September 22, 2016

London's Muslim mayor says terror attacks are part of life in a big city

StaffRebel Columnist

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is telling people to get used to terrorism.

Khan appeared at the “Building Progressive, Inclusive Cities” event in New York City last week where he met with Mayor Bill de Blasio.

It was there that he told the Evening Standard that terror attacks are “part and parcel of life in a big city”. This was just mere hour after police foiled multiple terror attacks in New Jersey and New York.

Khan's words mirror those of France's Prime Minister who said that “we should learn to live with terrorism.”

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commented 2016-09-24 01:32:15 -0400
Libs, that’s the problem with the right. We are soon afraid of being called names by the lefties so we shut up and do nothing.
commented 2016-09-23 08:45:32 -0400
commented 2016-09-23 03:29:32 -0400
Ok Then… Using Mayor Sadiq Khan’s own logic, maybe a few mosque bombings be “part and parcel” of London life?… Just asking….
commented 2016-09-23 03:23:49 -0400
Islam is the self-avowed enemy of the world, especially the West.
That makes Moslems the enemy of the world, especially the West…all Moslems!
The only exceptions are apostate Moslems – and even then there’s taqiyya.
The Pearson/Trudeau cabal set us up real good with multiculturalism…no way to eradicate or exorcise the cancer of Islam from Canada now – let alone the rest of the world!
We’re screwed, blued and tattooed…
commented 2016-09-22 22:56:11 -0400
Stephen Eisenberg, great ideas. Unfortunately the brainless moron Liberals will call you a racist and bigot for making sense.
commented 2016-09-22 22:29:39 -0400
He is islam therefore he is evil

That is all anyone needs to know.

Evil = islamic
commented 2016-09-22 22:17:51 -0400
Once the big one happens in Canada, (like 9-11) the libs will learn the dangers of open borders.
commented 2016-09-22 22:04:57 -0400
Good diagnosis, Doc. Hillary loves her undocumented Democrats.
commented 2016-09-22 20:19:10 -0400
No they aren’t you POS.
commented 2016-09-22 20:18:40 -0400
Mark Sherman plots have been foiled in Canada so, Toronto, Vancouver , Ottawa(foiled and succeeded plots), the crashed plane in Sask, the Via rail line between Toronto and New York. Are those BS enough for you?
commented 2016-09-22 18:55:59 -0400
How about living with a less tolerant world? You know, if people demand and insist upon overthrowing and imposing foreign ideals upon the country they immigrate to are told to pack up and leave. When people demand their own separate legal system for themselves. When people violate the nations laws on a wholesale level, show them the door.

Immigrants best not commit criminal code/federal level crimes for the first ten years of residency. If they do, they are automatically deported – no matter what – if convicted and after they serve their time in prison. No debate. No whining about family or connections to the country they violated. They leave with only the clothes on their back and their passport of only their home country.

Change citizenship laws: seven years to become a citizen. Be on your best behaviour. Get a job. Contribute. No special services greater than what the general population receives. Criminal crime equals loss of your new citizenship. Upon obtaining the citizenship of their new country, they are required to renounce their pervious citizenship. No more hyphenated citizens.

i’m certain that within two years terrorism within large cities will be greatly reduced. Terrorism won’t be the new normal (as if it ever was).
commented 2016-09-22 18:52:59 -0400
“I call bullshit here. How many cities in Canada are subject to terrorism?” Just wait Mark, it will be hard for you to ignore soon enough.
commented 2016-09-22 18:50:36 -0400
Get used to IIslamic terrorism? Not gonna happen.
commented 2016-09-22 16:56:41 -0400
Maybe things will change when Brits grow a pair – no wait …..
commented 2016-09-22 16:33:17 -0400
Leviticus 2013 wrote «That’s an easy one…!!! The imported migrants legal or illegal have a greater voting majority then mainstream British people..»

This is one reason the current election is make-or-break for both the Democrats and the Republicans. If the Democrats win, Hillary will import as many Muslims and validate as many Mexicans as it takes to cement the Democrat voting base. If Trump wins, he will limit immigration of Muslims and evict large numbers of illegal Mexican invaders, eliminating the Democrat edge in demographics.
commented 2016-09-22 16:30:01 -0400
Terrorism is a fact of life in any city… with a significant Muslim population.
commented 2016-09-22 15:41:03 -0400
KEITH RICHARDS commented 2 hours ago
“How did this goat fucker get elected??”

That’s an easy one…!!! The imported migrants legal or illegal have a greater voting majority then mainstream British people..
And that’s exactly how it’s going to happen here…! For those that can see it no explanation necessary for those that can’t no explanation will ever suffice.
commented 2016-09-22 15:34:37 -0400
I shoot and stab back!!!! Is that new normal enough for ya? Snowflakes
commented 2016-09-22 15:00:00 -0400
I call bullshit here. How many cities in Canada are subject to terrorism?
commented 2016-09-22 14:58:52 -0400
It is normal for the Middle East where violence has been a way of life for thousands of years. Yeah remind us again why we would want that?
commented 2016-09-22 14:17:06 -0400
Jesus help us!
commented 2016-09-22 13:46:15 -0400
How did this goat fucker get elected??

President Donald will have to summon the CIA to erase this piece of shit.
commented 2016-09-22 13:32:27 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM: 31,790 Attacks, 202,161 Killed, 283,288 Injured…. that we know of.
commented 2016-09-22 13:30:55 -0400
Kahn, is known to have close relationships with Terrorist Organizations and at one time,in his life, he was a Hate Preacher.

Not to long ago he was in a Televised Debate about the Burka, he stated that the UK believed in freedom of speech and freedom of expression and that the Government had no right to tell people what not to wear. Shortly after this,as Mayor, he banned all advertising on the Subway and Buses, that displayed scantily clad females. He stated that it was offensive for Muslims.

The only reason that he is Mayor, is because there are more Muslims in London than there are English.
commented 2016-09-22 13:27:24 -0400
Billy, I give it 10 to 20 years, and then we will have roving bands of refugee rapists in our cities.
commented 2016-09-22 13:17:53 -0400
While terrorism is still rare in Canada, over the coming Trudeau years, we’ll have to get used to more attacks and Canadian deaths. Afterall, we should enjoy the “globalist” experience too. No?
commented 2016-09-22 12:58:00 -0400
I agree with him – Terror attacks are part of life in any countries that don’t stop immigration by Muslims.

You know… the peaceful religion that wants to KILL ALL OTHERS
commented 2016-09-22 12:56:49 -0400
Screw you Sadiq Khan we will never accept this Muslim horse shit as normal.