June 26, 2019

Making sense of the Trans Mountain Pipeline approval during a Liberal “climate emergency”

Sheila Gunn ReidRebel Host | The Gunn Show

It's been a big couple of weeks in oil and gas news.

First was the announcement of the Alberta government's new energy war room to address the misinformation and foreign funded attacks against Canada's energy industry.

Then Trudeau's shrieking climate change minister, Catherine McKenna screamed her way into passing a motion through the House of Commons declaring that the country faces a “climate emergency.”

And on the heels of that nonsense, Trudeau approved, or rather re-approved, the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline project just in time to help him on the campaign trail.

To help make sense of all of this, I called in an expert. Robbie Picard from Oilsands Strong joins me tonight from Fort McMurray.

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commented 2019-06-28 12:24:07 -0400
Breaking news: Ontario court rules in favor of carbon tax.
commented 2019-06-27 21:59:47 -0400
Prediction: Robbie will never again appear on the CBC.

I’m sure ‘former’ (LOL) General Secretary Gerald M. Butts has already issued instructions (using one of his Liberal Party-issued burner phones) to put Mr. Picard on the Basic Dictatorship’s personna non grata list.

Wear it, Robbie. Wear it like the badge of honour that it is.
commented 2019-06-27 20:55:30 -0400
I said from the start that Trudeau would never build that pipeline and only a sucker would vote Liberal thinking this time they would build it . It is just like that hydro line running from the falls to Southern Ontario that has NEVER carried a kilowatt yet . Because it was never connected . Yet I’m sure your hydro bill covers the interest on the line . And that’s what it all about money .
commented 2019-06-27 12:15:25 -0400
It is so hard to get excited about this RE-approval. I’ll believe it when I see it.
I think Robbie should be on the msm as much as they will take him.
Does anyone have a link to that cbc piece, I am having trouble locating it, and I want to hear Robbie give those crazy kids a spanking.
commented 2019-06-27 12:00:09 -0400
commented 2019-06-26 22:38:45 -0400
What a great idea, Sheila. Robbie and others need to politely confront these people and get our side of the argument to the people who have never heard it before. So many people don’t have time to search the Internet for alternative views. It’s time we inform busy citizens that fossil fuels are what give us the lifestyle we enjoy. All we need do is recall how life was before plastics, oil, and heating with wood. Even the bananas and oranges in the grocery store wouldn’t be there without fossil fuel.
commented 2019-06-26 21:50:43 -0400
- TMX is not going forward as long as Trudeau is in office. This was never about the environment, it’s about socialism & always has been. The Soviet Union got a pass for their environmental atrocities in the past just like China does now.