Watch all of The Rebel's reports from Manchester following the terror attack

Rebel Staff

On May 22, 2017, a suicide bomber detonated himself at a large concert in Manchester, England. 

The bomber has been identified as Salaman Abedi and ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack. 

As of May 23, there are reportedly 22 people who were murdered and dozens more who have been injured. Among the dead is an eight-year-old girl. 

Reporting from Manchester are Tommy Robinson and Caolan Robertson, you can watch all of their video reports below. 

Rebel in Manchester: City Centre shut down

Published on 23 May 2017  - Caolan, Tommy, and the general public are evacuated from a shopping mall in Manchester. 

“The mayor of Greater Manchester works with Islamic radicals”

Published on 23 May 2017 - Tommy Robinson explains the shocking links between UK politicians and Islamic terrorists, and the local mosque's connection with ISIS.

Eyewitness accounts of terrorist attack

Published on 23 May 2017 - Caolan speaks with concert goers who survived the Islamic terror attack on May 22. 

Wake up — We are at war

Published on 23 May 2017 - Caolan Robertson discusses the latest Islamic terrorist attack in the UK.

Tommy Robinson in Manchester: I changed my mind about vigils today

Published on 23 May 2017 - Tommy Robinson doesn't think vigils after Islamic terrorist attacks are helpful, but he says the one he just attended in Manchester was powerful.

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commented 2017-06-04 03:00:15 -0400
Its time to act now not tomorrow.
commented 2017-06-04 02:58:20 -0400
Its time for All Uk people to stand together and act against these terrorist scumbags and cowards,
commented 2017-05-25 14:32:19 -0400
commented 2017-05-25 13:05:40 -0400
It was narrated from Abu Malik Ash’ari that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:
“People among my nation will drink wine, calling it by another name, and musical instruments will be played for them and singing girls (will sing for them). Allah will cause the earth to swallow them up, and will turn them into monkeys and pigs.”
commented 2017-05-24 20:38:18 -0400
Jay Kelly commented – “The is not obliged to report the facts, but still gives important details.”

….and Jay Kelly is not obliged to represent the general public, and of course he does not. The general public are pleased to get real time reports on the ground at street level such as this.

The rest of the MSM is waiting for their line -feeds from Reuters to give them something to fill air time with as they unquestioningly regurgitate 2nd hand generic reports then offer an isolated uninformed opinion. – much like Jay does.
commented 2017-05-24 20:01:53 -0400
Back here in Canada “our” worthless chickenshit cowardly treasonous Fake News press TV and radio ( and of course politicians ) will still not even connect the most obvious of dots. They won’t even whisper the word Islam or that something needs to be done. Little girls were killed for Christs sake you unspeakable cowards ! The level of patheticness is beyond all understanding. Our press and politicians have out Orwelled Orwell. They are simply shamefull. Thankfully the Rebel is trying to shed some truth on this subject.
commented 2017-05-24 13:42:19 -0400
Theresa May’s soldiers in the streets are to protect the terrorist cult of Islam from the people!
commented 2017-05-24 08:43:56 -0400
Get it straight people, the only way

to stop these LOSERS is to stop then
into fertilizer. The only good loser is a
dead loser. You see what talking has
done with NK, it’s allowed them to
get very much stronger. No more talk,
it’s time for action. The Gov. is not going
to help you, they lie through their teeth
pick up a pay cheque and crack smart
assed joks about the tax payer for thinking
the Gov. and police will help. They protect
the losers they allow in and we are forced
to pay for it. I am of the belief now, that
we’d be better off if Trump were to take
us over. He has the right idea, make that
desert glow red and glass over. You need
proof, look at Red Dear AB., we are allowing
these losers to use violence on our children
all for their spineless religon. Then we pay
police to love these losers.
Kill them all, let their god sort the losers out.
commented 2017-05-24 01:04:22 -0400
As some commentators have said on here, “you will never hear the Mainstream Media tell the truth as you do.”

The mainstream media are obliged to investigate all the facts in this case and they are obliged to describe and report all the details as they see them.

