May 20, 2017

Manitoba: “Donor fatigue” replaces goodwill under strain of U.S. “refugees”

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On this week's show, I reported from the border town of Emerson, Manitoba about the hidden infrastructure cost of coping with flood of fake refugees from the U.S. to Canada.

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commented 2017-05-23 01:35:42 -0400
Yvette Mozol commented
“We’re not honoured nor are we excited, so quit lying Mr. Trudeau. These illegals are not refugees, plain & simple.”

Hear hear !!!
commented 2017-05-22 21:41:52 -0400
Get used to the invasion and the elimination of your rights. Within the next eighty years I predict we will be Extinct as a people and this will be a probably Muslim Dominated World. They are good at what they do to further the cause of Islam, they have us helping and financing them, they can’t fail to rule over us and enslave us, as we will not allow them to fail. It won’t matter how much damage they do, how many children are sexually assaulted, how many women are raped, what laws they violate or how many of us they kill, we will do our best to ensure their success. It’s what Tolerance, Freedom of Religion, Political Correctness and Multiculturalism is all about. Unfortunately the side effect of such honorable societal advancements is our demise as a specie, and the Parasitic Organisms will flourish and live on after they have extinguished the life of the host, All Of Us. Their inevitable extinction will come soon after as they cannot live on without us.
commented 2017-05-22 00:42:06 -0400
Krispy Larue, I hear you & I’m feeling the same way.
commented 2017-05-21 22:10:36 -0400
We’re not honoured nor are we excited, so quit lying Mr. Trudeau. These illegals are not refugees, plain & simple. As for the Salvation Army, I was like everyone else here, oh my donations are helping people coming from a safe country instead of our own, well I don’t think so.
BTW! I heard today that illegal immigrants to the US is down by over 40%? Well yeah, Trudeau told them to enter here illegally, we will even reward them for doing so., mind boggling coming from a PM whose first duty is to keep us safe.
commented 2017-05-21 19:44:13 -0400
Donor fatigue? I’m getting Trudeau-fatigue. It’s wearing me out, sapping my energy.
commented 2017-05-21 12:51:55 -0400
No more donations for the Salvation Army. I give for Canadian homeless , not fake Refugees coming from the US.
Bill Elder—I am also getting " Refugeed Out". After Trump’s wall is started, they will be coming from:
South and Central America
Mexico via BC’s Coast
Now Africa,, via US and Central America
Middle East, they are the people that want to bring the ME with them.
I am getting dizzy just thinking about it. How could a modern Government , not only ignore this problem, but hide the numbers from the Canadian Taxpayers? Down With Trudeau!
commented 2017-05-20 21:32:16 -0400
Come on, you believed that CBSA put the Qc refugees in detention cells? LOL
commented 2017-05-20 21:28:10 -0400
I’m getting "refugeed out – tired of globalist liars in media calling illegal migrants from the US “refugees” – the US is a decent nation – they are not escaping anything maybe the law or work but certainly in no danger of their lives from violent persecution.

I challenge all these virtue posturing apologists for these illegal migrants to sponsor one in their home – put up or shut up.
commented 2017-05-20 21:28:08 -0400
At this rate, I would not be surprised if Soldiers of Odin started to patrol Emerson.
commented 2017-05-20 20:58:30 -0400
Rob, If Trudeau goes to Syria or anywhere in that Human Hell Zone, he will probably just give them a large donation using our money. I don’t want him here either; I can’t figure out where I want him ?
Oh! I just figured out a place where he belongs. Its hot there.
commented 2017-05-20 20:55:58 -0400
Trudeau is our gateway to Hell, He needs a good slamming. Should have been Islamming.
commented 2017-05-20 20:52:37 -0400
Trudeau is our gateway to Hell, He needs a good slamming.
commented 2017-05-20 20:19:03 -0400
A Petition for trudeau to go to Syria or some other state that he believes in should be started…trudeau get out of want something that most Canadian’s DON’T WANT…trudeau dont’t go away mad girl…just go away.
commented 2017-05-20 18:53:47 -0400
All donations should go to building a wall.
commented 2017-05-20 16:43:52 -0400
Andrew Stephenson i think you said you are from Manitoba, so i imagine you will be generous with a donation and even devote some time as a volunteer to mop their toilets and such , since you support this and you are such a caring socialist.

I wonder if Justin will be giving any of his money for them? LMAO, yeah i know, liberals only give other peoples money.
commented 2017-05-20 16:13:33 -0400
Since 9/11 – IN THE NAME OF ISLAM (SATAN): 33,345 Attacks, 214,593 Killed, 295,634 Injured that we know of
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