May 12, 2016

March for Life: Pro-life message HEARD on Parliament Hill despite violent counter-protestors

Brian LilleyArchive

Today I attended the Annual March for Life, the largest protest gathering of any kind seen at the nation’s capital. In it’s 19th year, the crowds get bigger every year but what would a good protest be without a counter-protest?

They came too and unfortunately, turned violent even clashing with police but their numbers were small, especially in comparison to those who were there to spread the pro-life message.

A diverse crowd of young and old from all walk’s of life including the Rebel’s own William Hadrian who had a chance to speak to a number of people at the march about where they were from and why they were there.

As encouraging as all of it is, including the growing numbers who attend every year, it’s discouraging that such a powerful statement, falls on deaf ears.

Watch my video and remember, whether you agree with their message or not, this is all part of the democratic process and should be encouraged. You don’t have to agree with their point of view, but we should all respect their right to hold it.

I just wish the violence-prone protesters who tried to shut this down today understood that.

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commented 2016-05-14 01:40:21 -0400
You want to parrot Falcon Ouelette? If you loyal rebel followers remember, the rebel made a video of the guy saying he wanted to be the speaker because there was a lot of power in that position.

You can’t say that abortion should be illegal because of the low birth rates in the country. This is because you can’t force people to reproduce. And besides, there’s shitloads of people in this planet to compensate. But you would never consider it because you are afraid of immigration.

The new law does not mean anybody can murder you. There will be checks and balances in place. They were put there by none other than the wheelchair conservative politician himself, Steven Fletcher. It is times like this I would like to see some of you rebel people have more faith in conservative politicians.
commented 2016-05-13 22:45:32 -0400
For You formed my inward parts; You covered me in my mother’s womb. I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well.

Psalms 139:13-14

If some early iron age Semitic king (David) could recognize that human beings are created by a wonderful loving, immense God, what excuse do we have to not believe with our modern advancements?

By the way, the gentleman at the end of the above video is none other than Dean Kenyon. He is the man that LITERALLY wrote the book on evidence of abiotic (non-creation) origins of life. He is now a Christian.
commented 2016-05-13 21:08:58 -0400
I agree with those who say that there should be a law limiting abortion. Even the most ardent pro-choice people should agree that laws, regulations, and limits are justified. It does not seem like a credible position to be in favour of abortion on demand. There isn’t much that is not regulated by government these days so why abortion would get a free pass is not reasonable let alone desirable.
Abortion should never happen but our culture has now ‘progressed’ to the point of no return. I don’t think I am being cynical. Life issues cannot be advanced with laws. The value of human life must first start with what people believe about what a human life is. If our culture believes a human life is simply a collection of atoms, molecules, cells, organs, and no more than a biological machine than we have not seen anything yet. If the greater culture does not believe that each human is essentially a transcendent being of a worth much greater than our physical selves that culture is destined for a bloody and violent future. God help us.
commented 2016-05-13 20:50:01 -0400×677.jpg

This beautiful seven day old baby girl was born premature at 23 weeks. Had her mother so chosen, she would have been subjected to an abortion procedure called D & E (Dilation and Evacuation). Her limbs would have been ripped off one at a time and her little head would have been crushed as part of the abortion procedure. Let’s assume she was the product of rape and/or incest. Before crushing her tiny head, which of her limbs should be removed first pro-choicers?

This is a description of a D & E by former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino:
commented 2016-05-13 17:10:58 -0400
Who are the aggressive extremists now? This is what happened to my friend, her quote ’ We missed the entire March! We were waiting at the Human Rights Monument to cheer on the crowd and join but they were re-routed at the last minute because of the protestors on Elgin. The police warned that the protestors were ‘not congenial’. In the end we walked up to the Hill as the March ended! There, a protestor yelling ‘my body, my choice’ smacked my sign. Hmm. She wasn’t too worried about my body or choice. They threw tomatoes at others. No police to be seen there. But I’ll be back next year!’
commented 2016-05-13 14:02:06 -0400

Join the: Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, the Living With Dignity network and the Physicians Alliance Against Euthanasia.
commented 2016-05-13 14:01:16 -0400
Power and Politics interviewed Robert-Falcon Ouellette, the Liberal Indigenous MP who is opposing and has been vocal about his opposition to the Bill C-14.
During the interview he eloquently and intelligently expressed his opinion on assisted suicide and euthanasia and why he feels this Bill is not what Canada needs and also relayed his person story of how, as a child, he contemplated suicide.

Tweets were shown at the bottom of the screen during this interview and one tweet read:
“Ouellette has missed the point…….this is not suicide”.

Assisted suicide is not suicide. Pretty much sums it all up!
commented 2016-05-13 13:54:09 -0400
If this bill C-14 is passed, you won’t need a doctor to put you out of your mystery.
You can have your neighbor or the next of kin, who will inherit whatever possessions and cash you have, give you the prescribed injection.

This bill is proposing that ANYONE will be able to administer the lethal injection…ANYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
commented 2016-05-13 12:36:01 -0400
The current population growth rate for Canada in 2016 is 1.238%. This is too low to sustain our society without immigration.

