February 18, 2016

Lorne Gunter: The ultimate irony of the Alberta NDP's attempted ban on Rebel reporters

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Lorne Gunter's column in the Edmonton Journal about Notley's ban on Rebel journalists helped galvanize the debate this week.

Lorne joined me to talk about the Alberta NDP's clumsy, wrongheaded attempt to decide who is and isn't a journalist.

WATCH my whole conversation with Lorne Gunter HERE.

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commented 2016-02-18 18:18:41 -0500
Interesting article, “An irritating Rebel humbles an arrogant government”, by Calgary Herald columnist Don Braid yesterday, who generally comes across as an apologist for Notley. For example, “The New Democrats have achieved the seemingly impossible – they united most of the regular news media behind Ezra Levant. They hoisted Canada’s provocateur-in-chief from the right-wing ramparts to instant national fame. Welcome to the mainstream, Ezra”. Braid, essentially bemoaning the fact that by doing so the NDP have elevated Ezra’s profile. Noteworthy the reference to “right-wing ramparts” coming from decidedly lofty “left-wing ramparts”
And, “The only thing that might disappoint Levant is the government’s abrupt apology Wednesday, and the decision to allow The Rebel into future media events, pending a review by a retired journalist. This had to be Levant’s dream cause — a battle to the death with the Alberta NDP, all the way to the Supreme Court”. Not really, it costs money to have to go to the court for something that should not even be denied in a country that is supposed to allow free speech. Meanwhile, Notley could use taxpayers’ money to pay for her court costs. Also, by the time the issue would have gone to and been dealt with by the Supreme Court could take years and thereby achieve Notley’s aim. As far as characterizing it as “abrupt apology”, this was not an apology for wrong doing. Instead they carefully characterized what they did as a “mistake”; you know like an ‘honest mistake’, an unintentional one, not made with malice aforethought or they didn’t know any better. No, this was not a mistake, but a deliberate, calculated vindictive action by the NDP, with respect to, in Braid’s words, “an outfit they absolutely despise” and the NDP’s "attempt to punish The Rebel” for daring to criticize it, especially with the release of Sheila Gunn-Reid’s “The Destroyer”.
And, “So, here we are in the mainstream media, which Levant contemptuously calls The Media Party, suddenly defending him despite a fairly widespread opinion among journalists that The Rebel is a propaganda sheet at best”. There you have it; according to a fairly widespread opinion among unbiased left-wing journalists in The Media Party, which includes Braid, “The Rebel is a propaganda sheet at best”.
And, “We do it because there’s a constitutional guarantee of ‘freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication.’ And OK, we also do it, to be honest, because any one of us might be next”. Braid, finally got to the real reason at the end!
And, “The Rebel, for those who don’t know it, is a ferocious, relentless critic of the NDP. Levant and his crew practise advocacy journalism in a familiar American form, armed for battle every day, no quarter ever given. They don’t claim to be fair — only correct, all the time.” Unlike the mainstream media, of course, that claims to be fair, but takes pains to represent the left-wing perspective all the time, even as is evident in this article by Braid. After all, the CBC even gets paid by the Liberal government to do that.
And, “What might have set the NDP off now is a little book – a long pamphlet, really – written by The Rebel’s Alberta correspondent, Sheila Gunn Reid”. There you have it; much like the NDP who determine who is a journalist or not it, Braid determines what constitutes a book or not; he dismisses a 110-page book as a mere pamphlet.
commented 2016-02-18 17:37:49 -0500
Ezra has said they were going to take legal action or sue if the NDP didn’t back down..
(but not for financial compensation) —I disagree… “HARM” was done here on behalf of Albertan citizens, and all Canadians.. (Not just TheRebel.media..) On behalf of the people please follow through with any and all LEGAL options available to get the NDP on record, and if financial compensation is available Albertan’s will support it. Any transfer of Tax Payer Provincial Funds that the NDP is currently in control of transferred to the TheRebel.media is something that we should all support.

PLEASE Sue for Financial Compensation! We will support you!