November 03, 2017

Lorne Gunter: AB NDP can't compete with Jason Kenney

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, Edmonton Sun columnist Lorne Gunter joined me to discuss Jason Kenney's victory in Alberta's United Conservative Party leadership race and how he expects the provincial election to unfold.

Lorne wasn't surprised by Kenney's victory, his well known organizational capabilities after a decade in the Harper government and his connections to ethnic communities couldn't be matched by Brian Jean or Doug Schweitzer.

WATCH my video to see why Lorne is certain Kenney's strengths will ensure the NDP lose the next election.

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commented 2017-11-04 13:12:29 -0400
Notley will never give up her hold on power.

The smearing is only just beginning, and the temperature over the next two years will be extreme.

I have no doubt that ANITFA is already looking at mobilizing in Alberta.

War is coming.

Be ready.
commented 2017-11-03 22:56:40 -0400
I won’t debate that Derek was/is the best man for the leadership of this party.. what he did wasn’t illegal.. yes it’s true he probably should’ve thought about it because it does look bad. His voice will be missed.!
commented 2017-11-03 17:38:15 -0400
Some concerns about Kenney , but he is worlds better than Notley and her commie cabal.
commented 2017-11-03 16:05:15 -0400
Oop wrong forum.
commented 2017-11-03 16:04:10 -0400
I looked up the word Caucasian and apparently it attributes the origin of Caucasians to the Caucasus mountains region although there are some disagreements.
commented 2017-11-03 15:30:54 -0400
“Too bad about derrick Filderbrant.. he never even broke the law and yet found himself a victim of his own parties dirty politics..”

We will disagree on that one, LEVITICUS. Fldebrandt found himself a victim of his own ethical deficit.
commented 2017-11-03 12:57:56 -0400
Too bad about derrick Filderbrant.. he never even broke the law and yet found himself a victim of his own parties dirty politics..
A climate change denier and a liberal hating conservative… His voice will be sorly missed..
commented 2017-11-03 12:26:35 -0400
… Billy: With you on that.
… Kenney and Scheer’s immediate abandonment of Rebel at the first sign of conflict was a disgrace. Rebel is the strongest and clearest conservative media outlet in Canada.
… I’ve no hope for Scheer, but hopefully Kenney will grow a pair.
commented 2017-11-03 12:21:31 -0400
I will never be completely supportive of Kenney until he puts on his “Freedom” hat and stops boycotting the Rebel – the only real conservative media left in this country (but TO Sun does deserve some kudos). When M103 comes into effect, I’m afraid Kenney will not defend Rebel Media’s freedom of speech/press but will kowtow to the Trudeau alt-left censorship dogma like a good little toady.
commented 2017-11-03 11:50:16 -0400
… Albertans overwhelmingly reject the NDP’s radical social and economic agenda. Albertans never wanted an NDP government, never will. The only reason that there is a NDP party in Alberta is because of the corrupt use of PS union dues.
… WE WANT AN ELECTION NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!