May 12, 2016

March for Life, Ezra at Parliament, electoral reform and more

Brian LilleyArchive

Today I talked with: Alissa Golob, about the March for Life and a new poll on abortion in Canada; Lorne Gunter, from PostMedia, about winning when pushing back against the government. 

PLUS: Ezra Levant on access to information; Faith Goldy on the dynamic pro-life movement; Grant LaFleche, columnist with the St. Catharines Standard, on Wynne mishandling of sexual misconduct allegations.

ALSO: Diane Deans, Councillor for Gloucester-Southgate, about the traffic congestion and ridership levels; Randall Denley on his column, "Ottawa can't defend its political donation rules."

And finally, talking about craft beer with Majic 100's Nancy Slater!

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commented 2016-05-15 18:21:16 -0400
peter i have to agree ,i have seen some of the posts from these liberals and they’re bragging that we will never see another conservative government in canada,they can’t wait for turdo’s idea of electoral reform,these liberals are as bad as the brown shirts in nazi germany with their burning of books and trashing of jewish stores and beating up the owners, they are very scary fanatics
commented 2016-05-13 14:33:01 -0400
commented 2016-05-13 12:07:07 -0400
In regards to the Liberals changing the electoral system without holding a referendum, the issue is that, in my opinion, there are too many Liberal voters that want to have a system where their party has a greater chance maintaining office. Reworded, there are too many Liberal voters that do not want a true democratic system.
commented 2016-05-13 06:38:13 -0400
A three hundred day delay in information allows a Hillaryesque “At this point…what difference does it make?” reply.
I think I need to add to the “What Junior is ready for list.”…..He’s ready to be PM for life.