely because the only evidence we have is from Jewish religious writings written after the fact. It is one of those great historical shibboleths that tend to exist in any age: however the strange thing about the ‘Kingdoms of Israel’ is that its not mentioned textually by anyone else. Nonetheless it would have only been a short period in Palestinian history had it existed.
commented 2017-06-21 17:52:30 -0400
Ricohands, get some books on pre Roman and Roman history of the area. Spoiler alert, the Jews were there long before the Romans. In fact the Romans, after invading Judea( translated as land of the Jews) came up with the name Palestine. Sorry if facts ruin your MSM inspired leftwing progressive narrative causing you to be offended. If you are you can call your Lieberal Party member for a list of safe places and CBC approved programming!
commented 2017-06-21 17:49:36 -0400
Hey John S no comment on this, or are you a friggin coward.
commented 2017-06-21 17:48:56 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,555 Attacks, 216,395 Killed, 297,595 Injured that we know of

XRICHANDS, you’re a fool.
commented 2017-06-21 17:48:55 -0400
Police there showing what bitches they are when it comes to these scum.
All Peds day is more like it.
commented 2017-06-21 17:46:25 -0400
Ricohates by the way , Israel doe snot care what some twerp behind a keyboard thinks, they will continue to endure and kick ass on all hate filled scum that mess with them. LMAO!
commented 2017-06-21 17:44:03 -0400
Ricohates Israel is the name of the land idiot and they were there long before there was even Muslims halfwit. Now go be a good bigot.
commented 2017-06-21 17:26:13 -0400
✖RICOHANDS, that’s one way to look at, and, I disagree with your opinion.
commented 2017-06-21 17:18:02 -0400
There were lots of things I began to write, er rant, in response to yet more Moslem, Islamosavagery…and then decided not to write any of those angry thoughts…
So I’ll leave this short video instead…
commented 2017-06-21 17:05:35 -0400
Islamists, the intolerant demanding tolerance in order to defend the indefensible!
commented 2017-06-21 16:56:31 -0400
Has anyone seen the video footage of Little Potato sitting cross legged in muslim garb in a Montreal mosque reciting the shahada…don’t know what the shahada is? Look it up…the shahada is the prayer one recites to become a muslim…
commented 2017-06-21 16:51:47 -0400
The name of the land between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea is Palestine. Only Palestine. Never will the Zionist entity occupying Palestine be recognized under any circumstances. Because it is a fabricated regime, “Israel” will always be referred to in quotation marks to affirm its lack of legitimacy and our commitment to categorically denying its equally fabricated “right to exist.” No to normalization, no to recognition, no to Zionism.
Every “Israeli” is an illegal settler. Every. Single. One. Thus, all persons identifying themselves as “Israelis” must leave Palestine immediately to make way for 8 million ethnically cleansed Palestinian refugees all over globe who want to exercise their universally-recognized Right of Return.
commented 2017-06-21 16:10:13 -0400
We have anti-semites now commenting, who have no idea of the history of the foundation of Israël and want to destroy the only democratic country in the Middle-East where Jews, Christians and Muslims cohabit together. Palestinians are arabs and they control most of the rest of the Middle-East, but they don’t want to talk about all the other countries that they have. Their only goal is to wipe the Jews off the face of the earth. Their hatred dates back to 2,000 yrs, and now in 2017, their hatred is shared by the leftards.
commented 2017-06-21 15:58:08 -0400
The police will not help you – you are the wrong colour and the wrong gender and the wrong culture.

Be safe – you have experienced in a minor way what many of us actually lived while serving in the desert.

As the population grows it will only get worse.

Coming to Canada soon enough – of that you can be certain.
commented 2017-06-21 15:55:18 -0400
British police are afraid of Muslim men; they know how they act when provoked. It’s easier to stand and watch them harassing Lucy, than to stand up to them. This will not end peacefully, I’m afraid as they should’ve done this ten years ago when Tommy Robinson first tried to sound the alarm.
commented 2017-06-21 15:39:55 -0400
israeli friendly protest? Perhaps you can tell me what is the legal moral or ethical justification of ‘israel’ to exist at the expense of the native Palestinians on illegally acquired Palestinian soil under the barrel of a terrorist gun (and sustained by it)?
commented 2017-06-21 15:33:07 -0400
Why this march was allowed? FEAR.