March 12, 2019

(WATCH) Mark Dice: New leaked audio from inside Google meeting

Rebel Staff

Leaked audio from Google brass shows that they're trying to steer the conservative movement, including by funding CPAC in order to infiltrate it.

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commented 2019-03-12 10:55:25 -0400
Never use an Android or Chrome operating system. Never use Chrome as your browser. Never use a Google Pixel phone. Turn location services off except that Android and Pixel phones still monitor your location regardless of the setting; it just lets you believe you are unseen.

Search your computer’s system files for anything called “keystone”. Its from Google. It supposedly checks your computer for Google software updates, but it sends data all the time, No one really knows what information it is transmitting or why it has to transmit data to Google.

Get rid of any Google software. Its like having spyware monitoring your computer.

Google keeps a record of all your searches and which sites you link to – no joke. Change your search engine on your computer and cell phone to something like DuckDuckGo. If it isn’t a built-in option, its easy to install and free. It will include Google searches but you are now anonymous and no records kept.

Search your browser cookies regularly for anything with “google” in the name and delete them.

Remember, what you do on your cell phone or computer is merchandise to Google. It sells this information. Same thing with Facebook and Amazon. You are their product.

Don’t use Gmail. It is Google. Have you ever tried deleting your automatically kept and in a hidden folder archived mail? The archived email keeps coming back no matter how much you try to kill it. For those who still use it, Hotmail from Microsoft isn’t much safer; read the end user’s agreement.

BTW, any Windows OS higher than Windows 7 sends Microsoft information on your system (and other things?) without you knowing. Hence I use Windows only on a virtual machine.

Don’t allow automatic installation of software updates. Know what is being installed first. If you want to update that piece of software, then do so. Otherwise, don’t.

If you don’t believe anything above, do a little research. The tech info is out there.