August 28, 2019

Macron let Notre Dame burn, but he’s mad at Brazil over naturally occurring Amazon forest fires

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

The fire that devastated Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris happened on Emmanuel Macron’s watch.

This week, the same Emmanuel Macron — who is in the 20-percent range in approval as French president, in part because of his police brutality against the Yellow Vest protesters, and who is hosting the G7 meeting right now — has decided to launch a political campaign against... Brazil.

Over the annual, naturally occurring forest fires in the Amazon.

The Amazon is huge, and it has forest fires naturally, every year, all the time, just like Canada’s northern forests. That’s how it works in nature. Forest fires are shocking and destructive, but they are rejuvenating as well.

Trump was at the G7 in France, to talk about trade deals, like the huge one he made with Japan.

Macron had nothing to announce, so he chose to attack Jair Bolsonaro, the right wing president of Brazil. To blame Brazil for its forest fires, and frankly, to threaten to put on sanctions, or at least to cancel a proposed trade agreement with Brazil, if it didn’t put out its forest fires. As if Bolsonaro was pro-forest-fire.

You can imagine the reaction in Brazil, when Macron and, you guessed it, Justin Trudeau, started lecturing Bolsonaro on the Amazon fires, and even threatening economic retaliation. That’s the attitude of a colonial master.

Trudeau retweeted Macron, as a me-too. Except the picture that Macron used in Macron's tweet was fake. It was a real picture — but not of the fires this year in Brazil. I’m still waiting for the CBC “fact check” on that one!

So Trudeau and Macron not only thought they’d flex against Brazil on forest fires — instead of against China, or for trade, or on anything meaningful. They also, so very generously, agreed to chip in a few million dollars to help. Yeah, thanks for the trinkets, guys.

I think Bolsonaro was right to turn down the $20 million, or whatever it was. He’ll probably spend five billion on these fires; 20 million isn’t help; it’s preening.

But Bolsonaro should spend a million:

He should send a million dollars to the Grassy Narrows Indian band, to help them recover from the mercury poisoning — that’s the group that tried to get Trudeau’s help, but he laughed at them.

In this fight, I’m on Team Bolsonaro, I’ll tell you that.

NEXT: Julia Song returns to talk more about Bolsonaro's rejection of G7 money.

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commented 2019-08-30 14:23:54 -0400
LIZ ROSIE commented 1 day ago
" they’re not complaining about the natural Amazon fires, but rather the ones the farmers are setting."
How can you repeat such bullshit Andrew? Seriously, you are one obnoxious son of a bitch. Did you even watch the interview? "

I’m not saying there aren’t natural fires, but the present crisis is caused by agricultural burning getting out of control (it’s not “arson” as in it’s not deliberate vandalism). The current Brazilian administration has deregulated agricultural clearing, and as a result there are more fires, and more getting out of control. This is not rocket science.
commented 2019-08-29 15:02:31 -0400
This goes right to the heart of the problem with the world today, great show. It seems that people are either “woke” or they’re “awake”, you can’t be both. Also obvious to me is that once you wake up you can never go back to sleep. Thank you Rebel Media for clearing this one up. I caught the headline in the MSM about “not using the washroom as much” and it went right over my head, I missed it. They presented it as though he was serious. How absolutely wicked and dishonest. How disgusting. They got me. Thank you for being brave enough to provide actual independent actual journalism. They still get one over on me occasionally but I know the truth once I hear it. Without independent journalism the world would make absolutely no sense to me.
commented 2019-08-29 13:56:56 -0400
The Notre Dame Fire happened BECAUSE OF Racist Anti Semitism > they Burned Jewish Holy Books, like the Talmud.
Just like Great Britain’s PROBLEMS ARE BECAUSE OF Racist Anti Semitism, going back to the 1940’s.
commented 2019-08-29 13:44:00 -0400
“We are fighting a globalist enemy”
Paul, yes this is indeed a world war and we need to be in it to win or live under a corporate global government. Their means of controlling the populations is buying off domestic leaders with promises of guaranteed votes and at the end of it a UN Security Council position. These domestic politicians turned prostitutes will facilitate this globalist agenda through totalitarian rule. When it fails and leaders like Trump, Italy’s Salvini and Brazil’s Bolsonaro and a few more get elected, it only steels their resolve. They will only fight harder to make sure they have success where they have already gained a foothold. Canada is in deep trouble. Four years of Trudeau has put us in a very vulnerable position. They are waving the UN promises carrot in front of Scheer now, and he is simply no longer trustworthy either. He has joined the long list of paid off prostitutes.