The is not obliged to report the facts, but still gives important details.
commented 2017-05-24 00:45:01 -0400
Well said Tommy, you will never hear the Mainstream Media tell the truth as you do. I suppose they will be worried about a backlash toward the Muslims and to hell with the victims. And all the Traitorous politicians will be supporting the Muslims, as Islam is the Religion of Peace, if it really was they wouldn’t be spending so much of their time killing the innocent. The world needs to STOP IMPORTING these Evil, Depraved, Religious Fanatics. Throw out the ones that are already in the country and BAN ISLAM in our countries all together and maybe we will have a chance. Keep up your Crusade Tommy but stay safe.
commented 2017-05-23 22:16:51 -0400
Hey progressives idiots, when this happens to you or someone you care about please do not point your filthy fingers at us. I know damn well you will lay the blame at anyones feet but your own.
Sadly it seemed there were more people in the media and on Twitter in the UK outraged by Tommy than were outraged by this attack by some inhuman POS. Those people deserve whatever they get in the future.
commented 2017-05-23 22:12:41 -0400
David Ross they have already decided not to notice.
The left will spew their usual BS about this and blame everyone and everything except the person who did this.
commented 2017-05-23 21:30:03 -0400
So all you Left wing Liberals and Democrats take notice . What you see happening ion Britain and all over Europe is soon coming to Canada. You open your borders wide to immigration ,you get all the problems of terrorism and other crimes , poverty and unemployment that plague the country where these immigrants come from. Multiculturalism DOES NOT WORK. Extreme vetting and high standard requirements in order to immigrate including assimilation does.
commented 2017-05-23 21:09:36 -0400
Now Theresa May has come up with a brilliant knee- jerk solution; How would soldiers on the streets have prevented this terror attack? It would not have.. Its a pathetic attempt by government to appease the people. What is needed is taking action against these scum long before they act. That takes covert intelligence and laws that allow agents to take meaningful preventative action. Not soldiers on the streets. What a joke and a further attack on their freedom.
commented 2017-05-23 20:53:08 -0400
Bang on Tommie! This is an IDEOLOGY with cult-like mind control. It is incompatible with western law, values, demoocracy, customs and civil freedom – and our politicians sold us out to the violence and hatred this ideology produces as it radicalizes suicide jihadis. I don’t know about the UK but in Canada if such an event happens there is only one way to point our finger. Only one person who has so totally sold out our nation to this radical element – for some lousy political traction and a lush pension.
commented 2017-05-23 18:35:29 -0400
Qu’ran 8:12 “Cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.”
Qu’ran 8:39 “Wage war on non-Muslims and kill them until they submit, and the only religion is Islam.”
Qu’ran 4:89 “Sieze the non-believers and kill them wherever you find them.”
Qu’ran 48:29 “Muhammad is the Apostle of Allah. Those who follow him are merciful to one another, but harsh to the non-believer.”

Islamists will begin to attack schools in Europe next. They attack schools in Nigeria, Kosovo, Egypt, Russia, etc., and have been for 1400 years. The Ottomans abducted millions of Infidel children and forced them to become Janissaries, sex slaves and Eunuchs for centuries.

In Beslan, Russia, in 2004, hundreds of children were tortured and raped to death with knives, broken bottles, and rifles on their first day of school, by Islamic terrorists. Don’t think it can’t happen in Canada with Jihadi Justin at the helm. Contact your Federal MPs and DEMAND that M-103 be annihilated.

Remember Beslan.
commented 2017-05-23 17:40:38 -0400
he was raised by immigrant parents and they raised a terrorists.
commented 2017-05-23 17:03:02 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,372 Attacks, 214,819 Killed, 295,945 Injured that we know of
commented 2017-05-23 16:29:04 -0400
I had absolutely no hope for western society…until Tommy came along.
commented 2017-05-23 16:25:50 -0400
That’s bomb sniffing dogs
commented 2017-05-23 13:03:10 -0400
The suicide bomber was sent directly to hell in a million pieces.
commented 2017-05-23 12:53:54 -0400
People wake up not everyone has good intentions . Any large gathering should have boom sniffing dogs and pat downs to get in period specially England France and Germany US and Canada . Good trade 22 dead many maimed for life to 1 dumbass radical . Any one that lost a loved one should sue for wrongful death every politician responsible for their immigration policies if it was a migrant .