July 04, 2017

(FLASHBACK) Maclean's "grotesque" Omar Khadr cover is "propaganda"

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

(Originally published November 4, 2015) Have you seen the cover of the new Maclean’s magazine? That’s Rinelle Harper sitting down — she’s the Aboriginal woman who was attacked and left for dead in Winnipeg.

She became a symbol for racist violence against Aboriginal women — though her alleged attacker was himself Aboriginal.

That girl on the right is Amanda Lindhout. She was a waitress who decided she wanted to be a war reporter in Afghanistan, Iraq and Somalia; she was kidnapped by Muslim terrorists and tortured and raped repeatedly.

So you’ve got two innocent women who were brutalized by violence and would never hurt a fly.

And then you’ve got Omar Khadr standing behind them, with a huge grin on his face.

Omar Khadr is a confessed, convicted Al Qaida terrorist. He plead guilty to five charges of war crimes. He murdered Sgt. Christopher Speer, leaving Tabitha Speer a widow, and their two children, Taryn and Tanner, fatherless.

Omar Khadr has never renounced Al Qaida or said that he regrets what he did. 

Here’s how Maclean’s describes him, though:

"Omar Khadr was imprisoned in Guantanamo, captured in 2002 by American forces in Afghanistan and charged with war crimes.”

So, no mention of the murder he confessed to or his conviction for war crimes.

Would Maclean’s magazine put a smiling, chatty Paul Bernardo on their cover, and say, "he’s suffered so deeply in prison — all because he was charged with crimes."

Both are pathological murderers. Why the celebrity treatment?

This isn’t journalism.

This is propaganda.

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commented 2015-11-04 16:33:40 -0500

I am a white guy married to a white woman born in Montreal.
commented 2015-11-04 16:30:35 -0500
Every last bit of the justifications that the Omar Khadr lovers like to use is all based upon his being fifteen years old.

Even in Western culture a fifteen year old is considered a young man, but in Islam a fifteen year old is an adult able to make his own decisions.

1) Who here believes Omar did not know what a grenade was?
2) Who here believes Omar did not know what a grenade could do to a person when it exploded?
3) Who here believes Omar did not know what IDEs are?
4) Who here believes Omar did not know what an IDE would do to the people with its blast radius?
5) Who here believes that Omar innocently threw that grenade and innocently killed the US medic, Sgt. Christopher Speer?

If you answered “yes” to any of these, I have a bridge to sell you!
commented 2015-11-04 16:30:27 -0500
Jack Carter – Close enough for the goats you date. I don’t read comics but worked with infantile turds like you who prattled on about it during lunch break one time.
Hope you enjoy you 72 baby goats when you Martyr yourself … but make it quick, their has been a run on virgin goats recently.
commented 2015-11-04 16:29:03 -0500

When did anyone say that they hate men and women who serve?

I take everything case by case and when it comes to Khadr – I among many Canadians feel that he is worthy of second chance due to the SPECIFIC situation regarding his past.
commented 2015-11-04 16:27:19 -0500
RUDDEN, I addressed your trumped up “stalker” charge and righteous indignation before in August of this year when ! posted the following:
TERRY RUDDEN, you are the one who is sick calling me a stalker! #1.Was your collection photos private or were they available and accessible on the Internet? (The “coward” that he is, never answered, because they were in a publicly-available domain on the Internet!) We’re they photos only of your granddaughter (one composite photo) and how would I know that was your granddaughter? (Again the “coward” didn’t respond because there was a collection of photos there, many of a political nature. And, yet, he had the gall to characterize them “private photos of a blogger’s family”!) #3.If, not having that photo available for others to see, was so privately important to you, why did you put it on the Internet where it was accessible, and, as well, accompanied by disgusting off-colour photos mocking Ezra and others you dislike, which were the photos I made reference to (“Terry, that’s pretty funny, the picture of the woman with “EZRA who?” written on her midriff. Hilarious, Terry, “God has no recent posts”, such a wit. What’s with the picture of Communist revolutionary Che Guevara and Elvis? Pretty humorous, classy mock-ups of Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper. But, what’s with the inclusion of a photo of a Star of David yellow cloth patch with “Jude” printed in the center that was forced onto Jews by the Nazis.”) in providing the link to your photo collection. As Jack Nicholson pointed out in the movie ‘As Good as It Gets’, sell crazy some place else!"
commented 2015-11-04 16:24:22 -0500
Troll Hunter,

