July 04, 2017

(FLASHBACK) Maclean's "grotesque" Omar Khadr cover is "propaganda"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(Originally published November 4, 2015) Have you seen the cover of the new Maclean’s magazine? That’s Rinelle Harper sitting down — she’s the Aboriginal woman who was attacked and left for dead in Winnipeg.

She became a symbol for racist violence against Aboriginal women — though her alleged attacker was himself Aboriginal.

That girl on the right is Amanda Lindhout. She was a waitress who decided she wanted to be a war reporter in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia; she was kidnapped by Muslim terrorists and tortured and raped repeatedly.

So you’ve got two innocent women who were brutalized by violence and would never hurt a fly.

And then you’ve got Omar Khadr standing behind them, with a huge grin on his face.

Omar Khadr is a confessed, convicted Al Qaida terrorist. He plead guilty to five charges of war crimes. He murdered Sgt. Christopher Speer, leaving Tabitha Speer a widow, and their two children, Taryn and Tanner, fatherless.

Omar Khadr has never renounced Al Qaida or said that he regrets what he did. 

Here’s how Maclean’s describes him, though:

"Omar Khadr was imprisoned in Guantanamo, captured in 2002 by American forces in Afghanistan and charged with war crimes.”

So, no mention of the murder he confessed to or his conviction for war crimes.

Would Maclean’s magazine put a smiling, chatty Paul Bernardo on their cover, and say, "he’s suffered so deeply in prison — all because he was charged with crimes."

Both are pathological murderers. Why the celebrity treatment?

This isn’t journalism.

This is propaganda.

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commented 2017-07-07 02:37:56 -0400
Alternative Maclean’s story title:
“The Terrorist Next Door”
commented 2017-07-05 19:28:43 -0400
You liberal voters voted for this.You are either brain dead..or evil doers..Please explain why you are not one of the two…
commented 2017-07-05 10:31:16 -0400
Greenville said, “POWs are held and released after the end of the hostilities, not beaten, tortured, and tried.”
End of the hostilities? In case you haven’t noticed this is an ongoing war. Are you actually suggesting that little omar wasn’t responsible for Speers death? Little Omar was a full fledged jihadist warrior in combat against his enemy, trained and armed. If little omar is so innocent why has he not denounced radical Islam and his family. Do you not know who his father was? Why isn’t his mother in jail for her hand in indoctrinating her ‘child’ into a soldier for Allah?
Michael Greenville your feigned outrage is as nauseating as Lizzy May’s.
commented 2017-07-05 02:18:55 -0400
Michael Greenville sorry but your left wing fantasies are not real. Now go clean Khadrs feet like a good sheep.
commented 2017-07-04 23:14:54 -0400
Mette Reid I had to laugh at your post about the Muslim Brotherhood. Check out the resumes of half of Justin’s cabinet!
commented 2017-07-04 20:56:26 -0400
As regards normal combatants David, I agree there are general rules of contact.

But Khadr’s ilk follows no rules; they do not limit themselves to fighting only opposing armed services, but deliberately target soft, non-combatant folk as well.

They wage total war, and are therefore only deserving of like consideration. A fight where no quarter is given is still a fight with rules, albeit harsh ones.
commented 2017-07-04 19:14:08 -0400
Who trained/brainwashed or forced him to kill Sgt. Christopher Speer and commit war crimes? Was it Canadian Taxpayers? Was it the United States Taxpayers?

The pain and suffering that Tabitha is going through must be unbearable!! To see her Husband’s murderer smiling and smirking awaiting for his check hand delivered from trudeau the PM of Canada..Then the next round of pain she will feel is when trudeau the Goof will say sorry to the murderer.
commented 2017-07-04 19:10:27 -0400
Good point JIM WEBB, but I suppose how it happened points out the difference between us and them. Civility vs. Savagery.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Omar and his lawyer are counting the money, and the overtly virtue-esque JT is overseas preening and posing as he stammers out his platitudes.
commented 2017-07-04 19:10:27 -0400
Good point JIM WEBB, but I suppose how it happened points out the difference between us and them. Civility vs. Savagery.

Meanwhile back at the ranch Omar and his lawyer are counting the money, and the overtly virtue-esque JT is overseas preening and posing as he stammers out his platitudes.
commented 2017-07-04 18:31:38 -0400
Should have left the half-wit to bleed out and achieve his desired martyrdom. No quarter asked, because if the situation were reversed you know none would be given.
commented 2017-07-04 18:11:24 -0400
CTV News Ottawa poll:
Quick Poll – July 4, 2017
Should Omar Khadr receive an apology and $10.5 million from the Canadian government?
commented 2017-07-04 17:15:22 -0400
It is time that our cowardly leader, and his “token minority” defense minister spent a month of quality time, “LEADING” our troops. But unfortunately, our troops despise a coward, no matter how good he is beating up on our poor indians.
commented 2017-07-04 15:59:02 -0400
MICHAEL J GREENVILLE….Please send your post to the DEAD soldier’s widow. I’m sure that would compensate her and her kids for THEIR loss.

You talk of pow’s being released after hostilities …no trials? Shall we erase Nuremberg from history? The testimony alleging the killing of the soldier has been questioned. The holocaust is still being questioned, did it not happen? Khadar’s plea was extracted by way of torture. Were you there? Is it FACT that torture prompted the guilty plea? Here is a FACT. A smart ass terrorist punk who was a member of a bad ass terrorist inspired family tossed a grenade and killed a US soldier. Don’t believe me? Use your own eyes and watch interviews with Omar’s ultra proud family. Keep apologizing Michael, and make sure your wallet is full, Trudumb will use it all.

