June 04, 2019

Marc Morano: Left engaging in “fraudulent propaganda” by declaring climate “emergency”

Ezra LevantRebel Commander

On last night's episode of The Ezra Levant Show, Climate Depot's Marc Morano called in to talk about the change from “global warming” to today's “climate emergencies.”

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commented 2019-06-04 20:48:44 -0400
I experienced climate change today . Last night it was 55 degrees and the sun came up and it went to 75 degrees .
It is a emergency because they are not getting enough money from us yet .
commented 2019-06-04 16:21:37 -0400
Climate Emergency?? YAWN!! Whatever. Not such an emergency that those shouting it are willing to inconvenience themselves in any way.
commented 2019-06-04 12:20:43 -0400
We have a “Common Sense Emergency”,the only crisis or emergency that we have is the leftists trying to implement their climate change scam by spewing their lies on media platforms!!! These kooks need to be shutdown,I was listening to Danielle Smith’s radio show this morning and she had a guest on you studied lost revenue from cancelled projects in Canada just in the mining and energy sector between 2014-to present. He said the number they came up with was on the lower end and it continues to grow,that estimate was $196 billion that Canada has lost out on due to this current government’s idiotic policies!!! Climate change is a scam!!!