March for Life

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The March for Life took place on Thursday, May 14th in Ottawa. Over 20,000 Canadians gathered on Parliament Hill to demand legal protection for unborn children.

The rally featured prominent political leaders and is followed by a march through the city.

The mainstream media hates to cover the March For Life. Because Ottawa journalists overwhelmingly oppose the pro-life position, they either ignore or downplay the news.

But was there to report on the March for Life.

Thanks to everyone who came up to welcome us.

We were honoured to meet you and help get your message out to Canadians, and the world!


Marissa Semkiw talked to a pro-abortion counter-protester. Later he email her, asking her not to air the interview.

See if you can guess why:


Marissa Semkiw: "If you can’t stand looking at abortion images, then you probably shouldn’t support abortion"

Brian Lilley
with Campaign Life's Tania Granic Allen:

Brian Lilley talks to Kathleen Dunn of the National Campus Life Network.

In a society where university pro-life clubs are shut down, she talks about getting the message out in one of the most hostile environments around:


Bishop Christian Riesbeck told Brian Lilley that at an estimated 23,000 people, this year's March for Life could turn out to be the biggest in its history.

They talk about the size, mood and makeup of the crowd, and how best to deal with the counterprotesters encountered along the way:



We invite you to share your thoughts and memories of this year's March For Life in our comments!


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