That would be John Carter from Mars. You can’t even insult properly.
commented 2015-11-04 16:24:19 -0500
The lefty trolls on this site are disgusting. They Hate the Men and Women who volunteered to put their life on the line to defend the values that separate us from the Monsters of Middle East then they support the Monsters of The Middle East. Anybody who calls them on their insanity is instantly declared a bigot or racist and they NEVER provide facts and when shown facts, claim those facts are biased, yet can produce nothing to back their propaganda.
I am getting tired of those Lefty Idiots and hoped they would leave.
As Salamu Alaykum Monkey Pig Lefty Troll Idiots!
commented 2015-11-04 16:19:24 -0500
Terry Rudden “game on”? What an arrogant little weasel you are.
commented 2015-11-04 16:04:32 -0500
Terry Rudden – Your Grandpa is Dr. Dawg? No wonder you are so stupid.
commented 2015-11-04 15:59:36 -0500
Jack Carter – Cool pseudonym for a Muslim … I guess the persona of a Martian Makes sense since your Allah and Prophet were the gods of War.
commented 2015-11-04 15:57:24 -0500
For those not following the initial thread, Pig and Stalker Ron Voss likes to post personal information about folks – links to my granddaughter’s photograph, and other personal stuff – because he’s a coward.
So, Mr. Voss – you’ve decided not to respect the line between personal and online debate?
Game on.
commented 2015-11-04 15:55:15 -0500

A poll from….The Rebel.


This site in no way reflects the average Canadian.

