September 08, 2017

Trust fund millionaire Liberals raise taxes on small business

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's show, Sun columnist Lorne Gunter joined me to discuss the impact of the Trudeau Liberals raising taxes on small businesses

Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau have marketed the changes as part of a "tax fairness" program and claimed that it won't affects Canadians making less than $150,000.

Trudeau and Moreanu both inherited their wealth, they don't understand what it takes to run a small business. Their tax plan will take money out of the pockets of Canadian farmers, doctors, lawyers, and independent contractors. But the Liberals don't care about the impact raising taxes will have, they need the money to pay for Trudeau's deficit. It's the same reason they're introducing carbon taxes.

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commented 2017-09-08 21:59:13 -0400
Cash economy is growing and for good reason.
commented 2017-09-08 21:42:15 -0400
Elton Braun…Were the polls reported/conducted from the msm?
commented 2017-09-08 18:34:19 -0400
I read somewhere that Justin still hasn’t received all of his inheritance. The old man set it up that way because he didn’t trust his little boy in the short pants not to blow it all. Gee I wonder why.
All polls still consistently show no significant drop in liberal support. What’s it going to take?
commented 2017-09-08 17:54:21 -0400
I am honestly still shocked that so many people were fooled by this poor excuse for an employee, let alone the PM. All the stops were pulled to make this lemon look like a winner. I wonder how many are realizing that junior is completing PET’s plan for the destruction of Canada? Boy Blunder should be arrested and tried for treason, along with his globalist pals.
commented 2017-09-08 17:51:27 -0400
Al Peterson pretty much, this ahole makes me sick. We should tax his trust at 120% and make it retroactive to the day he was born.
commented 2017-09-08 17:50:42 -0400
Rick Plesnik you got that right and we may get more 20% mortgage rates like they had back then as well. The liberal tools think that because you make that amount you must take it all home , i wonder if they realize what level of insurance a doctor has to carry and how much that one thing costs?
commented 2017-09-08 16:51:25 -0400
Sounds like a plan hatched by a trust fund child who never worked a day in his life except as a hobby.
commented 2017-09-08 16:50:45 -0400
Why don’t these overpaid zealots just stop spending other people’s money like drunk sailors?
commented 2017-09-08 15:04:10 -0400
Trudeau and Morneau are they from QUE.???
commented 2017-09-08 14:57:35 -0400
The best and brightest will flee to the U.S. as happened under PET. A lot of the economy will go underground. Dangerous times ahead for Canada!
commented 2017-09-08 14:57:35 -0400
The best and brightest will flee to the U.S. as happened under PET. A lot of the economy will go underground. Dangerous times ahead for Canada!
commented 2017-09-08 14:56:38 -0400
Given that each change of government has a certain amount of “political currency” to spend before they are bankrupt and the people reject them, Truedough has squandered his wad on a host of silly irrelevant issues that have done maximum damage to his support base and is now near the poetical bankruptcy state in a 20 month period.

This will be a one term government if the opposition has the foresight to appeal directly to those Trudeau has damaged
commented 2017-09-08 14:40:27 -0400
On a related note: An excerpt from an article I pulled off the net. The author is credited at the end.

“The slow destruction of the middle-class

For decades, the middle-class has been eroded bit-by-bit. A combination of so-called “free trade” deals that benefit big corporations by shifting good jobs from countries like Canada to countries with cheap labour, regulations that restrict growth and innovation, and the expansion of government at the expense of taxpayers, has increasingly divided our society. A small elite has pocketed increasing wealth, while the vast majority of us are forced to struggle in precarious conditions, burdened by increasing debt and a higher cost of living.

This is not sustainable, and the focus on short term “growth” ignores these serious underlying problems.

Unfortunately, the consensus that giving cheap labour countries more access to our markets (at the expense of our workers) is somehow a good idea, remains dominant among the elites. Now, Trudeau is pushing for free trade with China, which will massively accelerate the loss of good jobs in the country. If that happens, the 88,100 full-time jobs our economy lost in August will be just the beginning of the end for what’s left of middle-class Canada.

Spencer Fernando"
commented 2017-09-08 13:42:50 -0400
Junior is spending like a drunken sailor because his intent is to bankrupt Canada, while destroying capitalism. And then he’ll turn everything over to the UN.
commented 2017-09-08 13:35:27 -0400
Best reason yet – for a TAX Revolt. Stop sending your hard earned $$$ to the CRA!
We need to STOP paying for our own oppression. This is the government that needs to be shut down.
These weasel Lieberals need to be bankrupted – before we go into bankruptcy as a country – this paying despots (UN & Clintoon) & terrorists (Kadar & Hamas, etc) is absolutely unacceptable.