September 14, 2016

Lorrie Goldstein: “I don’t think the federal Tories are fit to govern right now” after Kellie Leitch flap

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

Conservative Party of Canada leadership hopeful Kellie Leitch has been under fire, left and right, for asking a simple question about the kinds of immigrants we should allow into the country. Last night, Lorrie Goldstein of the Toronto Sun told me these attacks on Leitch have backfired spectacularly.

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commented 2016-09-17 18:47:06 -0400
“Criminal piece of legislation”.

“I felt personally betrayed by the party with regards to the introduction of this bill”.

“God’s law”

LOL. You can’t make this shit up.
commented 2016-09-16 00:29:01 -0400
This woman is hilarious… She says that the conservatives are unfit to lead at this time and my reply to that is when have the Liberals been fit to lead anytime… Better struggling conservative than a fat liberal.
commented 2016-09-15 22:38:09 -0400
I like the fact that she’s brought up the subject. I would like to see this discussion turn into a serious effort to do exactly what Kellie is hoping for also: an actual definition of Canadian values. We don’t have anything that fits that definition, not by a long shot. I even agree with Neil McDonald (first time in YEARS!), that Liberal idiot over on the state broadcaster in his discovery of that fact. He examines at length all the various things that Trudeau has declared a Canadian value; including diversity, tolerance, and all the other feel-good left wing emotional stuff. He also goes into the Charter with some detail. And he says we don’t have an actual definition of Canadian values. I agree. I don’t agree with his bullshit boogeyman interpretation of what conservatives would label as Canadian values, obviously! Did I mention diversity? Anyhoo, I say it’s high time we, as Canadians, make an effort to define what being a Canadian actually is. Start drawing some lines in the sand. Make it clear to the rest of the world that this means you can be a Canadian, and that means you can’t. (To the obvious Liberal reaction: obviously this would apply to immigrants. The argument of “So what about MY family, they’re Muslims from Pakistan” only applies if they haven’t already become Canadian citizens). As it stands now there isn’t much a person could do, or be, that would lead to a situation where Canada would say thanks, but no thanks. Pretty sure every other country has something like that, why shouldn’t we? At what point does it become simply stupid to have an open border policy? Is there no depravity, no crime no matter how despicable or violent, that would lead even the most indocrinated collectivist to say “enough”? Let’s find out.
commented 2016-09-15 15:55:04 -0400
Thomas, also Bill C51 was problematic for me. And the way the Party went out of its way to demean and insult the pro-lifers in its midst.
commented 2016-09-15 13:05:30 -0400
I fully agree that the Conservatives need to start taking a hard look at themselves to make sure they still stand for Conservative virtues.

I was approached by the Conservative Party for a donation here is a letter I sent them in response:

August 9, 2016

Conservative Party of Canada
Telefundraising Office
90 Eglington Ave. W, Suite 300
Toronto, Ont. M4R 2E4

Dear Sir:

I am writing to express my deepest concerns about the direction the Conservative Party was going in during the last election with the introduction of the Euthanasia Bill.

I was shocked & disgusted when I first heard that “my party”, the party I have consistently supported for over 30 years was behind this criminal piece of legislation.

Now, while I have been & always shall support the Conservatives, I felt personally betrayed by the party with regards to the introduction of this bill.

Never the less, I still voted for the Conservatives during the last election.

I was further disgusted with the fact that the Canadian, “ Liberals”, unilaterally decided to push forward with this criminal bill.

Euthanasia is a violation of Gods Law and that of the oath doctors swear to uphold. That of do no harm to the patient.

This bill further exacerbates my anger and disgust with our government as they never decided to have a referendum to see if the public would even agree with this bill.

Nazi Germany invoked a similar bill back in the 1930’s. In fact we conducted Nuremburg trials to punish many of those responsible for this very type of bill.

If you want the continued support of the Christians, you shall need to have this bill revoked. I for one shall not support a party that condones murder of its most precious citizens, the seniors. Many of whom fought for this country. What a betrayal!

Here is my idea of the true Conservative.

