July 06, 2017

Major Swedish music festival canceled after sexual assaults

StaffRebel Columnist

The cancellation of a major music festival in Sweden should come as no surprise, as reports of sexual assaults by migrants at festivals is becoming an issue across Europe.

According to Fox, the Bråvalla music festival, which has featured famous artists such as Kanye West and Iron Maiden, announced the cancellation of next year's show after sexual assaults took place at this year's event despite bolstering security.

Festival organizers FKP Scorpio said in a statement, “[S]ome men – because we are talking about men – apparently can’t behave. It’s a shame.”

“Words cannot describe how incredibly sad we are about this, and we most seriously regret and condemn this. This is not…okay. We do not accept this at our festival.”

Last year it was revealed that Swedish police were actually covering up cases of sexual assaults by migrants at music festivals. And at a festival last year in Karlstad, six of seven suspects were identified as foreigners.

Once again, Swedes lose because of decisions made by their government.

How's that multiculturalism working out for you?

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commented 2017-07-08 04:39:01 -0400
Sweden, quickly becoming the most fun place in the world!
commented 2017-07-07 09:43:02 -0400
Drew Wakariuk…Exactly what I was thinking. Where are the men at these shows? How can they just let a group of thugs roam the place assaulting women?
commented 2017-07-06 22:38:32 -0400
MEN”? You do not have any men left in Sweden.
commented 2017-07-06 21:00:33 -0400
Don’t worry just read Trudeau looking for more migrants in Germany . Oh and as far as the carbon for his trip he took his canoe .
This country is turning into a bad dream .
commented 2017-07-06 20:13:16 -0400
How long before Volvo goes out of business for something as stupid as that? “Hey, I’ve got a great idea. Lets destroy 70 % of our market share. The Chinese can fill it in.”
commented 2017-07-06 15:31:05 -0400
The Swedish Executives of Volvo are only making Electric Vehicles now, as the savages will have more trouble burning them.
commented 2017-07-06 15:25:22 -0400
commented 2017-07-06 14:48:28 -0400
When the, so called, Leader of a Country permits untold numbers of Savages into said Country, then you must expect acts of savagery.

Perhaps Trudeau can get someone to read this, for him.
commented 2017-07-06 14:26:05 -0400
No pity either. Anyway, there must be a small number of women not having been raped so far.
commented 2017-07-06 14:17:09 -0400
No pity at all.

Simply getting what they deserve.

Coming to Canada soon.
commented 2017-07-06 14:05:44 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,644 Attacks, 217,177 Killed, 298,382 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-07-06 13:47:06 -0400
Deborah Graupner, this is true. Add to that, the Islamist seeks to rape non-muslim women and believes it’s their right to do so. The police response, coupled with very minimal consequences for the rapist; leads many rapists to believe the rules of Islam are supported in the West. It looks like that is exactly what is going on.
commented 2017-07-06 13:41:32 -0400
You aren’t allowed to enjoy music because of the devils cult of Islam says so.