December 07, 2015

"Can you imagine if Maclean’s was your only source of news?": Scott Gilmore's "weird" San Bernardino column "whitewashes Muslim terrorism"

Rebel Staff

So it’s been almost a week since the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California that killed 14 people and injured 21. And I was curious: how would Maclean’s magazine cover it?

Would they put a picture of the terrorists on their front page, smiling, like they did for the convicted Al Qaida terrorist, Omar Khadr, on their Remembrance Day edition?

They did something weirder.

They had Scott Gilmore write a column about it, with this incredible headline. Ready: "How Obama missed his chance to break a ritual around mass killings”, and the subheadline, "People in the United States accept firearms and gunplay as essential, albeit occasionally regrettable, elements of what it means to be American.”

It doesn't mention that the shooting was a terrorist act or that the killers were Muslims who supported ISIS.

Can you imagine if Maclean’s was your only source of news?

I’m not quite sure why they publish him Scott Gilmore. He is married to Catherine McKenna, the hard-left-wing Liberal environment minister.

Does this weird view — whitewashing Muslim terrorism, calling for gun control — represent Gilmore’s views, or McKenna’s, or Maclean’s?

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