1. Belief & acceptance of God!
2. Support of our Sovereign & the re-establishment of the BNA Act and our unwritten constitution.
3. Marriage is the Union between a Man & a Woman.
4. National security should be of paramount importance.
5. If a culture, any culture wishes to be Canadian than they can only be accepted if their culture is not in conflict with our democratic system. If they cannot accept this than they are not welcome.
6. Our Military; our doctors & Health care workers have a sacred responsibility to protect & defend the lives of all Canadians.
7. The right to the ownership of property.

In short, gentlemen, if you cannot defend these basic principals than I cannot in clear conscience support you any longer.

It is high time we form a party that shall defend the above mentioned principals.

Please show me how you shall defend these principles.


All the best!

Thomas Pratt
commented 2016-09-15 12:00:59 -0400
Mr. Goldstein holds an extremely pessimistic view about Conservatives that I do not share! Worse than that, he has published an opinion piece for the whole world to see that is negative “not fit to govern” – one that probably has Liberals chortling all the way to the bank! It is Mr. Goldstein who needs to “keep his mouth shut!”
I am Conservative! I believe in Canadian values! I believe that all immigrants to Canada must respect Canadian values! I am tolerant and respect all religions, BUT, not those who seek to impose their ideology on Canada! I believe in mutual respect! I respect the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and I want my Conservative leader to ensure that all rights and freedoms are upheld EQUALLY for all Canadians. No one group is MORE equal than another!
I do not believe in abortion or “assisted dying”, but I will respect those who do! However, THEY must respect my right to hold a differing opinion! I have numerous beliefs and the Conservative Party is the only party in Canada that comes close to upholding my beliefs. I am not “socially” Conservative, nor am I “progressive” Conservative. I am just Conservative! I uphold Canadian values!
commented 2016-09-15 11:32:07 -0400
Anonymous used the word “never”. Well……let me help that coward with the meaning. You see, " never" is a long long period of time, and this spineless coward will never get over his/her mental illness off being a leftist regressive fucktard. This coward will never have the intestinal fortitude to use their real name. Like all the other cowards that hide behind fake names and spew their leftist regressive fucktard rhetoric, they will likely NEVER move from their parents basement.
So there is “never” put into context for you. You’re welcome.
commented 2016-09-15 11:22:36 -0400
There should be a sign at every port of entry that reads," Asimilate or Vacate" or " Fit In or Fuck Off " Imigration without assimilation is simply……An Invasion!
commented 2016-09-15 11:21:01 -0400
Mark Wysocki mrntions Evan Solomon’s question about catholics that do not believe isame sex marriage. Foolish question I as a Canadian BORN citizen do not agree with it. BUT it is not my business. We do not control though/ HOWEVER we also do not throw gays off roofs. My advice to any Conservative is: Do not gow on Power Play, Solomon has been infected by the CBC anti Conservative tone
commented 2016-09-15 11:15:50 -0400
Well of course They are fit to govern. They do not want to destroy Canada with a multicrap policy that says the most backward group of cannibals is as good as Canadians.. All she asked in her survey was “should immigrants agree to our way of life” it simply was worded poorly
commented 2016-09-15 08:48:01 -0400
Jan G wrote:
“Evan Soloman raised the question on Question Period if this kind of questioning, eg Cdn values, could affect any Catholic/Christian immigrants who oppose gay marriage from qualifying? "