I never said that someone who serves doesn’t deserve respect, but they don’t get to decide who gets second chances and who doesn’t.
commented 2015-11-04 15:52:11 -0500
Guy Fraser I’ll second that.
commented 2015-11-04 15:49:56 -0500
Grotesque, indeed, but not unexpected for Maclean’s. Ezra predicted that the left would use Kadr as its poster boy. Like tipsy leftist Elizabeth May, RUDDEN surfaces as another member of Team Khadr. You see, as one of Lenin’s so-called “useful idiots”, RUDDEN can’t help himself . If you strip away the religious dimension of Islam, and just examine its political and military component patterned off of the life of its ‘prophet’ Muhammad, one notes two key qualities: global conquest and, wherever its conquest succeeds and takes over, non-Muslims are not treated with equality. Gee, what other political/military system has a global conquest aspect to it and where they take over, freedom is lost and non-adherents are not equal? I will allow you to fill in the blanks: Com_u_ism. Accordingly, it is understandable why leftists like TERRY RUDDEN consider Islam to be his ‘friend’. By the way, RUDDEN how did your fundraising go to help pay for the legal costs for your friend ‘Dr. Dawg’ who I understand lost his libel case against a website owner who claimed ‘Dr. Dawg’ was “a vocal supporter of the Taliban” for his assertion that Omar Khadr, as a Canadian citizen, who was 15 when he was involved in the death of a US military member in Afghanistan in 2002, should be treated legally as a child soldier? Once again, RUDDEN nice attempt to deflect. Interesting disrespectful post by you on Harper at Dawg’s blawg, saying “My favourite pro-oil/anti-Muslim/pro-tobacco/anti journalism propagandist, Ezra Levant, is now calling on the Government of Canada to rename the airport in Calgary as ‘The Stephen Harper International Airport’.” http://drdawgsblawg.ca/2015/10/well-that-explains-it.shtml
Revealing that among the “Bloggers to the Left” at Dawg’s blawg, one finds a blog for someone called Crommunist: http://crommunist.com/ and Electronic Intifada https://electronicintifada.net/
As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together!
commented 2015-11-04 15:48:55 -0500
Rudden is a troll. A typical moron lefty who wants to argue semantics. Kadr and Bernardo are both disgusting creeps, neither deserve to be on the front cover of anything let alone a national magazine. Rudden you will never get it. Went right over your head.
commented 2015-11-04 15:47:10 -0500
Jack said “You serving doesn’t make your view any more valuable than those that haven’t in a country that doesn’t really require much military in the first place.” – Bull cruft! You degenerate idiots are the only ones who think that way. Anyone who volunteers to defend your rights to shoot your mouth off deserves far more respect and their opinion on what it is really like where they were sent, by Jean Chretien (Liberal PM at the time), is FAR MORE VALUABLE THAN ANYTHING YOU SPEW!
Because you too stupid to look up the poll that dispute your claim that most Canadian support him, here it is :
commented 2015-11-04 15:41:51 -0500
Jack Carter, Hope you are not a Troll.
If you think we are not at war, you had better think again. This war has just not reached the shooting stage; Yet.
commented 2015-11-04 15:41:14 -0500
Jason: just curious. Do you actually not see any distinction between an adult serial killer/torturer/rapist and a fifteen year old in combat?
commented 2015-11-04 15:35:11 -0500
Why does a murderer deserve a second change? Are you willing to extend that offer to anyone in Canadian prison? As for Macleans, I stopped reading once they booted Mark Steyn from the back page.
commented 2015-11-04 15:34:39 -0500
Just read an article in the Jerusalem Post. A fifteen year old Palestinian youth, just stabbed a woman to death, in Israel. The women died protecting the two year old Baby she was holding. The police arrived on the scene in time to save the Baby and shot the Palestinian youth in the head. Good clean instant justice, for scum.
commented 2015-11-04 15:17:38 -0500

I live in Canada – not much requirement to have military service. You make it sound like we are at war.
commented 2015-11-04 15:16:28 -0500
Forgot to add to my last post. I too am guilty of responding to Trolls, I no the feeling of rage against these Left Wing Tweety Pies. In future I shall do my best to ignore them.
commented 2015-11-04 15:08:38 -0500
" Why are you bleeding your heart for someone who went to fight with our enemy?"
I’m not. I’m pointing out that the spurious equivalence drawn with Paul Bernardo is absurd.
commented 2015-11-04 15:08:13 -0500
The last time I read anything in a Macleans Comic Book, was in My Doctors Waiting Room. Strange to say but it was the latest issue.

In my opinion, I think it best not to respond to any of the Trolls, that crawl on these pages. They not only get a bonus for every response they receive, they also likely have an involuntary ejaculation. One thing is certain, they hate being ignored.
commented 2015-11-04 14:59:40 -0500
Jack said to Bravo, “You serving doesn’t make your view any more valuable …”

Oh, yes it does, little boy. First hand experience does make his opinion far more valuable that your, siting in behind your keyboard with no military service.

The very fact that you can say that means you have no concept of what it is like to be in the line of fire in the service of your country.
commented 2015-11-04 14:56:57 -0500
Jack said, “and most Canadians agree with that”

Prove that.
commented 2015-11-04 14:48:19 -0500
Not just propaganda but sick propaganda. And one more reason to never buy Maclean’s.
commented 2015-11-04 14:46:21 -0500
Macleans is owned by Rogers. If you have anything with Rogers you’re contributing to this garbage.
commented 2015-11-04 14:43:37 -0500
Jack Carter most Canadians don’t know shit about the ME and their culture. Bravo’s opinion is one from experience. Most Canadians are clueless and proof is they voted for the Liberals. Over a great Conservative gov’t.
commented 2015-11-04 14:42:56 -0500
thanks ezra. keep up the good work.