Michael….Sounds like you and Dizzy Lizzy May should be an item. Two air heads destined for bliss.
commented 2017-07-04 15:02:29 -0400
This story is largely hooey!
The writer knows well that his guilty plea was extracted by way of torture, so DON’T YOU DARE try indicating his guilt by referring to his guilty plea.
The eyewitness testimony on which the allegation of the killing of the soldier was based has been questioned. The writer knows this!

In any case, by the Harper government’s refusing to even acknowledge the existence of child soldiers anywhere in the world, and referring to this guy as an enemy combattant, he would have been a prisoner of war. POWs are held and released after the end of the hostilities, not beaten, tortured, and tried.
commented 2017-07-04 14:57:14 -0400
$10.5 million can buy a lot of jihad. I agree with LIZA ROSIE….put a tracker on the murderer and the money. And the sleasy money grubbing Edmonton lawyer better not step out in front of my truck while I dodge the burka infested streets of Edmonton, what if my brakes fail?

Now we get to watch our Laurentian wart parade around the world and embarrass us further. He will no doubt be touting Canadian diversity and inclusiveness . We are in fact so inclusive we pay confessed murderers 10+ million$. Only in Canadistan you say?
commented 2017-07-04 12:47:35 -0400
Would like to see Trudeau sued personally by Canadians for this $10 million
commented 2017-07-04 12:42:42 -0400
Who wants to bet that Khadr belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, terrorist group? Who wants to bet that the Muslim Brotherhood is a donor to the Liberal Party of Canada? Obama’s shadow government was the MB. Who wants to bet that this terrorist group also has connections to Maclean’s. Not so hard to see what’s happening here! Nothing to do with compassion for this criminal more to do with Money and corruption.
commented 2017-07-04 12:02:57 -0400
Ron Joseph …
“We live in a sick country with a sickening Government. This is the 2nd Muslim to get over 10 million; what would a Christian receive in Trudeau’s Canada ? More jail time.”

Yup. $10.5 million dollars. It’s called Jackpot Justice. From Justin. Sorry, from you and me the hardworking stiff taxpayer.

Apparently there are a few more similar pending lawsuits before the courts from other ‘plaintiffs’.

Would a Christian in Trudeau’s Canada receive jail time? Quite possibly…

“Evangelical Christians are the worst part of Canadian society”. -Justin Trudeau
commented 2017-07-04 11:37:11 -0400
Canada ,a country which reveres and admires its murders and terrorists!
Best country in the world in which to live? Not by a long shot. Not anymore.We are now known around the world as the harbourer of terrorists, and we can thank Justin Trudeau for it.
It can’t be long before the U.S. has something to say about Justin’s insanity. We are contributing to the danger level of North America with this crap. Our ruined reputation is the least of our worries.
That said, I am extremely ashamed of my country right now.
commented 2017-07-04 11:33:46 -0400

That’s it: Trudeau has got to go. He is the biggest disaster in our country’s history. How much more crap from this apologist ass-hat are we Canadians going to take??

Headline: “Omar Khadr to be offered apology, $10.5 million from Canada”

Apology? For what? It is he and his family who need to apologize to us and the USA.

No doubt Jiihadi Justin will give him a hug and a selfie at Parliament, along with a ‘heartfelt apology on behalf of all Canadians’.

The Canadian public should sue Trudeau for that $10.5 million of taxpayer’s money.

Trudeau for Treason.
commented 2017-07-04 11:12:26 -0400
I really don’t much like the direction our once fair Dominion is taking under the notorious imbecile, Trudeau. The MSM paves the way for this idiot and anything he does by their unconditional acceptance of whatever he comes up with. A celebrity PM and his celebrity terrorist…Wake up Canada!
commented 2017-07-04 11:07:53 -0400
Jesus said that one of the signs of his coming will be “lawlessness will abound” Matthew 24: 12
Woe onto those that call Evil good and Good evil. Isaiah 5: 20
12 And this shall be the plague wherewith the Lord will smite all the people who have fought against Jerusalem: their flesh shall consume away while they stand upon their feet, and their eyes shall consume away in their holes, and their tongue shall consume away in their mouth. Zechariah 14: 11-13
commented 2017-07-04 10:57:55 -0400
Lisa Rozie, couldn’t agree more!
commented 2017-07-04 10:43:29 -0400
Speer’s widow,( key board malfunction my apologies.)
commented 2017-07-04 10:42:05 -0400
If nothing else this money should be tracked. They are our tax dollars. This is a decision we did not make, and what Canadian would? I want to know what he spends that money on and how much of it leaves the country. He should be in the press weekly. we need to know where he is and what he is doing., and what his family and ‘friends’ are doing. How many times do these people go in and out of the country? In a sane world none of these duel citizens would be allowed back in.

Ron Voss, that’s an understatement!! This is so insulting to Canadians and to Spee’s widow first and foremost. It’s really too much.
commented 2017-07-04 10:14:43 -0400
We live in a sick country with a sickening Government. This is the 2nd Muslim to get over 10 million; what would a Christian receive in Trudeau’s Canada ? More jail time.
commented 2017-07-04 08:03:00 -0400
Macleans is fish gut wrap.
commented 2017-07-04 08:01:10 -0400
Yup. A true Canadian hero.
Why, let’s nominate him for the Paul and Jacques Rose medal. “Bravery in the face of unarmed opponents”.

I hope I live long enough to see the day when the Ivory Tower Trash in this country get stuffed into their goat-suits for the final poke ’n choke.