December 31, 2016

UPDATE with VIDEO: Attack on Turkish night club - 35 DEAD, Attackers DRESSED AS SANTA

Victor LaszloRebel Commentator

An attack killing over 35 people, and over 40 wounded, has taken place at a Turkish nightclub on New Years Eve. Where multiple men, apparently dressed as Santa, have fired shots into a crowd. (UPDATING regularly)

UPDATE: Attacker yelled ‘Allahu akbar’ as he fired, says Israeli survivor of Turkey terror




A gun attack on Reina nightclub in Istanbul has left at least 35 people dead and more than 40 people wounded, according to the city’s governor. Ten people are said to be in a serious condition.

Foreign nationals are reported to be among the dead.

Vasip Şahin has labelled the shooting a terrorist attack, which he says involved a single shooter. However, local media reports on the number of attackers vary.

One man who was wounded in the attack also seemed to contradict the governor’s report:


"Unfortunately [the attacker] rained bullets in a very cruel and merciless way on innocent people who were there to celebrate New Year's and have fun," Sahin told reporters.


"The inglorious (attacker) raved through the place with Kalashnikovs. The U.S. intelligence warned over such an attack about one week or 10 days ago and measures have been taken, including the sea front. And look what has happened then," Mehmet Koçarslan told Hürriyet reporter Toygun Atilla adding that such an attack was coming, but could not be prevented.  

Unconfirmed initial reports speculated that the attack was held by a person wearing Santa Claus costume. 

The Daily Mail: 

Special forces officers have stormed the building, but the location of the gunman is unknown. A media blackout has been imposed by the Turkish government.

Many party-goers threw themselves into the Bosphorus in panic after the attack, and had to be rescued.

The Foreign Office said it is liaising with authorities to establish whether any Britons were caught up in the massacre.



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commented 2017-01-02 11:31:15 -0500
In the future, the “Trudeau” name will be synonymous with the destruction of Canada.
commented 2017-01-02 11:14:06 -0500
Well the religion of peace rears its ugly head again, get a good look folks, that is if the liberal propaganda arm (Media) allows you to see what is going on.

All liberals have to be turfed out of office, and we must run, not walk away from the UN and its globalist elitist plans for Canada, all Canadians should be asking why we are giving billions of $ per year to the UN to enact their corrupt plans while our health care is being gutted and their intentions to kill the middle class and business’ with their new carbon tax grab.
commented 2017-01-01 14:44:03 -0500
How many innocents have been murdered by Islamic terrorists in the last month in places like Germany, Belgium, France, and now Turkey? How long can this go on before the people rise up and take revenge? Europe is a powder keg – if I was someone like Merkel, I would seriously consider a change of address…

Meanwhile, PM Selfie sends us a pre-recorded New Year’s greeting filled with platitudes about “tolerance” and “diversity” – from some undisclosed five-star holiday location outside Canada. No doubt he is working on his tan and sipping on a Mojito on the beach with dear Queen Sofa.

This clueless twit has had more to say about the death of Carrie Fisher than about the recent victims of terrorist acts.

Talk about fiddling while Rome is burning…
commented 2017-01-01 13:48:34 -0500
I hate Islam. Happy New Year I guess.
commented 2017-01-01 12:20:39 -0500
Islam is at war with the world….have all you little SJW’s clued in to your perverted thinking yet? Time for us to start biting back.
commented 2017-01-01 09:58:56 -0500
not as santa
commented 2017-01-01 09:58:19 -0500
1 attacker 1 place
commented 2017-01-01 08:57:25 -0500
And so 2017 starts.

In my journal, I try to summarize the previous year. I got totally bogged down regarding muslim thuggery, more specifically sad for innocents and anger at the trans-genders we call leaders and MSM for trying to camouflage reality.

There is only one Satan, named Allah, and muhammad is his prophet.
commented 2017-01-01 05:43:56 -0500
Obama: “Oh those Russians…”
commented 2017-01-01 03:33:54 -0500
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 32,537 Attacks, 208,468 Killed, 291,813 Injured that we know of.
commented 2016-12-31 23:16:18 -0500
A guy that just killed and wounded 75 people is still on the loose , and all the Gov’t in Turkey can think of is to order a press blackout.
The trouble with terrorism in Turkey is you never know if the killers are the bad Muslims or the good Muslims which are the Police.
commented 2016-12-31 22:08:55 -0500
At 7.30 pm ET, Sky News was reporting two attacks at different locations, same casualty numbers. This would have been 30 minutes past Midnight GMT.
commented 2016-12-31 21:24:23 -0500
When I clicked on the second video, a loud sound and no video was the result. Scary when you think of it.
What has this world come to? For those in the Middle East who are not terrorists, do not want to be terrorists and who simply want to live a good life, there is no such thing.
I thank you ‘Victor Laszlo’ for your courageous involvement and for bringing these realities to our attention. You truly present the truth of what is happening in these areas. You can never rest with so much truth surrounding you.
God keep you safe.
commented 2016-12-31 20:52:34 -0500
Must have been a truck with mental illness which had a gun.