May 02, 2019

Lorne Gunter: “Nothing in Constitution” backs up BC claim that Alberta must keep oil flowing west

Rebel Staff

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Lorne Gunter joined me to talk about the poor footing chosen by the province of British Columbia as they gear up to argue with Jason Kenney's new Alberta provincial government over the flow of oil to the west.

Yesterday, B.C. filed court action against Alberta's Bill 12. This “turn off the taps” bill was enacted into law just yesterday, and can be used to block oil and gas exports if B.C. continues to block the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

During Kenney's swearing-in, our own Sheila Gunn Reid spoke with pro-energy industry protesters who suggested that the new UCP government should adjust the flow of oil to BC to the point of $2 per litre gasoline.

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