Climate change is but one tool they use to corral problem nations. Bolsanaro is going to protect Brazil’s sovereignty and the globalists don’t like it.
commented 2019-08-29 13:16:37 -0400
- Macron’s policies were largely responsible for creating & covering up the Notre Dame arson because, like all globalists, he hates Christianity. Macron also hates Bolsonaro because Bolsonaro is working against globalist policies. He is a puppet, like Trudeau. Trudeau is incredibly stupid, even for a puppet. Macron’s broken trade agreements with Brazil will be Trump’s new trade agreements of the future.

- We are fighting a globalist enemy. They are controlled by super wealthy scum who have spent decades buying their way into all the world’s institutions. We see this in the world’s news media companies. They bash Bolsonaro, they bash Trump, they bash anyone who gets in their way.
commented 2019-08-29 12:11:37 -0400
What President Jair Bolsonaro also did that was so “morally wrong” – according to the degenerate left – was /A – not be a lefty progressive Marxist, and /B – removing the LGTBQ Marxist ideological dogma from school curriculum in Brazil!
The lying global-establishment media/globalist politicians are conspiring and twisting the truth and ganging up on Brazil’s leader with lies and BS to force him and Brazilians to knuckle under to the New World Order depraved and self destructive globalist agenda!
Who do you think was really behind Jair Bolsanaro getting stabbed in the guts – before he was elected president?!
Yeah, I’ve had about enough of “some crazy guy, lone wolf” BS, too!

That footage of Jihadi-Justin-Groper being oh-so-beautifully snubbed by President Jair Bolsanaro (16:40), is my second favorite bit of news video – next to the one of President Trump smacking down that CNN goof Acosta in the WH press room…which I can’t seem to find on Google anymore…

I love the million bucks from the Canadian taxpayer to Trudeau, to President Bolsanaro, to the Grassy Narrows, mercury-fix idea! LOL – Beautiful!
Have you made inquiries in Brazil, yet?
How could Justinsocks’ lyin’ establishment media NOT cover that one…although these paid-off whores in that mainstream media are masters at spin…with their intellectually challenged, captive audience.

Very informative interview with Julia Song…nothin’ like gettin’ the straight dope, eh?
Anyone know why when you left click on the red underlined Bolsonaro, here, it comes up as ‘Savonarola’? Are they referring to that nasty piece of work, Fra ‘Savonarola’?
Is this like Wikipi listing NAZIism as from the right…still?!
commented 2019-08-29 11:24:20 -0400
Andy Neimer’s. Macron is important to the EU and frankly, The UK is leaving the EU with a bigger burden than what its membership meant.
It’s all stupid.
commented 2019-08-29 11:21:29 -0400
John Good, " I was at UWO in the late70’s & was infatuated with a hot female fencer who happened to be a “Young Liberal” & led me astray!"
John, you can be forgiven as the Liberals back then were a Party in the Center, while now their policies are Far Left. Did she take off her mask when you took her out?
commented 2019-08-29 10:15:47 -0400
Liz / Ron, I have been a Conservative most of my life, except when I was at UWO in the late70’s & was infatuated with a hot female fencer who happened to be a “Young Liberal” & led me astray!
BUT, now in Canada, most of us are “so brainwashed” by the lying MSN & our Socialist Gov’t that all the Party Candidates seem to be the same, except for Bernier who seems to stand out from the rest.
As much as I like Stephen Harper, I will be voting for Bernier in the upcoming election. This billboard incident & Bernier not being allowed to express his views on this “Climate Change Scam” in the upcoming debates, convinced me to change.
commented 2019-08-29 03:05:29 -0400
France’s little popinjay “Macaroni” is in political freefall so it it not surprising that he has recently given to political stunts to try to save his dainty butt… Ever since the “yellow jacket” protests, and Notre Dame burning on his watch, he has reverted to stunts to make himself important on the world stage… Like springing the Iranian minister on the G7 Summit… Needless to say he has royally ticked off US President Trump with that one, and now has taken to grandstanding on the fires in the Amazon… The coming months are going to be very “telling” politically in France and Germany and obviously in Italy… What is really going to bring things to a boil is when England says “ta-ta” to the EU in October…
commented 2019-08-29 01:18:45 -0400
Jan G. commented 2 hours ago
(sorry, off topic here)
Jan, Bernier and his handlers should copy the the most experienced people on 40 foot mobile trailer Billboards; “The Rebel.” They have the info put on the side of the trailer and then taken to private property on a busy road or highway. There should be trailers in both Ontario and Quebec, and they must be moved every week during the election campaign.
commented 2019-08-28 23:57:51 -0400
" they’re not complaining about the natural Amazon fires, but rather the ones the farmers are setting."
How can you repeat such bullshit Andrew? Seriously, you are one obnoxious son of a bitch. Did you even watch the interview?
There may be arson involved but there is another party who’s motive is much more convincing than blaming it on the farmers, you sick apologist.
commented 2019-08-28 23:40:21 -0400
Wonderful show Ezra.
Maybe Brazil can send some free lumber to rebuild Notre Dame. It is a huge export of Brazil nobody in recent high places boycotted.
I never saw Notre Dame but it was a miracle the relics made it out. If it was arson, Catholics believe the body of the church as the faithful and the faithful glorify God.
It is so much easier to ignore your own failures and celebrate others when you are that vain.
If I ever go to France, I’ll pray on the walls of Notre Dame that the French glorify God properly again and not the gods controlling the conspiracy theory of climate change.
commented 2019-08-28 23:18:37 -0400
(sorry, off topic here)
If Maxime Bernier had a billboard erected on private property, built by private citizens, wouldn’t that work? Or would they be charged as a 3rd party?
commented 2019-08-28 23:15:50 -0400
Notre Dame is to be rebuilt exactly as it was before the fire (despite MacRonald’s bizarre ideas he initially proposed). But, he himself will be overseeing the project. Supposedly, many of the big $$ donors haven’t sent their personal cheques yet and Macron feels he is the best one to get the $$ from them.
Now that’s suspicious!
I thought Macron was being booted out of there?

