May 14, 2015

March For Life: Crowd estimated at largest ever at 23,000

Brian LilleyArchive

I spoke to Bishop Christian Riesbeck, who took part in the March for Life in Ottawa. He talked about the size, mood and makeup of the crowd, and how best to deal with the counterprotesters encountered along the way.

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commented 2015-05-15 18:08:24 -0400
Donald Allan: You may want to consider an apology to cats everywhere. They are infinitely more intelligent than those liberals you referred to. I agree though, that these types of individuals will run away from you than use terminology they do not like, or listen to any logic. Such is the nature of leftards!
commented 2015-05-15 06:06:26 -0400
I refuse to debate the issue using the phoney eupemisms invented by the left ( pro-choice) to hide the fact that human life is being terminated. The choice is life or death, and when you force them to debate using words like termination, death etc. the liberal feminists run away like scared cats. You will win the discussion or debate every time .
commented 2015-05-15 02:49:58 -0400
Thanks for the story. I needed a good one to cheer me up.
commented 2015-05-15 00:38:57 -0400
Ilana Mercer says it best in her classic Into The Cannibal’s Pot-
“Government’s only legitimate function is to protect these innocents – one by precious one.”
commented 2015-05-14 22:24:39 -0400
There is something terribly wrong when a country kills its children.
commented 2015-05-14 20:56:55 -0400
I don’t have any statistics but when I am out and about I see more and more teenage mothers with their infants. Not easy for them I am sure.
commented 2015-05-14 20:35:55 -0400
Trudope and the Lieberals. Off base with Canadians. If Justin is relying on the young women in this country to put him in power, he may be disappointed. His support will come from the over 70 crowd that adored his father, PET. One can only fathom why?
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