If those whose desire to murder their children … oh, sorry “to be pro-choice” would bring them to term and give them up for adoption, that rate would increase.

Now to be clear, I am completely against abortion from the point of conception unless the mother’s life is in danger, but even from a practical point of view abortions only encourage 1) our society to die out or 2) immigration to increase.
commented 2016-05-13 12:28:34 -0400
Anonymous said, “Doctors are not forced to do abortions or take part in assisted suicide.”

Straw man arguments, Anon.

The issue about abortion is about having some sort of law to restrict abortion. I don’t remember ever reading anyone claiming doctors are forced to perform an abortion.

The law on euthanasia which was forced upon Canada by the SCoC, or to be more accurate the law that the SCoC forced parliament to create on euthanasia, does require the doctor to either perform the euthanasia or refer the request to another doctor that will. But you are right that technically the doctor is not forced to personally perform the euthanasia.
commented 2016-05-13 03:36:21 -0400
Doctors are not forced to do abortions or take part in assisted suicide. That’s just propaganda. And if I ever get to the point where I am so disabled that I can’t speak for myself, then I hope a doctor is kind enough to put me out of my misery.
commented 2016-05-13 01:44:23 -0400
Anon then you pay for them and no doctor should be forced to do either, and remember your stance if you are unable to speak for yourself one day, if you trust the government with that kind of power, you are a fool.
commented 2016-05-13 01:33:48 -0400
I support abortion;
I support doctor assisted suicide; and
I voted for the Conservatives.
commented 2016-05-13 00:27:48 -0400
Only Liberals on the Hill defending life. Where were the Conservatives?

Despite Trudeau’s thoughfullness and proclaiming a “right to choice” only the Liberals show up with some others to make a public statement that life begins at conception.

I guess there is no conservative movement in Canada.
commented 2016-05-12 22:46:12 -0400
BRIAN , no other big news organization reports on this and other important matters, that’s why I cut cable and satellite
commented 2016-05-12 20:58:38 -0400
You are nuts Keith Barnes
commented 2016-05-12 20:02:36 -0400
I am the father of three adopted children who could all have been abortions were it not for the courageous decisions made by the birth mothers. I do not expect our simple minded pro-abortion Prime Minister to understand the value of the unborn, that is well beyond his mental capacity. I have nothing but disdain for this boy who somehow was elected PM and the extreme low moral values he brings to the office.
commented 2016-05-12 19:59:39 -0400
Here’s the reality…..Canada approved the RU-486 pill; the pill that will cause a DIY abortion for pregnancies up to 7 weeks.
Statistics will no longer be accurate for the number of babies being aborted by surgical abortion or by this pill since the pill is taken by the woman in prescription form.
Women, especially those in rural areas, will abort their babies in their bathrooms, beds, going to work on the bus, in other words, anywhere, anytime. Babies will be flushed down toilets or put out with the garbage.
Women have already been dying from this pill and yet Canada makes statements it is ‘safe’.
Women will die on their bathroom floors …… and so will their babies.

This is the reality of Canada’s new approach to abortion. Keep it hush, hush

It is up to us to write to our MPs and tell them what WE want. Or you can remain silent.
commented 2016-05-12 19:35:31 -0400
First, congrats to Brian Lilley on CFRA for speaking up and fighting back against a usual tactic the left attacks anything that may contain Conservatives. in that they are a bunch of old/whites/males, where Lilley got rightly annoyed with attitude that something is wrong if it is represented by such groups.

Can you imagine the cries of ageism/racism/sexism if someone was to attack something that contain leftists because they are a bunch of e.g. youngsters/non-whites/women?

We need more of those from the mainstream conservative media and politics to speak up and fight such hypocritical bigotry for such reasons.

Love to see this happen when the said left goes on about “inclusion” but does not believe in including Whites and Men in any of the policies they advocate e.g. not inclusion gender parity for men in now well paid female dominated jobs, just inclusion gender parity for women in male dominated jobs.

Watch the video,then watch the spin doctors like those in the Toronto Star backed free Metro newspaper like resident Feminist Columnist Rosemary Westwood probably singing the same old tune about innocent non-violent pro-choicers fighting for women’s bodies and women’s rights being harassed (i.e. being disagreed with) by mean old (white) males (ignoring the thousands of pro-life women) who want to keep women pregnant (and barefoot at that) and force them to risk their lives in backdoor abortions.

All I know is that if an emergency operation in about 6 to 7 months in the pregnancy can result in producing a healthy living baby, then it only makes pragmatic sense to limit the time to have an abortion. which kind of takes into consideration the right of other human beings, like the right of other human beings to be given life and not killed because of “its a woman’s body” feminist ideology
commented 2016-05-12 19:32:26 -0400
It is good to see these pro lifers demonstrating. Unfortunately the likes of JT and his crew, will turn a blind eye. The Marxist want a new Canada populated by Muslims, who’s dogma toward Islam, makes the obedient and easy to control.

Judaism and Christianity are fast becoming a thing of the past.