Yes, it should apply to Catholics, Christians, everyone. The questions are specifically for the individual, not the religion or ideology that they happen to follow (which are quite different things). For instance, the Catholic Church is officially against the Pill, but surveys consistently indicate that 80% or more of Catholic couples use it. So (stating the obvious here) people do not always act in accordance with the doctrinal beliefs of the ideology or religion that they claim to follow.
commented 2016-09-15 02:34:07 -0400
Chong, Ambrose and the rest are nothing but a pack of Politically Correct Suck Asses. Kellie Leitch is the future of the PC Party, they better wake up or they will forever be the opposition. Every day more and more Canadians are getting fed up with the antics of the child we have as a PM. That stunned bonehead from the IMF was irresponsible in her support of Trudie’s deficit program. She needs to stay home in Europe and enjoy the collapse of their economy.
commented 2016-09-15 01:13:34 -0400
John S sorry they did not worship the IMF , and you would not be a better politician. Your party reeks of communism.
commented 2016-09-15 01:12:11 -0400
John S Britain was run by the EU , that is why their debt increased. And sorry Austerity is just fine m you cannot overspend. It is the spending that makes the rich richer, not austerity. You have no common sense. And quit whining , your party has as much opportunity as any other. Maybe people do not care for them. They cannot be forced down someones throat like you want.
commented 2016-09-15 01:08:39 -0400
Andrew Stephenson we will not sell ourselves for power unlike the left.
commented 2016-09-15 00:46:56 -0400
Jan G——Evan Soloman’s question on whether Catholic Immigrants wouldn’t get entrance to Canada because they oppose gay marriage was stupid as Catholics do not want to punish or kill the gays like 30% of Muslims.
commented 2016-09-14 23:59:00 -0400
I’m with Kellie Leitch right now. Earlier on I thought she wasn’t conservative enough but now it’s the rest of the candidates like Kenney, Chong, Bernier, Clement. Rona Ambrose should keep her mouth shut if she’s going to repeat liberal BS. I don’t see anything controversial at all about asking refugees how they feel about Canadian values. Why the hell does everything have to be politically correct. The conservatives had better wise up & act conservative or they will lose a lot of the voters.
commented 2016-09-14 23:40:49 -0400
L. Goldstein is right. The CPC are doing everything the Liberals want them to do right now….demonstrate they are disorganized, not unified and willing to eat their own.
Well done Conservative Party!

Phyllis: you are right on.

One comment though: Evan Soloman raised the question on Question Period if this kind of questioning, eg Cdn values, could affect any Catholic/Christian immigrants who oppose gay marriage from qualifying?
commented 2016-09-14 22:25:41 -0400

Finally some reason. The extremists cannot understand that they will never,never be in power. The failed experiment of the reformacons has left a bad taste and will take a generation to repair if they are not purged out of the party. Ezra Levant should know better and he probably does, but he is addicted to their money.
commented 2016-09-14 22:08:41 -0400
As someone that opposes the IMF and Lagarde I have to say that her being in Canada reinforces that the only thing that differs between the major parties are the odd differences and that is it because each of the mainstream parties agree with debt, deficit, giving money to the international bankers, and austerity when trying to balance the budget when there are always alternatives. We saw the alternatives with austerity in Britain and it has increased their debt from 400 million per week to now over 1 billion per week compared from 2011 to now.

The fact is Harper even praised the IMF and now the Conservatives decide to attack the IMF in opposition when they believed everything about Standard & Poors, Moody’s, IMF and others when it was under their watch. We need better politicians to seriously govern, and to not allow Liberals, Conservatives and NDPers to dictate the agenda.

We need more parties and better avenues so that minor parties can access the public. Remember that in 2008 Harper and the other opposition parties had no answers until we had the crisis on our shores in early 2009. This is the actual situation people fail to understand, and that internationally all leaders whether Canada or the rest of the G7 has to follow orders. The Conservative party is pure globalist and that must change. Also, infrastructure does not make a nation socialist/liberal/communist. Spending is part of every system, and it matters how the nation is structured which determines what ideology a party is truly like. That is why I do not place too much importance on taxation because taxation is also vital and is better in balance.