Brilliant idea, Ezra, how Bolsonaro could use the G7 money. Brilliant.
commented 2019-08-28 23:13:07 -0400
How did Macron “let” Notre Dame burn, and no, they’re not complaining about the natural Amazon fires, but rather the ones the farmers are setting.
commented 2019-08-28 23:07:49 -0400
Very good show. It should be shown in history class. They forget so fast.
commented 2019-08-28 22:57:44 -0400
Bolsonaro is to Brazil, what Bernier could be for Canada, a defender of democracy and freedom.
True statement about Bernier, but his honesty and fantastic new policies are all for not unless he can find a way to make himself and the PPC better known to Canadians.

The Immigration Billboards certainly helped the PPC, showing Canadians that there was a Party with some sanity regarding uncontrolled Immigration. Max and his handlers have to think of more tricks like the billboards to fool the MSM into giving attention to the PPC.
commented 2019-08-28 22:00:16 -0400
Every time I think about what happened to the Notre Dame Cathedral I just want to cry, and if it isn’t being restored exactly as it was, it will be a travesty on top of a tragedy. I visited it as teen in the 70’s.
The whole thing is very suspicious to be sure. I think most know what happened.
Macron is a kook. He and Justin are trying to make hay out of the Amazon fire season. Awesome that Bolsonaro told them to take care of their own business.

Good interview, you won’t be getting that kind of honesty from a guest on the cbc. They would be cut off if they were even invited on in the first place.

I am surprised Trudeau’s polling is even at 33%.
Bolsonaro is to Brazil, what Bernier could be for Canada, a defender of democracy and freedom.
commented 2019-08-28 21:50:24 -0400
Gee …. I wonder who or what group might of been responsible for causing the fire at Notre Dame a symbol of France and western civilization ??
Maybe renegade Quakers ? Marauding Presbyterians maybe ?
commented 2019-08-28 21:49:15 -0400
This morally questionable Trudeau Government should learn from recent history and not infer unfounded allegations against Brazil, as they will fight back fiercely like they did to another corrupt Liberal Government of Jean Chretien in 2001.
The Chretien Government accused Brazil’s huge meat industry of BSE (Mad Cow Disease), not because they had proof, but because they didn’t follow some rules in the way Canada wanted. This rumor caused Brazil’s customers to panic in Asia and the US. and Brazil in retaliation burning Mounties in effigy plus throwing away Canadian Products. It was common to see signs in restaurant windows saying, “No Canadian Products Sold Here.”
commented 2019-08-28 20:42:58 -0400
Globalists hate anybody who won’t go along with their socialist notions. They hated Harper too because he was a man of principle. Globalists love Macron and Trudeau because they’re dupes who go along with the suicidal notion of global climate change and having government run everything.