The Conservative party is infighting because it is in an identity crisis, and it needs to search for itself, and it has to grow past the 32% that is has right now or else it may stay in opposition for a long time to come. As a Progressive Canadian party supporter at, I could not be happier because Canada needs a party to truly be that alternative to the Liberals in Ontario, BC, Atlantic Canada, Quebec, and the North. The Conservatives right now only favour populism, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and their party is reverting back to the days when they were a pro-West party again pre-merger. No wonder they are lost. It is time for Red Toryism again in Canadian politics as a party between the Liberals and Conservatives, as a centralist party!!
commented 2016-09-14 21:52:15 -0400
Goldstein is absolutely right. If we Conservatives wanted a limp-wristed leftist party we would have voted for the petite pomme de terre. Let the Libertarians establish their own party — they are worse than the liberals as they basically don’t like government and any morals and values are out the window. People have vilified Trost, and will Scheer, including their own caucus because we have been sold a bill of goods that is rotten to the core. I don’t want a leader who would not say you know what if their mouth is full of it. Tony Clements is right what he said about the IMF, we do not need more left-wing ideology — running deficits has and never will be a good thing. Speaking of deficits not one cent of infrastructure money is headed to Alberta or Saskatchewan only to Toronto, and inevitably to the maritimes, because that is where the votes are. It does not matter if it is Legarde, Hillary Clinton, Justin Trudeau, or the rest of the elitists — they don’t care one cent for the people, only their agenda of a complete control of the masses and the powers that be happily and willingly euthanizing the unwanted, tearing apart limbs in the womb, glorifying the aborrhent behavior of homosexuals, transgenders, and God knows what next, spewing on about climate change and calling CO2 a pollutant, and still have the audacity to call real Canadians, homophobes, racists, facists, intolerant, haters, idiots, fools, uneducated, and on and on. I am sick and tired of it and don’t know what to do about it. Like most real Canadians I feel my hands are tied
One thing I do know, when oil prices go up, and jobs are available again, there better not be one Martimer in my face in Grande Prairie — the Maritimers — the biggest teat government suckers of them all. We held the fort, so you can just stay home.
commented 2016-09-14 21:33:04 -0400
Jason Kenney said asking Immigrants about Can. values is a bad idea. I think Jason is a talented Politician, however his constant leanings to the Church scares me.
Also, I’m sure everyone knows that he is the father of massive 3rd World Immigration which failed so terribly in Alberta, and Canada when he was the Federal Immigration Minister. If he was UNDER the control of Brian Jean, he may still be a useful asset.
commented 2016-09-14 21:30:33 -0400
I gave up my ON Conservative membership because Brown is not really a Conservative. So far Kellie Leitch seems to be the only federal Conservative running. She’ll get my vote and $$ if she wins. I have stopped giving to the federal Conservatives because I doubted they were still Conservatives……. unless they elect a CONSERVATIVE leader and not a politically correct 1/2 baked liberal I will also give up my membership in the Federal party.
commented 2016-09-14 21:25:39 -0400
I absolutely agree Lorrie!
commented 2016-09-14 20:47:30 -0400
This is fun to watch.

The reality is that there is no unified “conservatism”. There are social conservatives, with social moderate “red” tories to their left, and the hard Libertarians to their right, Big C’s mixed in for good measure, and even the occasional protest vote against a disliked leader in the voter’s natural party.

Harper knew how to wrangle them into a bloc that was able to tolerate each other just enough to gain power, but now that he’s gone, the various factions have become very hostile to one anolher. Watch the comments here – it’s a prime example. The “alt right” and “real conservatives” are different things, both are relatively small groups, and they all hate the Red Tory swing voters they actually need to take power.
commented 2016-09-14 20:31:01 -0400
BILL ELDER commented 1 hour ago
I can’t argue with Goldstein’s logic. It is apparent the CPC has an identity crisis – Conservatives, Libertarians, populists know who they are, they need a party who knows who they are which doesn’t want to shape-shift into its natural enemy.

Exactly Bill Elder and that is exactly what we want. We want them out in the open in their own party—completely identifiable so tat Canadians will know who NOT to vote for—who would want to vote for an extremist minority?
commented 2016-09-14 19:39:30 -0400
I can’t argue with Goldstein’s logic. It is apparent the CPC has an identity crisis – Conservatives, Libertarians, populists know who they are, they need a party who knows who they are which doesn’t want to shape-shift into its natural enemy.
commented 2016-09-14 19:39:05 -0400
only alt-right is the answer and it’s coming home
commented 2016-09-14 19:16:54 -0400
Half-baked ‘conservatives’ seem to be in vogue today.
commented 2016-09-14 19:15:18 -0400
Most would probably be Hilary voters.